A Lover Name Lola

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Amy Lee

I was nervous as I pressed the numbers on my cell phone. I had never been to Lola’s home before and we had only met in person once for coffee several months before, but I could not fight the urge to see her again. So here I was early one warm spring morning calling her, and hoping for the best.

Well first let me give you some background on this story, I met Lola on line in a chat room called “Flirting Something or Other”, not that it matters it’s not important anyway. We just chatted for several weeks. Her profile said no cyber or phone sex. A horn dog like me normally would have moved on to find a dirty minded playmate, but she had a picture on her profile and let me tell you she is fine. So I whispered her, and we became online friends. This went on for a month or so, and our conversations became more intimate. Pretty soon they got down right erotic, and in time we did start having phone and cyber sex.

We talked to each other about our current partners. My girlfriend Tess; when we aren’t fighting; drifts in and out of my life. Lola has a long-time boyfriend Ken. Who by the way is a Navy Reservist and at the time of this story had been recalled to active duty for several months; stateside. He had in fact been gone for a month already. I know what your saying, “Bad Marco, bad dog”. Oh well what can I say, “She’s fine!”

Anyway I was in town on business, and Lola gave me am open invitation if I was in town, to stop and say hello. It really was just suppose to be a friendly visit; I know your thinking, yeah right.

Lola answered her phone sleepily, “Hello.”

“I’m at your front door beautiful let me in”. I informed her.

“What? Where? Marco it’s six a.m. You crazy fool”

“Heh…heh…heh.” I knew she was still in bed, and even though she and Ken have an understanding about what they do when their apart, she would not want her nosy neighbor peeping me out. She quickly met me at the door wrapped in a silk Japanese kimono that was maroon with a golden lotus flowers print. She pulled me inside and poked her head out the door looking both ways to check if anybody saw me. She gave me a dirty look.

“Marco you know better hmmm…!”

She couldn’t finish the sentence because a strong impulse caused me to take her in my arms and plant a big juicy kiss on her lovely lips. So there I was putting a serious lip lock on Lola before I even though about the consequences of my actions. Did I tell you the girl is fine! Well in a second she was pushing me back off of her punching me in the chest hard and swearing loudly at me.

“Oh shit you blew it Marco” I thought to myself. “I’m sorry Lola, really I’m sorry, I…I couldn’t help myself, you just look so good.”

Lola just stood looking at me, wiping the drool from the corner of my mouth with the sleeve of her robe, which had parted while she had pummeled me. I got a nice peep at her trim body; she was only wearing a small tee shirt and thong under her robe. I guess that was her PJ’s.

They were red. Her thongs they were red before you ask. The tee shirt? I don’t fucking remember, I just remember the red thongs. Anyway she saw me gawking and quickly yank the robe closed and tied the sash in world record time I believe.

She was still eyeing me wearily when she said “Go sit down, crazy ass.”

I went and sat down on the couch; Lola went into her bedroom and shut the door. So there I was sitting there checking the carpet for lint thinking she was calling the cops to get me when she shouted through the closed door

“Can you make us some coffee?”

“Sure.” I shouted back.

“The Mr. coffee is in the kitchen.” She yelled in reply.

“Well duh, where else would it be?” I replied

“Smart ass.” Was her come back line.

So I went in the kitchen and found the coffee fixing’s and made the coffee. I could hear Lola brushing her teeth and hair, you know all the morning stuff you do when u get up. I heard the door unlock and Lola yell out asking if the coffee was ready. It was and she asked me to bring her a cup which I fixed it to her liking, cream, no sugar, and took her a mug.

I expected to see her dressed and playing in the mirror with her hair like women are prone to do in the morning, but the room was empty then I heard the shower coming on. Oh my, my, my. The mind thought of the possibilities. Maybe she wants me to join her or scrub her back or she may need a towel or…

“Do you have my coffee?”

“Sure babe.” I replied strolling to the door like big poppa cool, sure I was going through that door. I tapped on the door and heard the click of the lock turn and the door open for me, well it opened about half a foot and an arm poked out from behind it and I put the mug in the hand and watch it pull back behind the door, which then slammed and clicked.

There I stood with Lola saying something to me thru the door. I yelled back I couldn’t hear. I discovered that Lola has an annoying habit of talking to you through doors, but damn it there was a naked gerçek porno woman on the other side of that door so I stayed and tried to converse the best I could.

