A Neighborhood Depravity Ch. 02

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Hot from the sun and from the scene she’d just witnessed, Hema headed for the shower. Maybe cold water would dampen her maddening lust as she showered, she wondered what to do about her secret.

She’d just watched her best friend’s lover commit adultery. Should she tell Shanti?

It was hard to answer. She felt she ought to rat on Ratan and yet she didn’t want to hurt Shanti’s feelings. By the time she stepped out of the shower she still hadn’t made up her mind. She wandered naked to the bedroom and started hunting up some clothes. She wanted something very seductive, something that would be sure to arouse Sri. She paused and looked longingly at the king-size bed where they’d had such terrific sex. It seemed so long ago. Sri was always tired now, always preoccupied with his job. He’d come home, eat dinner, and fall asleep in front of the TV, leaving Hema aching with frustration. Well, not tonight!

She picked out a little red jumpsuit, one that hugged her petite curvy body. She stepped into it and walked to the mirror. She was still in her late twenties, and her body was good. She knew any man would find her attractive.

Any man but her lover Sri just didn’t seem to be interested in sex any more. Hema knew she was going to have to work extra hard to get him turned on tonight.

She paraded back and forth in front of the mirror, sticking out her tits and wiggling her ass. The little slut wished she could be as tall and busty and seductive as Vijayalakshmi, but she also knew she was no dog. Well, the outfit would just have to do, because Sri was going to get home at any minute. Hema hurried to the kitchen and mixed a pitcher of beverages. She dropped olives in two glasses and set them to chill. Then she heard her lover’s car in the driveway. “Okay, Hema, this is it,” she said determinedly.

He came dragging in the door, pooped out as usual. He didn’t even took at her as he hung up his jacket and flopped into his recliner. He sure didn’t look ready for a roll in the hay, but Hema vowed to change that.

“Hi, honey,” she purred. “I’m so glad to see you. Would you like a beverage?”

“Oh, yeah, that’d be great,” Sri sighed.

Hema brought the coffees and pulled her chair close to his. “Rough day?” she asked.

“They’re all rough days,” Sri sighed after taking a gulp of his beverage. “But it means a lot more money.”

“Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth the money,” Hema said as she leaned over to kiss him.

She planted her mouth on his and kissed him hungrily, wriggling her tongue between his lips. No response. She probed his mouth with her hot little tongue and sensuously caressed the back of his neck still no response.

She drew back and looked at him. “Honey, I really worry about you. You’re so tired all the time. Maybe you should think about getting another job.”

“What’s for dinner?” he asked.

Hema sighed. “Upma with Sambhar I’ll go fix it.”

Maybe he’d feel more refreshed after he’d had something to eat. She watched him closely through dinner. He hardly glanced at her and didn’t notice the sexy outfit she was wearing. She might as well have been a piece of furniture.

Later, as she was washing the dishes, Sri passed through the kitchen yawning. “Gosh, I’m bushed,” he announced. “I think I’ll just go right to bed.”

“Good idea, honey.” Hema smiled. “I think I’ll join you.”

She left the rest of the dirty dishes in the sink. There were more important things to take care of. She followed Sri into the bedroom and quickly slipped out of her clothes. Usually she wore a nightgown, but she jumped into bed naked. Sri didn’t even seem to notice that.

“It’s tecavüz porno so hot tonight,” she cooed. “You Don’t need your pajamas.”

“No, I guess not,” Sri sighed.

He dropped his shorts and Hema ogled his big hairy body.

Even after seven years of relationship, she loved his body, and she felt her hungry pussy swelling, heating and creaming.

Sri got into bed, and she snuggled up to him.

“I’ve been thinking about you all day, honey,” she purred.

“That’s nice,” Sri muttered, reaching for the light.

“Wait, leave it on awhile,” Hema said, running her hands over his hair-matted chest.

“Oh, you want a read?” he yawned.

Hema sighed with exasperation. “No, darling, I want to make love!”

Sri just blinked at her, as if he wasn’t familiar with that activity. She ran her hands down over his hips and onto his cock. She wrapped her fingers around his meat and started pumping it. No response.

“Hema, I’m kinda tired,” he said.

She pumped his cock harder, faster. “But Sri,” she said, “we haven’t made love in weeks. I’m horny, baby I’m so horny I could scream!”

“Okay, we’ll do it on Saturday night,” he said.

“No, Sri,” Hema said firmly, “I want it now!”

