A Journal of Truth Ch. 06

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Let me first say that I had never, ever had a desire to do ‘the pain thing’ when it comes to sexual encounters. Let me also say that I, we, have played around with ‘light bondage’, but nothing more than that. What follows is factual, as all my stories have been, but I can’t explain my reaction to the following encounter…

If you’ve read my other tales, you might remember that I had a fling with the woman slated to be my replacement at my old job. Her name is Peg, and she’s a lesbian, pure and simple, no bisexuality about it, like I am. Though, I can say that it wouldn’t be a stretch for me to become a full-time soldier in the Sapphic Wars.

But, I digress…

As I traveled back and forth between my new home and my old job, I had some sexual fun, at times, and,at times, with Peg, after that first time. She wasn’t pushy about it and we didn’t always ‘hook up’ on my trips, but once in a while…

Finishing up after a mid-week meeting with junior-level managers, Peg and I were clearing our respective desks of tasks that were done. Calling out to me from her office next to mine, she asked if I had any plans for dinner or drinks that night.

“Nope, but I’m always ready to listen to suggestions,” I replied, tired of eating alone and all that.

“Hang on a minute, let me make a call,” she called back to me.

Walking into my office after she had hung up her phone, she had a wicked little smile on her face.

“Good news,” she stated as she leaned against my opened office door, “remember that I told you that I’d like you to meet my little coed playmate?”

“Yep,” I replied, my eyes now searching her face for clues.

“That was her I was on the phone with and she’s free this evening, if you’re interested in some fun and games,” her smile spreading even more so, now.

“Why, she is?” I questioned back.

“She’s whatever I tell her she is,” was Peg’s response, her smile, more devilish, now.

Looking around the office to make sure that we were, indeed, alone, I looked back at Peg, lowered my voice a bit and said, “So, you’re telling me that you have your own, private, fuck-slave, one that’ll fuck whoever you tell her to?” laughing after I said it.

“Pretty much,” Peg replied, adding, “Honey, if I told her to fuck a dog, she would.”

“Well, let’s not disappoint her,” I answered as I got up from my desk.

I’ll be honest…

From the moment that our conversation took a sexual tone, I felt a growing warmth in my crotch, one I couldn’t ignore. It wasn’t like I was sex-starved or anything like that. My weekends at home with Hubby was very sex-filled, sometimes with others, most times, with ourselves.

But on my trips, alone, I have to say that my ‘evil twin’ would show up more and more…my other self seems to really ‘get off’ on these forays I had without Hubby.

Yeah, I know what it sounds like, but, believe me when I tell you that Hubby would be the first to understand that salacious fact.

Love you, baby…

So, Peg and I left the office, me following her in my rental, stopping for a quick, light, snack and then, on to her house in a very old, quiet, neighborhood, one filled with speading trees and leaves fluttering in the Fall.

That’s right, look a bit harder at your neighbor, you just never know…

There was a car parked on the street, in front of Peg’s home, so I followed Peg’s car into the driveway, parking it behind hers.

“She didn’t waste any time,” Peg said as she walked up to me.

“You leave your house unlocked?” I asked, a bit concerned, if she did.

“No, of course not…she has her own key,” Peg replied with that cute, wicked smile.

“Her name is Bethany, but you may call her ‘Slut'”, I was informed when Peg introduced us.

“How ’bout I just use Beth?” I replied.

“How ’bout that, Slut, can my friend ‘just use’ you?” Peg asked as her hand reached out to stroke Beth’s long auburn tresses, slow, loving strokes which belied Peg’s harsh tones when she spoke Üsküdar Escort to Beth.

Peg has some serious ‘feelings’ about this girl, I thought to myself, in that instant.

“Yes, yes she can, and I hope she does,” Beth’s husky voice replied.


Beth is a ‘regular-looking’ young woman. Cute, not beautiful, well built and toned, not ‘stacked’, but with a look in her eyes that left most people, after meeting her for the first time, walking away wondering what ‘it’ was about that girl?

She stood no more than five-five to my five-eight, clear, lightly-freckled skin that clearly told of her Scotch-Irish bloodlines. Her lips were just ‘short’ of ‘full’-you know what I mean?-void of lipstick, just a bit of gloss on them. Her breasts-I had ‘quckly’ assessed tham at a full B or light C cup-had very suckable nipples that were thick, more than long. Her crotch was shaved, as it turned out, her ‘little man’ quite predominant on her mons.

In short, a very lovely little package of femininity of nineteen years of age.

Yes, I asked…lucky little bitch didn’t look older than mid-teens, lol. Some broads catch all the right genes, ya’ know?

“Is your room ready?” Peg asked as she dropped her hand from Beth’s hair down to her breasts, obviously bra-less under the sheer, see-through, blouse, and began softly caressing them, fondling them.

