A Hard Week

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I was having a bad week. It was one of those weeks where I was stuck in the courts all day long, only escaping to the rooftop for a brief espresso and cigarette mid-morning before being flung back into the thick of it. A week where everyone was burdening me with a never ending pile of documents, and by Tuesday afternoon I was drowning in a sea of drafted orders and letters to clients. By Friday afternoon I was blurry eyed and spent, my short sandy blonde hair dishevelled, my light stubble rough and grown out, and my crisp white shirt unbuttoned two holes down, still holding a loosely fitting purple tie. All I wanted to do was forget the previous days and melt away into the dark and shadowy depths of my own oblivion.

To feel nothing and become a shadow on the wall.

A few of my colleagues were determined to travel down to a little trendy jazz bar the second alley from our chambers at cocktail hour, and I was more than willing to drown the next few hours in Riesling and Recioto della Valpolicella.

A thirty-eight year old criminal barrister knows a lot about two things, crime and wine. I, Craven De’Montmorey, was in my element. I liked my wine bold and heavy with character, I liked my men even more so the same.

Relaxing back against the red velvet cushions of a particularly decadent French chaise longue, I breathed in the night, filled with warm amber, vanilla and musk lingering, the soft flicker of warm candles scattered across the dark room, lulling me into a dreamlike state.

‘Craven, mate, what are you drinking? Want to share a bottle?’ called out a familiar voice.

I looked up to see my friend, Marcus Pilton, a corporate solicitor from Kingston Street. Jiggling my glass, I nodded with a devious grin ‘Henschke Hill of Grace Shiraz, mate.’

‘Hah!’ scoffed Marcus ‘House wine for you!’

He walked off to the bar, leaving me to the company of my colleagues once more, busily chatting amongst themselves.

I grinned, casting my eyes across the room, and that is when I saw him. That was the first time my eyes were caught by a pair of mocha almond shaped piercing jewels, holding my gaze hard, from the bar in the corner of the lounge. He was a tall and well-built man, around six foot two, with straight black hair that fell half way down between his neck and shoulders, deep chocolate brown eyes and creamy pale white skin, wearing a black suit, and white shirt unbuttoned at the neck. Aged in his mid-thirties, his beautiful eyes revealed an age that was much older, hundreds of years perhaps, an old soul which silently called out to me. Lulled me. Beckoned me. Tempted me, before he turned away in a flicker of a moment.

That moment our eyes met left me sitting there, a shiver on my skin.

I had only drank one glass, but I wanted to walk over to that man. I wanted to pull him to my lips, my mouth softly drawing to his before I devoured his lips and tasted his essence. I could feel my arousal twinge at the thought. The very thought of him was intoxicating and I desperately hoped he would stay and play for a while, if only for a while, and entertain me on this bleak and dreary Friday evening.

I rubbed my short sandy hair, spiked high at the front, and took another lingering sip of the crimson liquid before me. Marcus finally arrived back, holding two bottles smugly in his hands.

‘Bass Phillip Premium Pinot Noir.’ he remarked with a grin ‘Don’t say I don’t spoil you.’

‘Remind me to come along to drinks with you every week.’ I remarked in amusement, my eyebrow raised in pleasant surprise.

Marcus was one of my oldest legal friends. We had met each other on the first day of Contracts at university and had been inseparable since then. Slightly older than me, he was married and already had three children, however he was always keen to have a nip after work and pretend we were carefree students once again.

‘Busy week eh?’ observed Marcus, looking at my dishevelled state with a raised eyebrow.

‘Ugh, I dare not speak of such tedious affairs.’ I muttered ‘A week long hearing, adjourned until next Monday. Then the pain starts all over.’

Marcus chuckled with a knowing nod. ‘Adjournments are as certain as death and taxes.’

Lifting my eyes, I caught the dark eyes of the man again as he sat at a table with a few friends of his own. This time however he held my gaze a moment longer, a small curl on his lips before turning away again.

