A Mistake Makes a Stepmom a Slave

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Caroline Reynolds is a 26 year old widow, her husband Brad had died a year ago, leaving her very well off so that she did not have to work. Caroline is a petite, very young looking woman with light brown hair and a perfect little body. Brad also left her with a Step Daughter. Bree is 18, also with light brown hair and a killer body. She is also a bitch.

Bree is a high school student and she has been acting like such a bitch to her friends, Jasmine and Carol that they decide to punish her. Jasmine and Carol arrange for three lesbian students from another school; Barb, Beth and Sherry, to kidnap Bree on a Friday evening and take her to a remote cabin which Barb’s family owns for the weekend and use her as their slave.

Through a misunderstanding, the conspirators thought Bree was at home, when she was actually at the mall, when the three kidnappers came to the door. When Bree’s mother, Caroline, hears the door bell, she had just gotten out of the shower. She walks to the door wearing a light robe and is drying her hair with a towel. Caroline is a petite, very young looking woman and the three kidnappers mistake her for Bree. When Caroline opens the door, the three rush her, tie her hands behind her back, and put a shock collar on her and a ball gag.

Barb shocks her once and says, “Now bitch. Behave or you will be shocked. That was on low power. Are you going to be a good girl?”

Caroline did not want to feel that pain again, nodded and cooperated. Barb, Beth and Sherry have been lovers for two years. At times, they Role Play “Mistress and her Slaves” alternating roles. Each was thrilled with the thought of having an actual Slave to use.

As Beth and Sherry take Caroline to their car, Barb writes a note, it says, “Mom, I’m going away for the weekend. See you Sunday night.” They then drove to the cabin. Caroline was scared and wondering what was happening.

She heard one of the girls say to her, “You better behave Bree or else.”

Caroline thought to herself, “They think I’m Bree.”

When they get into the cabin, they remove the ball gag.

Caroline says, “I’m not Bree. I’m her stepmom Caroline.”

Barb responses, “Don’t try to lie to us Bree.”

And shocks her and then spanks her hard, pausing every 10 slaps saying, “Who are you Bree. Tell us your name?”

Finally, Caroline says, “I’m Bree. Please stop spanking me.”

Barb, “Say “I’m Bree. I’m a bitch and I need to be punished.”

Caroline says through her tears, “I’m Bree. I’m a bitch and I need to be punished.”

They then tie her up, spread eagled over a bar and bend over, exposing her as, pussy and head. She is played with but is denied orgasm. The three being her close, the back off. Again and again.

Soon, Caroline is begging to come, saying “Please let me come, I’ll do anything.”

Barb, “Will you be a good little Slave?”

Caroline, “Yes, I’ll be good.”

Finally, past midnight, they make her cum. They then put her in a bed and tie her down. All day Saturday, Caroline is played with and forced to service the three. Barb leaves for a short time and she returns with two men. Caroline is tied up across the bar again and Barb tells the guys they can use her in any way they want to, for $500 and for 1 hour. The two agree and hand over the money. The two make her suck their cocks, they fuck her and one fucks her in her ass. The girls let them go for an extra 30 minutes.

After the men leave, Barb says to Bree, “You see Slave, you are nothing up a Whore. And it is all on video. This whole weekend is being recorded. If you disobey, everyone will know what you really are.”

She was bluffing, there was no video but Caroline did not know that. She was so beaten down now, she just obeyed and was a “good little slave girl.”

On Sunday, until 4pm, the three high school lesbian students use and abused who they thought was Bree, but is really Caroline. They made her eat them out, they spanked her, and they drove her to a rest area and made her suck off 5 truckers. When they returned to the cabin and made her eat them out again. At four in the afternoon, they let her take a shower and get cleaned up. They arrive back at “Bree’s” house at 6pm.

Meanwhile, on Friday, when Bree got home and read the note, she was confused. The next morning, with her mother still gone, she thought that her mom had miswrote the note and meant to say that she was going away. Around noon, Jasmine stops by to see if Bree was taken. She is surprised when Bree answers the door.

Jasmine, “Oh, hi Bree.”

Bree, “Hi Jasmine. Come on in.”

As they talk, Bree tells Jasmine that her mom went away for the weekend, without telling her she was leaving. Jasmine realizes that a mistake was made and excuses herself. She steps outside and tries to call Barb but can’t get her. She then calls Carol and tells her what happen and tells her to get over here fast.

Jasmine goes back inside and says to Bree, “Carol and I wanted to teach you a lesson. I’m sorry.”

Bree, “What did you do?”

Jasmine, “We arranged for three Ümraniye Escort lesbian students to kidnap you and take you to a remote cabin for the weekend, as their slave girl.”