“Yes, just as you asked,” Beth replied and after she had done so, she reached for my hand, grasping it and bringing it up to her chest, over her other breast.

The whole scene was surreal, almost as if I was having an out-of-body experience. I stood,watching the silent exchange of energy between Peg and Beth, all the while, fondling Beth’s breast. I was doing it, but I wasn’t, you know what I mean?

As my hand cupped, caressed,and squeezed Beth’s tit, I felt the first signs of wetness in my panties, felt the first palpatations in my chest. Leaning down towards her, my other hand found Beth’s firm, young ass, just as her lips tipped upwards to meet mine.

Her ‘almost-full’ lips parted to accept my tongue that was snaking from my mouth into hers. Her body turned towards mine, her arms gripping me tightly as her mouth opened wider and wider in our kiss.

Slipping my hand under her skirt-waist, into the back of her panties, I slid my palm across her firm ass, my middle finger, sliding down the crack of her ass. She tipped her ass and hips higher when my finger brushed across her asshole, her cheeks, seemingly, parting in an invitation. Probing gently, I slipped my finger into her asshole; my tongue getting sucked deeper into her mouth, was her response.

We slightly stumbled our way to the kitchen counter, my back leaning against it for support, continuing to fondle and kiss as we did so. Raising a leg to wrap around my thigh, Beth stood on her tiptoe, allowing me to fully penetrate her with my, now, fucking-finger. Rubbing her pussy against me as I fingered her ass, Beth stifled a small cry when she climaxed, her body shaking slightly as she did.

“That was very naughty of you, Slut,” Peg said as she gently pulled Beth from my embrace. I stood with my arms behind me for support, gasping to regain my breathing, my panties now soaked with my juices, my clit, hard and wanting more.

“Go to your room, get ready to serve us, you little bitch,” Peg said to Beth.

Turning, Beth left us and walked down the hallway, to the back of the house. Turning to her sink, I washed and rinsed my hands, especially my fuck-finger, and dried them on Peg’s dishcloth. Turning around, I almost bumped my head into Peg’s, she was standing that close to me.

“That was very, very hot, watching you two,” Peg said as her hands rose to cup both of my breasts, her lips lightly brushing across mine.

“Yeah, it was,” I said as I closed my eyes to her ever-so-gentle fondling of my tits. Opening my mouth when I felt her tongue brush across my lips, she slipped it slowly into my mouth, my Üsküdar Escort Bayan hands cupping her ass, drawing her crotch into my body.

I don’t know how long we stood and kissed like that but I do know that when our lips parted, I was ready to fuck the world!

“Time to join our little playmate, baby,” Peg whispered as she gave my nipples a final ‘tweak’.

“I’m sooo ready for that,” I said, “you seem to bring out my freaky twin when I’m around you.”

“You’re welcome,” was her smart-assed reply.

I don’t know what I was expecting to find when I walked into the room behind Peg, but it wasn’t this.

Beth was now dressed in leather; a too-small leather bra that barely covered her nipples, her fullness spreading out around the bra, a too-small leather thong that clung to her pussy’s lips, and a half-mask of leather that encased her eyes (with slits) and head, but left her mouth exposed.

“Take off your clothes, sweetie, while I roll us a joint or two,” Peg said to me as I stood and looked at Beth, hoping my mouth wasn’t gaped open.

“Help her, Slut,” Peg commanded Beth.

Walking over to me immediately, Beth kept her eyes down to the floor as her hands began undoing my blouse and skirt. I stood silently, wondering to myself if I was ready to ‘go there’ with these two, and deciding that, I was.

When I was totally naked, Beth turned and did the same to Peg, standing back when Peg was also naked. Peg lit a joint that she had just rolled, inhaled deeply and passed it to Beth who, then, passed it to me. The joint made four rounds before it was history and I felt that I would also be history because it was so damn strong, and good, really, really good.

Finishing the last toke, Peg looked at Beth and gave her a small head-nod towards me. Beth took my hand in hers, leading me to the king-sized bed in the middle of the room. Attached to the bedposts were leather-strapped restraints, at both the head and foot of the huge, heavy bedframe.

Leading me onto the bed, Beth laid my head on the pillows, gave me a sweet, sensuous kiss that continued long after her lips left mine. Slowly, deliberately, she kissed and tongued her way down my body, her lips and tongue in concert to bring my horny-motor up to full speed. When the tip of her tongue flicked across my clit, I thought I would come, then and there.

But, it was when her mouth and tongue found my snatch and love-canal that I knew I had died and gone to heaven…

My pussy has known very many talented oralists but none, not a one of them, could hold a candle to this young nineteen-year-old! Not even my sweet Val, who I thought was the best that ever was.

After my tenth, or so it seemed, orgasm, Beth came up for air briefly, her hands continuing to fondle my tits as she licked around my swopping-wet pussy with her tongue.