‘Why are you smiling that the cat that caught the cream?’ asked Marcus curiously ‘I know that eryaman escort look, you are up to no good.’

‘Aren’t I always?’ I smirked, loosening my tie a bit more ‘I’m just glad it is the end of the week.’. Standing up, I quickly added ‘Nature calls, back in a jiff.’

Heavily breathing, I crossed the room, passing close to the dark haired man whose back was now turned to me, and continued to the men’s room. I had hoped he would follow me, perhaps press me up against some dark wall in the shadows of my darkest fantasies, but alas…he did not.

Upon leaving the bathroom, my face splashed with more water than I care to admit, trying to wash away the heat consuming my every nerve and fibre, I opened the door and passed down the hall wearily before feeling a hand on my arm for a lingering moment. My heart skipped a beat as I looked up to see the dark eyed man, a soft curl on his lips as he stood near me, casually leaning against the wall, as if waiting for me.

‘Care for a drink?’ he asked pleasantly with a raised brow, and I found myself flashing him a bashful smile, rubbing the base of my neck with my hand. He was slightly taller than me and had a chiselled jaw, strong and defined, and his build was solid and muscular.

‘Ahh,’ I replied with a shaky voice ‘why not?’

With a beating heart that pounded stronger and stronger, I followed on. The man smiled, never tearing his gaze from me as he started walking towards the bar.

‘I’m Alexander, by the way. Alexander Cennes.’ he replied ‘Wine?’

‘Why not?’ I replied, again, secretly cursing my lack of eloquence in front of this rather gorgeous man ‘I’m Craven De’Montmorey. Pleased to meet you.’

Ever so subtly, Alexander placed his firm grip on my shoulder as he moved past me to order some drinks. His touch was strong, yet tender and sent shivers across my already trembling skin. I took in a deep breath and could smell his warm scent, moreish and tantalising, of amber, musk and citrus.

As he ordered us drinks, I had the advantage of looking upon him up close. His stubble was dark and rugged, crossing over his jaw, and his eyebrows deep set, giving him an intense and almost stern look. His neck was strong and muscular, and I wondered what the rest of him looked like, concealed under his gorgeous suit.

‘Cheers.’ he murmured, holding a glass to me. I caught his almond eyes delving into mine again before bringing the wine to my lips. ‘Shall we go somewhere more private?’ he suggested with a small smile.

I grinned with a nod, knowing I shouldn’t. Knowing Marcus would be wondering where the hell I had wandered off to. However I could not refuse the temptation before me.

‘Sounds good.’ I replied with a growing smile.

‘Most excellent.’ smouldered Alexander.

Ever so subtly he gently interlaced the fingers of his right hand through mine, with a confidence that was arousing in itself, and led me to a secluded lounge area at the side of the bar. I knew it was risky, and at any moment Marcus or my colleagues could have looked around and seen me walking hand and hand with this dark, mysterious stranger…but I did not care. I wanted to be led away, drawn into another place with Alexander. My skin was tingling and my heart was beating hard in my chest, but I allowed him to lead me on.

The side room was dark and quiet, lit with a few candles by the window but seemingly abandoned by the patrons of the bar. Moving to a couch by the window, Alexander sat and beckoned me forth, smacking the cushions with his hand. Ever obliging I followed on. Resting his hand on the arm of the couch, he threw his gaze upon me once more, and I could admire at the fullness of his bottom lip, begging to be playfully bit.

‘I admit you caught my attention the moment you walked in tonight.’ he murmured wickedly with a curl on his lips, before taking a long sip, continuing to hold my gaze.

I grinned as his hand wandered ever so softly to my thigh, running his sturdy fingers up and down the black fabric of my trousers, and causing a semi-aroused state within. It would have been impossible not to notice my hard-on poking up against my trousers.

‘You seemed to intrigue me somewhat.’ I murmured, catching my breath as I suddenly felt his hand trail lightly over my concealed member.

I turned to him and was greeted with a pair of hungry lips, softly meeting mine as he engulfed me with his tongue. Alexander tasted sweet, and I moaned as I pulled him sincan escort closer to me, continuing to explore his mouth with enthusiasm.

