A Long Time Coming Ch. 01 – Prologue

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I was sucking Cal’s cock when it happened.

Cal is my friend, mentor and now lover. He’s taught me many things. He encouraged me explore parts of my sexuality I wasn’t aware of.

I find him irresistibly sexy in every way. Cal is more than a decade older than I am. He’s powerfully built and very masculine. He’s moderately hairy and this contrasts with my relative smoothness. I’m taller and our cocks are of similar size, although Cal is much thicker.

We were together in person for the first time in his high rise apartment after more than a year of correspondence and phone calls.

I was naked on my knees. Cal was standing with his pants around his ankles and still wearing his shirt. I had one hand on his thigh and with the other I was caressing his testicles.

His penis was in my mouth… of course.

I was trying to do everything I had ever learned about blowjobs. I licked his fat cock, and french kissed the head of him while gently tonguing his slit.

I wanted to express my affection, respect, and gratitude in a loving and eager manner through this act of submission.

The more I sucked, the more I wanted to suck. I was wanton, hungry for Cal’s sex. I slobbered over his dick and rubbed his hardness all over my face. I pushed deeper onto his pole, discovering a delightful twinge of pleasure as he slid farther down my throat.

Silly me, I had assumed that oral sex was was only for the receiver.

I gave myself over to the naughtiness, the ‘gayness’ of the act.

Cal sensed the change. He began to encourage me by speaking in his whispery low sexy voice.

“Oh baby,” he said. “You are a sweet cocksucker. You’re making love to my cock.”

I looked up at him. Cal was smiling disarmingly. He reached down and ran his hand through my hair and cupped the back of my head. He pulled me to him gently forcing his rod even deeper.

This scared me at first, but I made myself relax.

“Look at me.” Cal said.

I opened my eyes and looked up. Cal was smiling.

He pulled my head toward him again, and again he filled gullet. This time, he held me there.

I panicked, pushed back to take a breath. Panting, I looked up at him again. Cal’s expression was mischievous.

“You’re my cocksucker,” he said, emphasizing ‘my’.

We had spoken often about that word. Cal insisted that there’s nothing insulting or demeaning about it . It’s a statement of fact. A reality that I should revel in, a compliment.

I was complimented. I was a cocksucker now. Happy to be a cocksucker for him. Proud to be his cocksucker.

Cal pulled back and coaxed me to my feet. My mouth was wet with spittle and precum. He licked my lips, and ran his tongue over my face. He took my head in both of his hands and kissed me deeply. Cal possessed my mouth with his thrusting tongue. I yielded to this intrusion, embracing it. Sucking on his tongue as I had sucked his penis.

Cal told me that I “taste like cock,” and that he found that “very, very, nice.”

Cal kicked his pants away, but left his shirt on. He took a couple steps to the island that separated the living room from the kitchen where we had left our drinks. He poured us both a couple more fingers of single malt. I joined him as we leaned there and sipped the whiskey.

Cal said, “I told you I could be stern at times. This only works for me if I know I have your consent,” he added. “I will never hurt you. I want you to trust me. This kind of thing is not uncommon among gay men.”

“Yes,” I said. “We have spoken of this at length.”

Cal continued: “I’m dominant, and you are submissive. If you trust me, I can take you places you’ve never imagined.”

Cal ran a big hand down my back. He cupped my ass possessively and continued, “So… you agree? You will submit to me? You will let me guide you?”

Cal loved to talk, and I loved to play along. He could be serious or silly. Before this evening, talk was all we had. Being here with him, in his home, was strange and yet familiar. I was determined to go through with this. I had taksim escort promised him I would. I was nervous, but I did trust him.

Cal pulled me closer. His hands roamed my body, gently petting my ass and softly pinching my nipples. He nibbled my neck and slowly thrust his hard cock against mine. The hand he had placed on my ass probed into the cleft. He touched my pucker.

“There’s no going back from this,” Cal said suddenly, very seriously and intently. “I want you to be very sure you’re ready to accept what is going to happen.”

My voice was husky and quavery when I replied, “I have come a long way to be here with you. I have masturbated every day for a year dreaming of this night. I have sucked your cock. I am naked in your arms.”

Cal gathered both of our erections and held them together in his strong hands. He smiled, and we kissed deeply again.

He released our cocks then took me by the hand and said,

“Come with me boy.”

It was dreamy and surreal as he led me down the hall to the open door at the end. His bedroom looked a bit like a film set. There was a king sized bed in the middle of the room. It was lit from above by a half dozen miniature spot lights turned very low. They seemed not so much lit, as glowing softly. There were pillows on the bed but no covers. A dove gray fitted sheet stretched over the mattress which rested on a dark recessed pedestal. It seemed to float above the floor.