So there we were Lola and me talking thru the bathroom door as she showered and dried and finally emerged with a bottle of lotion in her hand. She was wrapped in a towel with another around her head turban style.

She asked me if I was going to behave for the rest of my visit or would she have to ask me to leave. I promised good behavior so she asked me to lotion her back.

Which I did, and that’s all I did. She lowered the towel wrapped around her to expose her toned back and I applied the lotion on her back. Then she asked me to get out so she could finish herself. Damn!

Well she continued talking to me through the closed bedroom door now. I didn’t mind really because I was hoping she didn’t see the swelling that was sticking down my trousers leg. She had to keep repeating herself because I couldn’t hear that very well through the door and she had her music playing in the background. She asked if I could hear her and I said “No not really.”

I was expecting her to stop talking and finish dressing before our conversation continued. It was all small talk anyway, you know how you been, what are you doing in town, why are you at my front door you crazy man? That type of stuff.

Well she wanted to continue, so she waltzed out the bedroom wearing the silk robe and she continued to lotion her legs while we talked.

I really wasn’t paying attention to the conversation; I was to busy watching her smooth the lotion onto her skin. I was mesmerized watching her polished nails move over her pretty painted toes and long lovely legs.

They were red. Her nails they were painted red, yes both fingers and toes, fire engine red I think. When she stood up and put her foot on the coffee table so she could lotion her thighs I thought I was going to nut in my shorts right there. I did hold it back and she completed her task and sat back down curling her legs underneath her.

We chatted some more drinking our coffee, about this and that. Lola need a refill and went into the kitchen. I watched her moving slowly away from me. Man she’s fine!

The silk robe cling to her lotion moisten body where it touched and the tails of the robe flowing behind her letting her legs play peek-a-boo with me as she walked. Man I was dying to touch her but I promised good behavior and I am a man of my word. Well I am really.

While pouring a fresh cup she asked over her shoulder “When was the last time you and Tess fucked Marco?”

I mean just like that, out of the blue she hits you with a question like that. That’s my friend, Lola she likes to shock you, the little tease.

I told her about two weeks. Tess went on a trip with friends for a month. Where exactly I don’t know she wasn’t really giving me all the information when I asked her. Tess is like that, claims she’s a free spirit and needs to explore life. Yeah right, she’s out getting some strange dick, but I don’t care that’s the life we lead.

Lola nodded and said she hadn’t been laid in a month because Ken was sent to Florida with the reserves.

I made a sad face when I said “Awe poor Lola isn’t getting no loving, come’re and give us a hug sweetie.”

Lola gave me one of those “fuck you asshole” looks over the rim of her coffee mug. Then she came back over to the couch and sat next to me.

Actually she sat a little closer to me like right next to me. She crossed her legs and did that thing ladies like to do, where they make little circles with their foot that’s dangling in the air. You know the thing that men try not to notice but for some reason we keep looking at that dangling foot and it’s getting us excited. Anyway she looked me in the eyes and purred.

“Marco you really didn’t come over here just wanting to talk did you?”

“No Lola I didn’t, you know I’m crazy for you girlfriend”. I gushed, feeling like an idiot after I said it. Jackass control yourself or she’ll show you the door.

She just smiled a devilish little smile nonchalantly as her hand started smoothing down the material of my jeans which really didn’t need smoothing.

“Marco, I’m not sure but do you have something of mine down your pants?

“Oh jeez. No, I would never steal anything from you, you know that.” I stammered.

“Well then what’s that bulge in your crouch?” Then she laughed.

“I’m ahh…well…damn it Lola you know what that is…stop playing with me, I’m going to be a good boy here today.”

“Hmm…. we’ll see” she replied.

Damn she was teasing me and now she saw the proof. Damn how embarrassing. Lola turned to me and her robe gapped open revealing the curve of her firm shapely breast. Her nipple wasn’t visible but I could see it poking thru the silk of her robe. Damn oh damn I could feel the ooze leaking out slowly from my pistol.

“Well since we both haven’t had gay porno any for awhile maybe we could help each other out in this time of need. Oh… what do they said, a friend in need is a friend in deed. She coyly said.

I sure was hoping to be a friend in deed alright, the dirty deed, if you catch my drift.