Bree, “What!”

Jasmine, “I think they grabbed your mother by mistake.”

Bree, “Oh my god. Call them.”

Jasmine, “I tried, she must not have service and I don’t know where they took her. I’m sorry.”

Carol arrived and tried to comfort Bree.

Carol, “I’m sorry Bree. We did not mean for this to happen.”

Bree, “Why?”

Jasmine, “You have been such a bitch to us for months, we wanted to teach you a lesson. I’m sorry.”

Bree, “If they hurt her, I swear.”

Carol, “You have every right to be mad, Bree. Let us stay with you.”

Bree thought about it. “Ok, I don’t want to be alone.”

Then she said, “I guess I have been a bitch. I’m sorry.”

And the three young women hug.

Bree was very worried about her mother and asked Jasmine and Carol to stay the night. On Sunday, Jasmine and Carol tried to take her mind off of the mother but were largely unsuccessful. At 6pm, as agreed, Barb, Beth and Sherry return “Bree” to her house. They walk “Bree” up to the door as Bree, Jasmine and Carol are waiting for them. Bree takes hold of her mother and takes her inside.

Jasmine says, “You idiots. You took the wrong woman. You took Caroline, Bree’s mother.”

Barb, “What? That can’t be, she’s looks so young.”

Carol, “No. You took Caroline.”

Bree then comes out and says, “Leave you fucking assholes. If I find out you hurt her.”

Barb, “Hey, don’t blame us. It was their idea.”

Jasmine, “Just leave and forget her.”

Barb, Beth and Sherry walk away, and remember the weekend.

After Barb, Beth and Sherry leave, Bree starts to yell at Jasmine and Carol.

But Caroline tells her to stop and says, “You must forgive them, I have. It was a very profound experience.”

Bree, “But mom, these two had you kidnapped and made a Slave.”

Caroline, “Bree honey. You were being a bitch to your friends. I don’t condone what they did, but I understand. Let’s forgive them.”

Bree, “Ok mom.”

Jasmine and Carol both amazed.

Jasmine says, “Mrs. Reynolds, we are so sorry. We did not mean for you to get caught up in this.”

Caroline, “I know.”

Then she says, “In some ways, I am glad it happened.”

Caroline thinks for a moment, and then says to Bree, “That is the last time I tell you to do something.”

Bree, “What do you mean?”

Caroline looks at her Bree and says, “My daughter, from now on, you are in charge. I want you to be my Mistress. I want all three of you to be my Mistresses.” She goes on, “I know none of us are lesbians, but why not. I can service you. I will be your Slave.”

There was stunned silence.

Finally, Bree asks, “Are you sure mom?”

Caroline, “Yes, what happened to me was embarrassing and humiliating but I loved it.” She then looked at each one in the eye, then said, “Do with me what you will.”

The three thought for a bit and Jasmine said, “It is your decision Bree, What do you think?”

Bree took a minute to respond, and then said, “If you truly want this mom, I love it. You’re so young looking. We could dress you up as a teen and take you out. Oh, what fun. And you could make us all cum.”

And the girls started to talk about what they could do with Slave Caroline.

Bree hugged her mom and Caroline said, “Bree, make me your Slave, I need to be your Slave.”

And from that moment, Caroline was the Slave of Bree, Jasmine and Carol.

Caroline says, “But, let us keep this to ourselves.”

They all agree.

Then Caroline says, “Now my Mistresses. Who should I make cum first?”

Caroline than when down on each and brought each to orgasm, starting with Bree. They then moved to Caroline’s bedroom and had a foursome. They fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, Bree asked, “Mom, do you still wish to be our Slave.”

Caroline, “Yes I do.”

Bree, “We have talked it over and you are going to be our Pussy Slave. You will service us and we will dress you as we please. You will also service others, both men and women. We will also spank you. Are you ok with that?”

Caroline, “Yes Mistress, it sounds wonderful.”

And so Caroline’s Slavery to her Step Daughter Bree and Bree’s friends, Jasmine and Carol began.

After breakfast, Caroline tried on some of Bree’s old clothing. Bree put Caroline hair in pig tails and the three Mistresses were amazed at how young Caroline looked. Each morning, Bree set out the clothing, with no underwear, that Caroline was to wear that day. If she had to go out, she had permission to wear her own, adult clothing, otherwise, she must dress as ordered.

Each day after school, Jasmine and Carol would come to Bree’s house and Caroline would service each of her Mistresses. After several weeks, the Mistresses would take turns fucking their Slave with a strap-on. Ümraniye Escort Bayan

On some Saturdays, they took her to a mall, dressed as a teen and with no underwear on, and had her try on teen clothing, even preteen clothing. Caroline would stand nude in the fitting room, while her Mistresses brought clothing for her to try on. She could not pull the door or curtain closed but had to remain visible. Sometimes, they had her go down on a Sales Clerk.