She slid down beside his cock, stuck out her tongue, and started lashing it all over his prick. Now she was finally getting his attention. He gave a little snort of surprise then shivered. Maybe he was responding at last.

Hema took her time, whipping her hot juicy tongue all over his big blue-veined cock. She hadn’t Srie that in a long time, and she’d missed it. Sri was always telling her to wait, that they’d do it on the weekend. Well, she couldn’t wait any longer.

“Mmmmmm, mmmmmm,” she moaned.

She lathered every inch of his prick with her hot spit. She caught the fat purple head of his cock between her lips and teasingly nibbled and sucked at it. Sri shivered again. He seemed to be breathing harder.

She knew what he liked best, what excited him more than anything else. Opening her lips wide, she started sucking his prick into the steamy heat of her mouth. As she encased his cock in hot juicy flesh, he groaned.

“Mmmmm, that feels nice,” he said.

Well, at least she was making some progress. She sucked in nearly all of his cock, all she could take without choking on it. She firmed her hot lips around the thick shaft and started sucking loudly and hungrily.

“Oh, yeah,” Sri groaned, “that feels great!”

Hema gave a muffled moan of lust as she felt his cock finally reacting to her hot greedy sucking. His cock throbbed, swelled and stiffened. She almost came just thinking about it. She sucked harder and drooled all over his mushrooming prick.

Sri was panting now, and he kept giving hoarse groans of pleasure as she sucked his throbbing stiff cock. Hema was shaking with need. Tonight she was going to get laid! It almost seemed too good to be true.

She sucked till his cock was cramming her mouth and almost butting down her throat. Then she drew back and admired her work. Sri’s prick was massive, spit-soaked, and drooling. It was ready for action-and so was Hema.

“Mmmmm, honey,” she gurgled, climbing on top of him.

Usually they did it with Sri on top, but she couldn’t wait.

She simply couldn’t wait another second to feel her lover’s massive hard prick inside her. She straddled him and jerked her hips downward, taking the hugely swollen head of his prick into her juicy little cunt-mouth.

“Oh, God,” she sobbed, “I need it so bad.”

Sri’s handsome face was flushed with lust, his nostrils üvey anne porno flared. She’d gotten his attention, all right. He grabbed her tiny waist and started easing his thick hard cock up her smoldering pussy-hole. Hema threw back her head and sobbed with relief as the thick column of cock filled her starved cunt.

“Ahhhhh, baby, ahhhhh,” she wailed.

Snorting with lust, Sri plowed his prick to her womb, stuffing her completely with the hot cock-meat. She soaked his cock with helpless floods of molten cream. She’d waited two long horny weeks for this sensation, and she was going out of her mind with excitement.

“Fuck it to me, honey,” she moaned, “fuck my brains out, lover!”

“God,” Sri growled, “You really are horny!”

“No shit?” she whimpered. “Don’t talk, baby, just fuck!”

Sri leered at her and pumped his cock hard and deep in her juice-flooded cunt. He always liked it when she was naughty in bed, when she begged for his cock. Well, she was begging tonight begging with her whole body.

“Ooooooh, shit, oooooh,” she moaned.

He was fucking her good and hard, just the way she craved it and it was a heavenly relief for the sex-starved young girlfriend. She creamed steadily and uncontrollably, the molten cream overflowing her cunt and soaking his balls. Her cute orange-sized tits wobbled before his lusty eyes.

“Fuck it to me, fuck me forever!” she wailed.

Sri got more excited as she wickedly urged him on, and he fucked her harder and harder till she was riding his cock like a bucking bronco. Hema let her head loll back, and she closed her eyes tight, shutting out everything but the intense pleasure she was feeling. She was already rocketing helplessly toward orgasm.

“Ohhhhhh, Sri, honey, I love it!” she howled. “You’re fucking me so damned good!”

That spurred him to even harder fucking, and Hema floated to the brink of climax. She could have come right then, and come like a bomb, but she greedily held back, gorging herself on the hot sweet sensations his cock was giving her.

She ached to come, yet she didn’t want the pleasure to end. She hovered there, half coming, whimpering in ecstasy, while her lover’s massive prick pounded deep and hard in her starved little cunt. Nothing in the world felt better than this, she was sure of it.

But she couldn’t hold off her orgasm forever, and at last it overpowered her, exploding from deep in her cunt and flaming out to shake her whole body. She shuddered violently and began to scream with relief.