You’ll have to excuse me for a while, because recalling memorizes of what happen shortly there after have caused a sudden inflammation of particular nine inches. So rather then try and type with one hand I’ll excuse myself so I can get a handle on the problem then I shall continue….

Okay so there I was sitting there with Lola to my left; her hand on my thigh, her breast playing peek-a-boo through her robe, and the head of my dick was sticking out the bottom of my boxers’ inches from Lola’s hand. I was doing the best I could to keep my hands to myself, no really I was, but as I went to put my mug in my right hand down on the table, my body twisted a little and my left hand brushed Lola’s thigh. Boy does she have some soft skin and the sensation of that soft warm flesh sent a signal directly to Mr. happy and now he was at full attention.

Of course Lola noticed this and smiled at me.

“Sorry” I said “Sometime it has a mind of its own.”

“So I see.” she replied. “So what’s on its mind?” she purred very naughtily, and her eyes were locked in to mine.

“Oh the same thing as always, sex, sex and more sex” I quipped with a laugh. I was sure hoping Lola was not getting offended by my bodily functions. Now I don’t know why I was thinking like that, it was plain as day she knew she was doing this to me, but I was nervous around her for some reason. Did I tell you she’s really, really fine?

I mean if this was some other female or even Tess teasing me like that, they’d have been laid on the floor by now with their snatch dripping my nut down the back of they’re thighs by now, but I was going to play it cool with Lola.

“Hmm…that, looks very tempting, Marco could I have a peek?” She said to me with the most innocent look on her face like she was asking to see a baby picture or something. I mean women are strange creatures they tell you one thing then do the opposite. I thought I was supposed to be a good boy for the day now she asking to see my Johnson. Crazy huh. Well I wasn’t mad at her no sir, not a bit.

So I get bold and with a smile on my face I say “Sure but, you have to take it out so you can’t say I got fresh with you.”

So she unzips me and fishes out my steel hard dick.

“Oooooh… that is nice” “Thank you. Speaking of fresh Mister, did you shower this morning?” she asked all the while stroking her hand up and down my pole.

“Sure first thing, why you wanna taste test me or something? Should I take another so you can inspect me for cleanliness?” I was joking for crying out loud.

“Great, I’ll scrub you.” she beams, pulling me off the couch and towards the bathroom.

So into the shower I went. I didn’t mind really, Lola stripped me and ran the water for me. She didn’t join me in the shower mind you she stood outside the tub and peeked around the curtain. After I was wet she reached into the shower and scrubbed me with a bath clothe and she didn’t miss an inch on me. As I rinsed off she stood back and made some ego boosting comments about my physique. I workout so I’m in decent shape, but man it makes you feel good when an attractive woman lets you know it’s working.

I stepped from the shower and Lola dried me off. Her robe got wet some from the shower and it was now were it clung to her boobs like a second skin. She has perky b-cups with high riding nipples that point toward the sky. After I was dry… Lola kissed me on the cheek and took my hand and led me to her bed.

As we approached the bed Lola said “Now that I’m sure your super clean I’m going to taste every inch of you.” You know thinking back now, before the day ended she did. Damn what a girl!

Ok where was I, when I left off…oh yeah Lola pushed me on to my back on her bed, and after peeling the damp robe off which was dropped to the floor she climb on the bed with me. Kneeling beside me she fondled my cock and balls like a cat playing with a mouse before it devoured it.

“Marco, I haven’t been loved in over a month, and…..” She trailed off before finishing her sentence. “Will you think badly of me for what we’re about to do. Do you know what I mean?”

“Oh no, not at all baby.” I replied.

I meant it really, I know your saying what else would a guy say when a beautiful woman is twisting her hand up and down your shaft, but I really wouldn’t think bad of Lola. I feel very close to her you know. Did I tell you how fine she is?

Anyway she smiled down at me and lowered her lips to mine. We kissed for a moment, and then she pulled away and started kissing her way down my neck heading south slowly.

When she reached my stiff dick she nuzzled it and rubbed cheeks and nose across evli porno it like a feline marking it territory. She gently kissed and licked me randomly all over my swollen member, while she handled my balls and played with them.

“Oh, you have a nice hairy set baby!” she cooed softly before gently sucking them one at a time into her wet mouth.