“Here is your love bed. Lay on your side in the center,” Cal directed.

I did as he asked, on my right side with my head propped on my hand. Cal moved about in shadows, just out of the throw of the lights.

“Perfect,” Cal purred. “Let me look at you.”

I felt a little silly then, posed for him that way. My left hand slid down to cover my hard penis.

“Oh baby, you look ripe for the taking.” I heard a drawer open and close and Cal appeared by the side of the bed with a small white box. “I got you something,” he whispered.

He left the box within my reach and stepped back.

“Open it.”

Wrapped in tissue paper was something deep red and silky looking. It was a pair of women’s underwear. Almost a thong, with a generous band of lace around the top.

“Put them on darling.”

I actually felt a little faint. My head was swimming. I had not expected this.

Cal’s voice was very deep. “Go ahead boy.”

I was shaking as I wiggled into the panties. I felt supremely silly. I’m not a small guy. My impossibly hard cock got even harder though, as I pulled them up. My penis strained obscenely up over the lace.

Still mostly in the dark Cal started speaking in a low soft voice.

“I know you’re embarrassed. I want you to feel that. I want you to feel vulnerable and unsure.

“I’m going to take your manhood, and you are going to freely offer it to me. I don’t want a woman. I want a man, I want you. You are however the feminine part of our union. You are going to receive me into your body.”

My heart was thundering in my ears. I couldn’t speak.

“You’re going to take my cock, and my cum. This is your destiny. This is who you are. I’m going to set you free.”

Cal knelt by the side of the bed. He reached over and grasped my cock, sliding the panties down just bit. He pulled me to him.

“Watch me, don’t close your eyes,” Cal directed.

He pulled my penis into his mouth. And when he closed his lips around me, I came immediately and explosively. There were at least four strong orgasmic convulsions. Cal’s lips were pursed around the head of my cock. He moved quickly up and with one hand squeezed my cheeks and I reflexively opened my mouth. He dribbled my cum from his mouth to mine. I opened wider, not wanting to miss any. Cal’s lips were coated with my sperm. He began kissing my face… my eyes, my lips. He forced his tongue into my mouth stirring the shared semen.

I returned his kiss with a passion I’d never before experienced. When he pulled back I stared at him with open astonishment.

Cal smiled down at istanbul eskort me. He caressed my face with his hand. I was still panting breathlessly. He climbed all the way up on to the bed, and insinuated himself between my legs.

Cal reached down and began fingering my anus. His fingers were wet and slippery.

My heart was pounding. I could hear it in ears and feel my face flushing red.

Cal held my eyes with his, and kept speaking.

“Now you must give me your pussy. This is what we will call your sex. You must open your tight warm pussy for your man. I want it so badly. I want to feel you caress my cock with your pussy.”

Cal stripped my panties off aggressively. He parked between my parted thighs and let a huge amount of saliva drip down onto his cock. He moved his slick member between the cheeks of my ass.

“What do you want baby” Cal asked. “Do you want my cock?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Yes what?” Cal questioned.

“I want your cock,” I said foolishly.

“More,” Cal said. “Tell me more, say more.”

“I wwwwant your ccccock in my ppppussy,” I stuttered breathlessly.

Cal wouldn’t stop this dialog, he continued. “Do you want me to make love to your pussy?”

“Oh god… ppplease make love to my pussy… I need your cock inside me… in my pussy… please, oh please take me, I need this.”

I had never imagined saying such things. I had always been a timid lover, inhibited and vanilla. Everything had changed in an instant. Nothing in the universe mattered except the mating between Cal and I. I wanted to please him and to that end, I would do anything.

“Oh yesssss darling,” Cal said. “I know what you need.”

My lover continued to slide his cock over my opening. I had never known such desire.

Cal rolled me half way over on my stomach. He hitched my right leg up, leaving my left straight. He nestled between my legs, straddling my outstretched left leg. Cal put his hands on my ass, kneading it. He spread my cheeks, then pushed them together and spread them again.

“Relax,” he said. “You have a very nice ass, so sexy. Tilt your pretty bottom up toward me.”

I felt his cock slide in my cleft again. “Am I your first, baby?” Cal asked.

I replied, “Yes Cal, you know you are.”

Cal chuckled and said, “That pleases me very much.”

I tilted my hips and wiggled a little, snuggling into his closeness. Cal continued the his gentle thrusting. It was slow and wet. I was pinned down by his weight. I felt that our joining was inevitable. I was resigned to it and excited at the same time.

I was embarrassed to ask, “Do you have lube?” I didn’t want to break the spell with such a base concern.

“I’ve never needed it,” Cal said quietly, and began to massage my opening with the head of his cock.

In his low, hypnotic voice Cal said:

“We’ve waited a long time for this. I’m so glad you’re here.”