Alexander pulled away with a smirk ‘You taste better than I imagined.’

‘I can only imagine what you taste like.’ I replied deviously, moving closer to him ‘Perhaps you would oblige me, just this once?’

Alex chuckled, knowing I was not referring to his mouth. He drew his lips back to mine, each kiss hotter and more furious, as his hands wandered up under my untucked white shirt and touched my warm skin beneath. His fingers were soft and teased my skin, causing my member to twinge. My hands eagerly fell to his pants, running my fingers to the single button which I undid effortlessly, pulling the zip down even faster, producing a smirk from Alexander’s lips.

‘Are you not afraid someone will see us?’ he asked, his eyes directing towards the open door.

In all honestly I wasn’t afraid at that moment. I was heated and horny and wanted to release the frustration of the week onto this gorgeous man, The entire bar could have been standing at that entrance and I would not have waivered from releasing his member and wrapping my hands around it. Taking a long hard sip of wine from the glass resting beside me, I threw Alexander a wink before I walked over to the door and closed it, pulling a chair hastily across the entrance.

‘Now where were we?’ I replied mischievously.

Alexander chuckled as spread his legs a little wider.

‘Taste testing.’ he replied devilishly.

I knelt before that exquisite dark eyed man as he rested back into the couch, pulling his pants and briefs down across his hips and down past his knees. His long and thick member sprung out at me, hot and furious, begging me to devour it. The purple bulbous head beckoned my lips, a small drip of exquisite pre-cum revealing itself from his slit. Holding his deep gaze, I gently pulled Alexander’s shoes and socks off his feet, kneading the flesh of his soles teasingly with my hands. He must have liked it, for as I massaged his pads his eyes rolled back into his head and he let out a shaky sigh. Finally, my hands went back to his pants and I pulled them completely off him so that he was half naked and raw before me, his eyes hard upon me once more.

‘Taste me.’ he purred invitingly ‘Sate your curiosity…if it pleases you Craven?’

‘It pleases me.’ I remarked with a grin, wrapping my hands around his shaft. Tenderly, I placed my lips on the smooth head of his prick, running my tongue along his bulbous shiny top and licking that salty pre-cum with a deep groan. He tasted more delicious than any morsel I had devoured. Running my tongue around his head, in torturous swirls that made him squirm and groan, I finally drew his length slowly into my mouth, deeper and deeper into my throat until I was filled to the hilt.

Alexander released a soft sigh as I began to pull him in and out of my mouth, the stickiness of his salty pre-cum and my saliva lubricating his pole ever so perfectly. The warmth of his cock and his thickness made me hard as I hungrily sucked him. Alexander was quite long, and I found myself gagging on him more than once, but his slippery member soon began to slide perfectly down my throat. His hands moved to my sandy hair tenderly, lacing his fingers in my strands and pulled me closer to his member on every stroke. Alexander was gentle but held me firm in place, and the feeling of being controlled like that made me even more aroused. My tongue ran over his smooth skin and he was moaning softly, and I could feel how exquisitely hard he was as I took him in, over and over again.

‘Lie down on the couch.’ Alexander muttered hoarsely, a curl growing on his lips ‘I want to fuck your mouth.’

Ever obliging with a grin, I lay down on the couch, the hard erection in my own pants pressing painfully against the material and begging to be released. With thighs straddling on either side of my shoulders, Alexander’s head tilted forward, watching me intensely as he lowered his hard pikestaff into my eager mouth. The angle was hot and I ran my hands across the back of his muscular thighs as he slowly began to enter into my mouth with drawn out moans. I breathed him in deeply, his scent was musky and moreish, and he tasted warm, salty and delicious. With a lowered head watching me take him in, his black hair scattered messily about as he continued to orally fuck me, and I could tell he was getting close to filling etlik escort me with his cream as he continued to thrust deeper and deeper into my throat.

‘Your mouth is so fucking exquisite.’ he whispered hoarsely, the strain in his voice telling me he was close.