“Ohhhhhh, Sri, yesssss, I’m coming-waaaahhhhhh!” she howled.

“Unnnnhhh, God-aaaaggghhhh!” he bellowed.

Hema always loved to feel his thick hot load filling her cunt. He had a lot stored up this time. It flooded her pussy and overflowed, running down her legs. The searing flood made her orgasm even longer and more intense.

Even as she started coming down from that delicious orgasm, she was hungry for another one. It had been so long since she and Sri had fucked, just one climax wasn’t going to satisfy her. It might take two or three to do the job.

“Honey,” she gurgled, massaging his prick with her greedy cunt.

But Sri gently rolled her off him and gave her a peck on the cheek. “That was great, honey,” he yawned. “Good night.” Good night? When her whole body was seething and aching with lust? Hema couldn’t believe it. But Sri rolled on his side, turned off the light, and in less than a minute he was snoring.

“Shit,” she moaned.

She’d gotten all the loving she was going to get and that would probably be it for the next two weeks. She could üvey erkek kardeş porno have sobbed with frustration. That one wonderful orgasm had just whetted her appetite for more. She could have fucked for hours and still not have been satisfied.

Well, she had to face reality. Sri was through for the night, maybe through for the month, and if she wanted more sex, she’d have to find another way to get it. And there was only one way she could think of.

Hema rolled over to the far side of the bed, lay on her back and opened her thighs. She slipped a hand between her legs and touched the hot and swollen flesh of her pussy. She rubbed the engorged folds and whimpered with need. She didn’t believe in cheating, so masturbation was the only way out for her. She hadn’t played with herself in years, not since she was a lusty 18 year old virgin. She’d almost forgotten how. But as she ran her fingers over her needy pussy, the technique quickly came back to her. Slowly and deliciously she discovered what felt best to her.

“Mmmmm, mmmmmm,” she sighed.

No danger of waking Sri up. He was out for the count. She allowed herself to sigh and gurgle as she caressed the steaming wet flesh of her pussy. Soon she zeroed in one the most sensitive and tender spot of all.

She found the little hooded lump of her clit at the very top of her pussy, and she pressed a fingertip to it and rubbed it in a slow sensuous circular motion. Sizzling cream spurted from her cunt and ran down the crack of her ass to puddle on the sheet beneath her. No, she hadn’t forgotten how to play with herself thank heaven.

Masturbation was going to be her only source of sex for quite a while, so she might as well go for it. She ran her fingertip faster and faster around her swollen clit, giving herself hot stabs of pleasure. She’d soon soaked her twirling finger with her heavily seeping cunt-juice.

It felt damned good, but it wasn’t what she wanted most. She ached to feel Sri’s big hard cock pounding mercilessly in her cunt. Her fingers could never give her that kind of satisfaction. But she didn’t have a choice.

Her fingers would have to do the job of a cock, somehow. Hema slid one stiff finger into her molten seething pussy, and it felt pretty good. It wasn’t as big as a cock, through and a cock was what she really craved.

She tried inserting a second finger, and that was better, but it still wasn’t quite what she needed. She somehow managed to wedge a third finger into her slick little pussy, and that was just right. It was almost as thick as a cock.

Yeah, mmmmmmm,” she gurgled.

With three fingers bunched together, she finger-fucked herself and she started slowly, then speeded up, finding that faster she did it, the better it felt. Her fingers made an obscene sucking sound as they reamed her famished cunt.

“Ohhhhh, shit, good!” she moaned.

Soon she was finger-fucking herself as hard and fast as she could ache to come. The bed quivered a little, but she didn’t worry about waking Sri. Hell, she could have been fucking another guy in that bed and Sri wouldn’t have woken up.

She put that forbidden thought out of her mind and just slammed her fingers harder and harder in her squirting little fuck-hole. She shoved her fingers as deep as they’d go, plumbing her molten depths. Then suddenly a gigantic orgasm ripped through her body.

“Ohhhhh, God, yesss, unnngghhhh!” she sobbed.

She moaned and writhed and rocked as she masturbated her way through that desperately needed orgasm. That would hold her for tonight but what about tomorrow and all the days after that? What about all those horny nights when Sri was too tired to fuck?

“Shit,” Hema sighed, “what am I gonna do?

She couldn’t go on dying of sexual frustration, yet she didn’t believe in cheating on her lover. She couldn’t accept playing with herself for the rest of her life, either. But as she fell asleep, she couldn’t think of an answer to her problem.

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