Cal balanced on one knee, freeing my leg so that he could flip me over on my back.

“I want to see your face when I make you mine. I want us both to remember this moment.”

He leaned forward, took my face in his hands and continued speaking with soft and earnest intensity.

“What we are about to do is profoundly homosexual. I believe you’re a gay man, and you always have been. This sharing is our destiny. I’m so proud that trust me to show you who you truly are.”

My lover pulled back, slid his hands up the back of my thighs and hooked them behind my knees. He rocked me back, then took his penis in hand and entered me.

I gasped.

Cal slid in smoothly. There was no pain, no fumbling just a smooth inexorable penetration.

My eyes and mouth were wide open.

Cal smiled down at me. He adjusted himself tilted my hips up a bit more, and leaned in to kiss me.

His lips brushed my lips. He rubbed his nose against mine.

“Yessssssss,” he whispered. “Feel me inside you. Feel my cock, feel my love. This is where you belong. Open yourself to me, open your pussy to my cock.”

I took a deep breath beşiktaş escort our faces close. I willed myself to relax and open, and that’s exactly what happened.

I panted and whimpered a bit. Cal kissed my face, my eyes.

“Oh Cal, ohmigod, so good, this is so good, I had no idea, your cock, so full, oh yes, fuck me. love me take me.” I was babbling.

Cal’s hands found mine, and our fingers interlaced. He began to thrust and withdraw, so slowly.

I mirrored his speed and movement, a slow careful lovefuck dance. I stared at him, compelling myself to look into his eyes. Following his lead, I allowed myself to submerge into our lust. This was unexplored territory. The world had fallen away. All that existed was this intercourse.

Tenderness morphed into something other. Our coupling became harder, more animalistic. Nothing was quite deep enough nor hard enough nor intense enough. Cal grunted as he pushed harder. He slammed into me as if yearning to ramp up the sensation.

I took it, wanting more and more as well. I absorbed his passion. I echoed his growls with softer exclamations, the contrast of our sounds seeming so right and natural. I pushed my hips up to meet his charge.

We were wet with sweat. Our bodies slid together deliciously. We were mating. Cal buried his head in my neck. He licked and bit me. I wrapped my arms around him, my legs around him. We pushed and ground into and around each other.

My body received his cock. I was full of him. Cal roared and began to climax. He shuddered and pushed his length into me. I wanted it, wanted him, wanted all of him. I was insatiable.

Cal’s climax was my climax. I knew what he was feeling, and was proud to be the cause of it. I was entirely sex.

Cal raised up holding himself deeply in my ass. He pumped, and I felt him pump.

Panting, he chanted through clenched teeth: “Take it. Take my cum. I’m filling you with my sperm, my seed. It’s part of you now. Your pussy is full of my cum. Your pussy is mine, You are mine.” His body jerked a couple of times.

Cal pulled out just a little bit. He opened my thighs farther so that he could see his penis in my ass.

“I wish you could see this,” he said. “It’s a beautiful sight. Your pussy is leaking sperm around my dick. So pretty.”

This made me smile. We were both breathing hard. Cal smiled back. He pulled back a bit more, leaving only the head of his penis inside. My thighs were shaking, this made Cal smile even more broadly. He pushed his cock back into my ass, then withdrew.

Cal ran his hand across my opening from back to front, gathering his issue. Once, twice, three times he did this.

He exited from his place between my legs and laid on his side next to me. He began jack my impossibly hard cock with our wetness. He put his mouth on my closest nipple and began roughly work it with his lips, tongue and teeth. I squealed like a girl. He was not gentle with cock either. He corkscrew stroked my penis.

I came quickly, again. My cockhead and nipples became very sensitive and I tried to wiggle away, but I couldn’t escape. I begged him to stop, but he ignored me. He took mercy on my nipple and brought his mouth to mine in a dominating kiss. I kept begging as we kissed. I had lost count of how many new experiences he had given me. They just kept coming.

Cal abruptly stopped the sweet torture. He rolled onto his back. He gathered me to him, me on my side now. His arm around my neck, my head on his chest my shoulder nestled into his armpit. I threw my leg across his body, as so many women had done with me in the afterglow.

I reached back to feel the wetness that was expanding onto the sheets behind and under me. With amusement I accepted that I would be the partner who slept in the wetspot… yet another role reversal.

I also put my fingers between the cheeks of my ass. I felt the abundance of my lover’s cum. I touched the lips of my ass. I was still sensitive there, but it felt good to the touch.

It felt like… it’s still embarrassing to say this… but it felt like a pussy.

I brought my wet fingers to my nose. I told myself that this is the smell of sex for me now.

Cal’s breathing had deepened. I reached down his body and gently grasped his limp but still engorged cock. My man’s cock.

This was how I fell asleep.

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