I groaned from her touch. She continued to mouth my nuts until the sack was wet with her saliva. Then kissed her way from the base to the tip before her lips slowly wrapped around my cock head and she took me into her mouth.

Lola slowly turned her head back and forth at first as if she was savoring the flavor of my meaty dick. Then she started to pick up the pace of her bobbing head. Before long she was giving me a very sloppy knob job; and that’s a good thing!

I mean she was drooling, spitting and slurping the length of my dick. Opening her mouth wide and sliding me deep into the back of her mouth, I could hear her gurgling and gagging her herself as she passionately pleasured me.

“Mmm…cum in my mouth…” she slurped then slurped again…”I want to taste your load Marco. Please give it to me.”

I would have gladly given it to her but I rarely can’t cum just receiving head and I told her not to worry about it but, Lola was going to get her load.

“Don’t move stay right there” she said.

I wasn’t planning on going anywhere you know. Anyway I heard rattling around in the kitchen…Hmmm, whip cream or chocolate syrup maybe?

No she comes back in sipping her coffee mug. Damn.

“Funny time for a coffee break” I joked. Lola didn’t reply she just winked at me over the mug.

She slurped a mouthful of the steaming liquid. She swished it around her mouth and gurgled some. As she lowered her lips to the tip dick I heard her swallow the coffee. Her steaming warmed lips felt great on my cock as she slowly slid me down her throat. She twisted her super hot and wet mouth down my shaft and by the time her nose grazed my pubic hair I was blasting.

“Fuuucccck.” that’s what I yelled as my balls were collapsing and felt like I was shooting golf ball sized globs of choad into Lola’s silky soft throat.

After my toes uncurled and the spots dancing before my eyes stopped I looked down to see Lola looking at me smiling. Well I think she was smiling, it was hard to tell because her mouth was still full of my now shrinking dick.

I rolled up and pulled Lola to me giving her a quick peck on the lips, and now I laid her back on the bed. I knew I’d better give it to her good after the pleasure she blessed me with.

My lips started at her toes kissing and nibbling then sucking her pretty shapely toes and feet. Lola squirmed a little at first saying it tickled but I press on. She relaxed and the pleasure swept up her body, as did my mouth. I kissed my way up her calves and continued toward my ultimate objective. I paused briefly to kiss and lick the back of her knees. Continued until my mouth touched the soft inner thighs where I lavished long wet kisses and licks, mixing in soft bites as well. Lola hips started to buck in anticipation of my tongue greeting her seeping pussy. She tasted great, salty syrup dripped from her when our lips met. Hello! Not those lips the lower ones, do try to keep up.

I slowly licked her outer labia and her mound to teasing her. She moaned softly and continuously as I mouthed her sensitive and delicate flesh. I kissed my way down the length of her twat and penetrated her with my tongue briefly, then licked her wetly and quickly. My head shook from side to side furiously but my lips only grazed her swollen and firm clit. Then taking it in my mouth I suckled it like a nipple fed baby.

Lola ankles were crossed and locked behind my head and her bent legs started flapping up and down like wings, as her cries increased in volume.

She told me naughty things to do to her pussy I felt a stirring in my cock as it slowly came back from the dead. Lola command me to suck her clit and tongue fuck her until her body frozen. Head back and to one side, back arched, her legs curled back and heels planted into the mattress, her toes clenched in fists. She hover in this position a moment or two, then she collapsed onto the bed giggling and pushing my head away as she curled into a fetal position.

“Damn I’m gushing baby” she gasped wiping tears off her cheeks but smiling. I felt damn proud of myself. But my work was not done, no sir, not at all.

I moved over her and entered her quickly. I soon found a rhythm and pace she enjoyed and did not let up until Lola was clawing my back and pounding her heels into my thighs as a wave of pleasure passed through her body.

Lola pulled my face to hers kissed me deeply and moaning.

“Roll me baby, roll me over and ohhh shit…shit, do me from behind!”

I slowly withdrew from her clinging wetness and together we assumed the doggy position. I moved behind Lola and slide myself inside.

“Yes” she cried out.

“Lola!” I moaned, moving closer and deeper into her.

She pushed back to me saying “Grab my hips, and keep it deep in me and do me good!”

Getting a good grip on her hips I rose up so my dick angled down with each thrust seeking her g spot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32