A Night at the Movies

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Cock Riding

This story is a collaboration with a friend that goes by domman.

Another long, hard, frustrating day, I thought, as I stood in line for the last showing at the movie theater. To make it worse, my lover had stood me up…again; it was becoming an every day thing. Oh, he was sorry, always used the excuse, “I had to work, babe,” and, “I’ll make it up to you, babe.” Why I put up with him I’ll never know, but

I always forgive him; I always smile and say, “It’s okay, hun, I understand.” But I don’t really. I’m a lot better than work, any day of the week. It was cool, so I had just thrown on a sweater; I wasn’t

wearing my bra–wanted to be comfortable–and just a modest wool skirt.

Not too tight, but it did allow my buttocks to be displayed favorably. Then it happened: just a touch on my butt, so light I hardly felt it. I thought I had just imagined it then it happened again. I turned slightly to look at what was bumping me and looked straight into the bluest eyes I have ever seen. He was taller than me, and looked to be about the same age: short hair, neatly trimmed, smelling of `Old Spice’ aftershave. He smiled and said nothing; I turned back around, and again felt the bump. Only this time, I knew it was no accident; I felt a tingle run through me.

What was going on? Here I was, standing in a line, as a man touched me, and was I outraged? No, instead I stood still, allowing it to happen as a shiver ran through me with each touch. I moved Eskişehir Escort up and quickly got my ticket and went inside, finding a seat alone in the back. I didn’t see that man enter, so I relaxed. There weren’t many people here, as this movie had been out awhile and this was it’s last showing, but as the movie started someone sat in the seat next to me.

It was the man from the line. I froze; why was he sitting next to me? I didn’t know what to do as I felt his arm go behind me, around my neck and shoulders. I glanced over with just my eyes, he was staring at the screen, watching the movie, as I felt his hand move my sweater off my shoulder then begin to work down the front.

I wanted to scream, to run out of there, but I didn’t as those shivers again raked my body. His hand was warm as it journeyed down, soon reaching my left breast. I just looked at the screen as he took my breast in his hand, lifting it up as if weighing it, rolling it around with his palm before taking my already hard nipple between his fingers. He toyed with it between his fingers, pulling and twisting it gently, I closed my eyes as shiver after shiver ran through me.

I opened my eyes with a start as I felt his other hand on my leg. I looked down and watched it disappear under my skirt, his fingers caressing the flesh of my inner thigh as he moved up until he reached my panties. I had worn the French-cut pink satin panties that night, as they were Eskişehir Escort Bayan my lover’s favorites. Now this man was pushing his finger under the leg band, then over until he reached my clit.

My mind was crying out, “NO, NO!” but my body betrayed me as I moaned with pleasure, and my legs opened a fraction to allow his probing fingers greater access to my pussy. I again closed my eyes and leaned back in my seat as this man took control of my body, he still as yet had not spoken a single word.

I could feel it building in me, but I couldn’t believe it. I was going to cum in this theater because a man was masturbating me with his fingers. Then he stopped. I whispered, “No, don’t,” then “No, don’t stop!” I then felt a tug on the waistband of my panties; he was trying to take them off. I wasn’t sure what I should do, but my body had a mind of it’s own as my hips lifted slightly to allow my panties to be pulled away. He only lowered them to my knees before he took my wrist and guided my hand over to his now open crotch. My fingers were shaking as I wrapped them around his penis and began to move my hand up and down as his hand returned to my now dripping pussy. I moaned aloud as he inserted two of his thick fingers deep into me as his thumb rubbed my clit with each stroke he made.

My mind was now crying out for release as it also joined my body in a sexual frenzy. I moved my hand faster, in time with his assault Escort Eskişehir on my body, as again I neared a powerful orgasm only for him to stop again. I pleaded with him to finish me off, give me release. He remained silent as he lifted me from my seat by my waist, moving me until I was bent over the seat in front of him. I felt my skirt being lifted onto my back then I felt something rub my pussy. He couldn’t do it, not here, not like this! Then I felt his cock enter me and I no longer cared about anything else as he fucked me from behind.

I pulled the hem of my sweater into my mouth to muffle the cries of passion as he pounded into me again and again, each time harder and deeper than the last. He reached up, taking my breasts in his hands, pulling and twisting my nipples as he rammed himself into me over and over. I was again building near my release when I felt his cock swell in me. I then felt his sperm begin to flood into me, pushing me over the edge as my body was raked with wave after wave of energy exploding through every part of my being.

I don’t remember what happened next. When I regained my senses, I was again in my seat, my sweater pulled up above my breasts, my skirt around my waist, my panties at my knees, and he was gone. I pulled my clothes back into place quickly, looking around to see if anyone had just seen us, had watched my uncontrolled lust. I grabbed my purse and left, I couldn’t stay there after that. I stepped out into the cool night air, as I stood at the curb a car pulled up, and it was the stranger that had just left me. He came to a stop, leaned over and opened the door. I got in without a word.

As I was fastening the seat belt, he spoke for the first time that night, “We have to hurry, Hun, the babysitter leaves at 11.”

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