Pulling out suddenly, his black eyes were possessed with lust as he sat back from my face, pulling me up to sit in front of him. With furious hands, he ripped off my purple tie, throwing it to the ground, before unbuttoning my white shirt, his fast fingers moving to my pants and fumbling with the belt until it was released…and I was released. My cock lay hard against my taut stomach and a grin was plastered on my face as Alexander ran his hands along it with a smile, stroking it up and down as I sat there staring at him with uncontrollable desire. I had never wanted someone to fuck me as much as I did at that torturous moment.

He leant down, drawing his lips to my bulbous head, and I could feel the warmth of his breath on my tip before he moved down and place a wet, open mouthed kiss over my pulsating head. I moaned deep in my throat as Alexander coated my shaft with his saliva, licking up and down my shaft with his pink tongue, while looking up at me with those piercing, deep brown eyes.

‘Craven, l was to fuck you.’ he remarked heatedly.

Drawing my breath sharply, I nodded, lost in a surreal moment of uncontrollable lust.

‘Then fuck me.’ I replied with a grin, my ass clenching in excited anticipation.

Not saying a word, he suddenly spun me around so my hands were firm on the back of the couch and ass presented. I could feel his warm member positioning behind me, coated in stickiness that I could only assume was his saliva. Running his hands across my muscular back, and down across the curve my cheeks, he spread them ever so slightly to place his warm cock against my pulsating sphincter. His cock was so hot, and I could tell by his heavy breathing that he was losing all sense of self-control. I smiled to myself. I wanted him to lose control. To unleash himself on me.

His smooth, bulbous purple head prodded me, large and hard, and I moaned at the sensation of Alexander slowly pushing into my anus, his hardness easing through the first ring of muscle, and then the second, as his large head eased into my passage. I gasped as his large head pushed through and we both moaned as I took him further as my passage adjusted to his girth.

‘You feeling fucking incredible.’ he whispered into my ear as he pushed forward into me and I took his length to the hilt.

Alexander was so thick and hard, impaling me with his fury, and I knew I was at his mercy. He pulled himself out to the tip and pushed in again, groaning louder and louder as he repeated the act over and over again, each time a little more forceful. Eyes rolling back, I took in every sensation, feeling so full and utterly complete as he filled me. Nothing had felt so right in all my life. My ass was crying out to be pounded by his cock, over and over again.

Alexander brought his muscular arm across my chest, drawing me up to him so my head was by his neck, as his thrusts began to quicken. Deeper. Harder. Faster. The fatness of his cock spreading my hole and filling me with delight. I was biting my lip hard now, and moaning louder and louder as Alexander grunted in my ear.

‘I want to come in you.’ he groaned as he thrust harder.

‘Fill me.’ I moaned ‘I want your seed in me.’

Wrapping his free hand around my own furious dick, he began pumping me with firm strokes as he filled my ass, each caress picking up the pace until he was a sea of furious strokes and thrusts, begging me to come. The warmth started buzzing within me and filling me until I could not take it anymore, and he could not endure it. Alexander cried out as he released himself deep in my bowels, filling me with his warm, creamy load. I released a drawn out groan as the surge rose in my ass and my member erupted, squirting creamy stickiness over his warm hands as he massaged my head and shaft, his hands now glistening with my sperm.

Releasing me, Alexander brought his sticky coated fingers to his lips, and one by one sucked them clean, his black eyes piercing mine.

‘That was divine’ he smouldered with a wide grin, before bringing his hot mouth against mine and kissing it over and over again, his black hair spilling across me as he tortured me with his tongue.

I ran my hands over his muscular torso, as he wrapped me up in his arms. Bringing his lips to mine, he embraced me again before pulling away.

‘You are an exquisite angel.’ he murmured ‘Promise me that this will not be the last time I devour you?’

‘You can do that to me whenever you like.’ I quipped.

Smiling, I leaned back on the couch, utterly satisfied at how splendid my week had turned out to be…

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