“My God, girl,” I panted, “How long have you been doing this?”

“Eating pussy?” she asked between long, slow, sensual licks.

“Yeah,” I gasped, “That…eating pussy.”

“Since I was thirteen”, Slurp, “With my best friend’s mom, the first time”, Lick, “Then, with my best friend,” Slurp, “Then, with whoever would let me”, Lick, “But, mostly”, Slurp, “With more mature women, like you and Miss Peg”, Slurp, Lick, Insert tongue into pussy.

I came again…

Opening my eyes after I rode her tongue to my newest orgasm, I saw Peg leaning over me, her hands busy near the top of my head. I was confused at first, I thought it was Beth, because Peg was now dressed the same as Beth, head to toe, the toes now in high heels.

Peg finished with her task which I realized was binding me into the restraints. Pulling slightly, I could move my hands only a foot or two. Looking down my body, Beth had done the same to my ankles but I hadn’t even felt it as she did it.

I had been bound to a bed only twice before, with Hubby and one of the guys that was a regular threesome partner for us and I must say that it wasn’t bad, Escort Üsküdar not bad at all. Both times, both Hubby and Friend had their way with me and I liked it…sucking one while the other fucked me?; it was all good.

Peg joined Beth at the foot of the bed, both of them looking like Batman and Robin, if Batman and Robin dressed in leather.

But, that’s fodder for a different grist mill.

“Welcome to the party,” Peg said to me as Beth walked over to a dresser and opened a drawer. Reaching into the drawer, Beth brought out two strap-on dildoes, leather-strapped, of course. Squeezing some anit-bacterial lubricant onto the dildoes, she rubbed it around on both, taking her time, the whole while her eyes locked with mine.

Slipping into the contraptions, they strapped them onto their bodies, cinching the straps tightly.

Climbing onto the bed, between my legs, Beth leaned over me, sucking my tits into her mouth, one at a time. Then with her eyes holding mine captive, she reached down and inserted the dildo into my pussy, my legs parting reflexively, to accept it.

And then she fucked me, she fucked me for a very long time, getting me off repeatedly. And when she was through?, Peg took her place, fucking me some more, fucking me hard, fucking me so hard that I didn’t want it to stop, fucking me so hard that I begged for more.

No, I didn’t think I would either, but I did.

And when they undid the straps only to flip me onto my stomach and re-attach them to my arms and legs, I wanted them to. I wanted them to fuck me in the ass because I knew that’s what was next on the agenda.

And they did, both of them, taking turns, fucking me both hard and gently, fucking me in my ass. When Peg and Beth were done, my ass and pussy was as fucked as they had ever been.

They unstrapped me but this time when they turned me onto my back, they didn’t re-attach the restraints.

And when, first Beth, then Peg, crawled over my head and straddled it with their legs, my arms caressed their hips and ass, drawing their pussies to my waiting mouth and tongue so that I could eat them, slowly, deliciously, until their juices smeared my entire face.

The three of us rested, briefly, taking turns on the second joint, getting deeper into the zone of sexuality that enveloped the room. Beth returned from cleaning and re-lubricating the shafts of the strap-ons, handing one to Peg, then strapping the other onto her own body while I laid there watching, waiting, knowing that they were going to use me again.

And I anxiously waited for it, wanting it…

Turning me onto my side, Peg entered my ass with her strap-on while holding my leg up, spreading my ass as she did so, kissing me on my neck and ears as her dildo spread my asshole. And when she was fully inserted into my asshole, Beth slid her strap-on into my pussy, her tongue in my mouth, deep down my throat, the thickness of the two dildoes filling me to the breaking point, or so I thought.

But I had been ‘here’ before, this wouldn’t be the first time I’d been dp’d, only the first time that it would be two women dp’ing me. I’ve been fucked in the ass and pussy at the same time before; some with Hubby and a playmate, some with two guys other than Hubby. Hell, I’ve had all of my holes filled once or twice. I liked it then and I surely did like it now!

No, I didn’t break, but I lost count of my orgasms as they fucked me at the same time. For a long time they fucked me, and I loved every minute of it. It took every ounce of energy I had to walk to my rental car after several hours with those two, my pussy and ass throbbing with satisfaction, my legs barely able to keep me upright.

The next morning at the office, Peg walked in, closing the door behind her. Not unusal, we’d had many closed-door business meetings and discussions.

“Enjoyed last night?” Peg asked me.

“Yes,” was all I said, my eyes locked with hers.

“So did Beth,” Peg replied, “and, of course, it goes without saying that I did to,” smiling the quirky smile at me.

“How about?, tonight?, Just you and me? And you wear my leather outfit?” Peg asked, “You’d like to, wouldn’t you?”

I knew I had crossed over to the dark side, at least with Peg, when I answered her…

“Yes,” was all I said.

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