They would also take her to a shoe store and have her expose herself to the male clerk. She usually was required to offer herself to the clerk, something like, “Hey, I need it bad. Can we go into the backroom, I want to suck your cock.”

Or “Come with me, I want you to fuck me now.” Caroline would take the young man by the hand and lead him to the back. She was never turned down.

When Caroline was dressed as a teen, she was called “Carol Ann.” Bree even had a fake DL made for Carol Ann showing her age as 18. When she went out in teen cloths, she was Carol Ann and had the Id with her. Every day Caroline was dressed by Bree and was Carol Ann. Caroline was not allowed to wear underwear except with permission. This went on for several months, the three Mistresses would be graduating in a month.

A month later, while her Mistresses were at school, Caroline was sitting on the sofa and playing with herself, the door bell rang and when Carol Ann answered the door there was a teen standing there.

“Hi, my name is Tiffany. I live down the street. Can I come in?”

Caroline, “Sure, come on in. I’m Carol Ann.”

They sat down and Tiffany, a nice looking blond said, “I’m skipping school today. Why are you home?”

Caroline, “I’m home schooled.”

Tiffany, “Is your mom home?”

Caroline, “No, she left for a few hours.”

Tiffany, “I was peeking through the window and saw you playing with yourself. Very naughty, you should be punished. Lay across my knees.”

Caroline just sat there and Tiffany said, “Oh come on, we’re just playing.”

Caroline lay across Tiffany’s lab and Tiffany lightly spanked her. Then said, “Now, take me to your bedroom and we’ll play with each other.”

Caroline led her to the bedroom where they had sex, kissing and fondling each other and ending up in a 69 position. After 2 hours, Tiffany left but they exchanged phone numbers and promised to see each again.

When her Mistresses returned home, Slave Caroline told them about Tiffany.

Bree said, “Have her come over Saturday at 10 am.”

Caroline, “Yes Mistress.”

When Tiffany showed up on Saturday, the three Mistresses were hiding. When Caroline and Tiffany were well into a sex session in the living room; Bree, Jasmine and Carol walked out.

Tiffany was startled and started to get up but Bree said, “No, stay there young lady.”

With the two girls on the floor and the three standing over them, Bree said, “Carol Ann is our Slave and now you are too. If you do not agree, we will expose you to all your friends. Do you understand?”

Tiffany, “What do you mean by Slave?”

Jasmine, “Our Pussy Slave. Do want ever we say. Obey.”

Tiffany, “Very well, I will be your Slave.”

Bree, “I am Mistress Bree, this is Mistress Jasmine and this is Mistress Carol.”

The three were not wearing panties and they sat down, and Carol said, “Now Slave Tiffany, eat each of us to orgasm.”

One after another, Tiffany ate each of her Mistresses.

Bree, “Carol Ann is really Caroline, my step mom.”

Tiffany looked at Caroline and said, “Ok, I love her Mistress.”

After two hours, they send her home with Bree saying, “Come over here when we tell you to. And do not tell anyone.”

Tiffany, “Yes Mistress. Thank you.”

For the next 3 months, they would have Tiffany over 4 or 5 days a week. Then Tiffany’s family moved away.

When Tiffany had been a Slave for three weeks, she and Caroline were at Tiffany’s house on a Friday evening. The three Mistresses had given them permission to be alone and make love. Tiffany’s father was out of town, as he was often; and her mother Jackie was out with friends.

Tiffany and Caroline were making love in Tiffany’s room when Jackie came home early. They did not hear her but Jackie hears something. She quietly walked to Tiffany’s door and listened. The door was open and she peeked around the door to see. She saw her daughter having sex with another girl. The sight brought back memories to Jackie from her youth and she became aroused.

She stripped out of her clothes and quietly entered the room and said, “Hello girls, may I join you?”

The two lovers jumped at the sound and looked up at Jackie.

Then Jackie repeated, “May I join you?”

Caroline held out her hand and pulled Jackie to her and the three made love as a threesome. After, they introduced themselves.

Jackie asked, “How did this love affair start? How did you meet?”

Tiffany said, “Mom, Caroline lives down the street. And there is more. You’re Escort Ümraniye going to be mad.”

Jackie, “No I won’t. What is it?”

Caroline, “I am a Pussy Slave to three young women and so it your daughter Tiffany.”

