A New Town

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My first story, so feedback appreciated.


I’ve recently moved to a small town. Previously, I was living in London, just about making ends meet, but a new job application, 2 interviews later and I’ve found myself here, just shy of Swansea.

I’ve been here 2 months now, and so far, it’s even quieter than I could of possibly imagined, there’s no gay bar in sight and the only form of gay community is a once a month hiking club, there’s only 4 of them, 2 older gentlemen and 2 mid 40’s women. I’m 30 in a few months time so I’m looking for something a little more exciting than walking. Thankfully, I’ve found the town’s only gym, and this is where my story begins.

I’ve been coming here every weekend so far since I arrived. Saturday and Sunday are the only days I have free, like most people I guess. The gym resembles the bleakness of the town. It’s small, not much here but enough for necessities. There’s a few treadmills, some weights and an exercise ball. A small rectangular changing room, walls lined with lockers and 2 benches in the middle. There’s an archway in the middle of the back wall that leads to a small room with 4 open showers.

There’s not many people that use the gym, but I’ve come to find myself changing my routine to sync with a guy who seems more dedicated than me. He’s a bit taller than myself, maybe 6 ft 1 and nicely built. Not in a steroid over macho way but just the right amount. I’m grateful the treadmills face the weights, this way I can watch him curl those weights as he perfects his already toned chest and biceps. Next he picks up a bigger weight as starts his 2×30 set of squats, at the point I know i have 10 minutes left on büyükesat escort the treadmill and there’s nothing I can do from stopping my semi from rubbing against my shorts as I watch him. I can tell he’s a boxer wearing type because there’s nothing supporting him and it drives me wild to see his bulge in his sweaty joggers.

When he finishes his work out, he rubs his face with his towel, slings it over his shoulder and walks into the changing rooms. This is where I dismount the treadmill and head towards the changing room myself. I’ve timed my work outs perfectly so I can watch him walk out of the showers and get dressed. He’s the only guy here who walks out the shower with his towel wrapped around his waist. I sit on the bench furthest from him, pretending to undo my shoe laces and at the same time, I’m glancing over at him, waiting, wanting him to remove the towel to dry himself. I’m rewarded for a short while as he quickly puts his new clean boxers on and finishes dressing. His toned 6 foot body has driven me to an erection beating in my pants waiting to be unleashed and gripped.

For 2 months, I’ve been watching him and fantasising about him and what his muscles can really do.

The next Saturday was the same, only I managed a better view. After my work out, I walked into the changing rooms, and was greeted by a view of him in the shower. His hands were on the wall in front of him and the shower just beating down on his head., water running seamlessly down his back. My eyes followed the water to his lower back. His arse was round and smooth. His legs were slightly open, and between his legs I could cebeci escort see his balls dangling. They hung low, and they were certainly of good size!

I felt my dick spring up in my pants, so I hastily sat down on my usual bench. A few minutes later he walked out of the shower, towel again wrapped around his waist, so still I’ve not had an uninterrupted view of his penis. As he open his lock, I heard him speak for the first time.

“I know you watch me.”

He turned around and glared at me. I knew he wasn’t gay from the first day I saw him. I looked at him shocked, red faced and not able to speak, and so I quickly go back to taking my shoes off ready to go home. I hear his towel drop from the distance, but don’t dare to look up. I hear him walking over to me, and I see his feet by mine. He lifts one leg and places it on the bench right next to leg. I look up at him to see his face not knowing what he will say next.

“Well, take a good look, I know you’re dying to.”

I daren’t break eye contact with him, I can hear the anger in his voice.

“I didn’t think so.” He calmly says and walks off.

At this point, I grabbed my things and left as quick as I could.

I couldn’t bring myself to go back on Sunday, knowing he would be there. Not wanting to skip a workout, I decided I’d go Monday late night after work.

I walked into the gym about 10:30pm. As i expected, it was dead, no one else was in there. With a sigh of relief I walked into the changing room, and see him there, locking up his locker, car keys in hand.

“Oh what a shame, you’re 10 minutes late for the show.” kolej escort

He watches me, dump my things and leave back into the gym. Headphones in, music blasting, I’m zoned in to the next 5 kilometres.

30 minutes passes quickly with a good album to listen to. Still I’m exhausted and sweaty. I walk into the empty changing room, and undress, this time peacefully and alone to shower.

Naked I walk in, and immediately feel a rough hand grab the back of my neck and push my down so that I slide along the floor.

Startled, I look up to see him stand there, completely naked, hosting an impressive erection. It’s veins run around his thick shaft that leads to his beautifully big throbbing head, and like I saw before his magnificent balls hanging below.

I lay there, wandering what to do next.

“Well, It’s not going to suck itself!” as he marches over to me, kneels either side of my chest. His rock hard cock, now just centimetres from my face and his balls resting on my chest. He places one hand on the back head, and guides me forward to his dick. His presses my faces against his dick, rubbing it all over my face, before finally prizing my lips apart and entering my mouth. Forcing his thick member into my mouth, I don’t put up a fight. Soon he’s hitting the back of my mouth, as my tongue wraps around his dick. Quicker and quicker he picks up his pace, thrusting in and and out against my face, hard and harder, and his grunts and groans become louder and closer together. He reaches back, grabs my cock hard, and holds my head tight into him, with one last grunt, I feel his climax burst into my mouth. I gladly swallow as much as I can, but his balls are going wild as cum starts running down my chin. So he releases my head, and slowly withdraws his cummy cock.

I can see the last drop of cum still oozing out of him and I have to taste it. But before I can lean forward he’s already stood up.

Still standing over me, cum dripping from his cock, he says “Same time tomorrow”.

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