Jackie looked at each as memories flooded her mind, and she said, “I see. Ok. Caroline, you had better go home now. Please ask your Mistresses if I can come over in the morning, at 10am, to meet them.”

Caroline, “Ok.”

They all got dressed and walked to the door. Caroline hugged each and said goodbye. Then Jackie and Tiffany had a long talk and then made love again.

When Caroline got home, she said to her three Mistresses, “Tiffany’s mom, Jackie, caught us and then she joined in. We told her we were your Slaves and she would like to meet all three of you in the morning, at 10am.”

Bree thought for a moment, than said, “Ok, text Tiffany that we will be expecting them in the morning.”

The next morning, Jackie and Tiffany, both wearing long coats, drove over to Caroline’s house.

When all were seated, Bree asked, “What would you like to talk about Jackie?”

Jackie, “My husband, Jack, is gone a lot.” She then looked at her daughter and then said, “I never told anyone before but when I was in high school I played with girls myself. And in college I was a Pussy Slave to my roommate for 2 years.” She then said, looking at Bree in the eye, “I would like to be your Pussy Slave. I would like all three of you to be my Mistresses.”

All eyes were on Jackie, she then said, “Tiffany hasn’t told you but we are moving in three months. So until that time, please use us both for your pleasure. I want to be your Slave.”

Bree looked at Jasmine and Carol, then said, “Ok. You are our Slave. Stand up both of you.”

They stood up and Jasmine said, “You’re naked under the coats, aren’t you?”

Jackie, “Yes Mistress.”

Caroline, “Take them off.”

They did and stood there naked.

Bree, “Ok, Slave Jackie and Slave Tiffany, put on a show for us. Have sex right here on the floor.”

The two dropped to the floor and proceeded to make love. After, they serviced their Mistresses and Slave Caroline. At lunch time, they were ordered to make lunch.

After lunch, Bree said, “When you three Slaves are alone, Caroline is in charge. Understand Slaves?”

They all said, “Yes Mistress.”

Every day that Jack was gone, which was most, Jackie and Tiffany were at the house serving their Mistresses. In two months, Jackie and Tiffany moved away. Jackie and Tiffany stayed in touch and a year later, Jackie caught Jack cheating and they got a divorce. Jackie is considering moving back once the divorce is final. Those two months being a Slave was like heaven to her.

One day a month after Tiffany and Jackie had left, there was a knock on the door. Usually, Caroline would not answer the door, but sometimes, if it was a stranger, she would. When she peaked through the peep hole she saw it was a stranger, a young woman. Caroline decided to answer and opened the door.

The young woman said, “Hi my name is Brandy. Is your mother home?”

Caroline, dressed as a teen and in the character of Carol Ann, answered, “No. Come in. My name is Carol Ann.”

Brandy, a 21 year old college student, walked in and said, “I wish your mother was home. I’m collecting for my sports team. Could I have a glass of water?”

Caroline was wearing a very short skirt and no underwear, since she was not allowed to wear any without permission. As she walked away, Brandy could see she wasn’t wearing any.

And when Caroline returned, Brandy asked, “Why aren’t you in school?”

Caroline, “Oh, I’m home schooled.”

Brandy, “I see. Is that why you’re not wearing any underwear? You naughty little girl.”

And she grabbed Caroline, sat down, pulled her over her knees and spanked her.

She then said, “Now little one, eat my pussy.”

And Caroline did.

As Brandy was leaving, she said, “I may come back again, would you like that little one?”

Caroline, “Yes, please do.”

When Bree came home, Caroline told her all about it.

Bree said, “If she comes back, get her phone number.”

Caroline, “Yes Mistress Bree.”

One week later, Brandy returned and said, “I missed you Carol Ann. Come and eat my pussy.”

Caroline said, “I have missed you too Brandy and I would love to eat you to orgasm. But first, here is a note.”

And she handed Brandy a note from Bree, which read, “Brandy, Carol Ann is my Slave. I will allow you to continue to use her. Only, do not hurt her, or leave any marks on her, or take her from the house. There is one more thing, Carol Ann is actually my Stepmom and is 26 years old, her real name is Caroline.”

And it was signed Mistress Bree.

After Brandy read it she looked at Caroline and said, “I don’t believe it. You’re 26?”

Caroline, “Yes I am.”

Brandy, “Did you read this note?”

Caroline, “Yes.”

Brandy, “And you agree?”

Caroline, “I am my stepdaughter’s Slave. I do as I am told. My Mistresses have told me to regard you as my Mistress while you are here.”

Brandy, “Mistresses? You have more than one?”

Caroline said proudly, “I have three Mistresses. Mistress Bree, Mistress Jasmine and Mistress Carol. We all love each other.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32