A Haircut

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Danielle –


cute smaller bbw (chubby)

brown hair

brown eyes

nice 34c tits

Me (Jake) –


BHM (overweight man – over 300 lbs.)

middle aged (53 years old)

brown hair, greying in places…recently cut 🙂

hazel eyes

* * * * *

It was the second of January, 2013, and my hair was bugging me. It was just long enough to be irritating. At 6:30 PM, i drove to the HairMasters, by the Outlet Collection, and went in to see if I could get my hair cut on short notice. When I walked in, I saw no one waiting and there was only one employee. The cute girl greeted me and asked what she could do for me? Involuntarily, I chuckled, and smiled. I asked if I could get a haircut, and she warmly smiled back saying “absolutely. Do you want just one haircut, or all of them cut?” I felt at ease after she made that joke.

We went to her work station and she put the cape around me and asked how I wanted my haircut. I told her to take about 1 ½ inches off, all the way around. She grabbed the spray bottle of water and started spraying my hair. She leaned across the front of me, to spray the right side of my hair, and when she did so, her exposed cleavage was right at my eye level and I got a nice view of her breasts. She seemed to linger for a minute, then she started massaging my scalp. I closed my eyes and a small moan escaped my lips. She asked if I was ok, I said yes, that I was just enjoying the scalp massage, that it was very exhilarating(to myself, I thought it was very sensual, erotic).

We made small talk as she started to cut my hair. I don’t know about you, but often, when I get my haircut, I close my eyes, one to keep hair from getting into my eyes, but more to relax. She was cutting around the back, from top to bottom. Next she worked on the right side of my head, clipping, trimming around the ear. Next, she moved to the left side of the chair, to work on the left side Maltepe Escort of my hair. In this position her back was to the entrance to the shop. She was moving her hands in my hair, measuring it to cut, then letting the hair drop and gather hair again to measure. She did this several times without cutting any hair, and I began to wonder if something was wrong, maybe there was an area the hair was shorter or something. I felt her lean against my left arm. From my left wrist slowly up to above my elbow, I felt pressure as she leaned in against me. Wondering what the issue was, I opened my left eye to get a peek. I got a peek alright, but I certainly wasn’t expecting to see what I saw. The low cut elastic neck of her blouse had been pulled below her breasts and was now holding them up, like small hands offering the beautiful tits to a willing taker. I didn’t say anything, but kept watching as she moved. Soon as she reached for the other side of my head, I felt her the cool flesh of her breast as it softly brushed against my face, then I felt her cold hard nipple gently poking into my cheek, then resting against my now closed eye.

I’d had as much as I could take. I opened both eyes, moved my head slightly to the left and up a bit, and leaned forward to take the nipple of her left breast into my mouth. I gently bit the nipple, holding it between my teeth, and then I slowly flicked my tongue against the tip of her nipple, flicking it back and forth. I heard her moan, and felt her shudder. I looked up and saw that she now had her eyes closed. I reached up with both hands and cupped both breasts, loving the feeling of the delicious, fleshy tits. I twisted and squeezed them. I pushed them together, bring both nipples towards each other. I then opened my mouth and closed it over both nipples, flicking my tongue against them. I got them wet with saliva, then I blew cool air across them. Instantly her nipples got rock hard and her knees almost buckled. We Anadolu Yakası Escort both immediately became aware of where we were, and the fact that we might get caught.

Not wanting her to get into trouble, or lose her job, and not wanting to go to jail myself, for who knows what charge, I pulled away from her breasts, HARD TO DO in the heat of the moment. I then slid my index fingers inside the elastic of the neckline of her blouse and slid it back up and over her tits, covering them once again, as if nothing had been going on.

We looked at each other, both flushed in the face, and certainly “hot and bothered”. I could smell her pussy, god it was wonderful smelling. I know I was erect, and she was aware of that fact.

She went back to cutting my hair, trying to act as if nothing happened. As she was trimming the hair around my ears, and cleaning up the back of my neck, the front door opened and a customer walked in. We both looked at each other and smiled a smile of relief. Danielle asked the woman if she could help her, the customer said she had an appointment with Jennifer. Just then, from the back of the shop, a young woman, I am guessing about 25 years old, came around the corner, herself red in the cheeks.

Danielle finished up, asked if there was anything else I needed…I thought to myself, yes, a secluded area nearby where I could eat her young tight pussy and fuck like only an experienced lover can, but said “I don’t think so, not tonight”.

We went to register so I could pay. As my card was being processed, Danielle asked if I would like one of her business cards? I said please. While I signed for the charges to my card, she went to her workstation and got one of the business cards. She walked to the back of the salon, out of site and returned a minute or two later. While the haircut was only $18, I left her a $32 tip. I knew that I had found a hairdresser that I could return to for great service 🙂

We Ümraniye Escort both said goodbye and we would see each other soon, she winked at me, and I grinned from ear to ear. I walked out to my truck, climbed in and started it. While the truck warmed up, I got my wallet out to put her business card into it. I looked at the front of the card, it was rather plain, nothing too exciting. As I went to put it into the wallet, I felt something on the back of the card. I turned the card over, and noticed a handwritten note attached to the card. In blue ink, in a beautiful cursive style was this message:

“I wanted you to know that you made me cum three times while playing with, and sucking

on my tits and nipples. I came so hard that my juices were running down my leg. Smell the business card I gave you. Do you smell that? That is my cum, the juices from my creamy cunt smeared all over the back of the business card. Do you like it? Want to smell and taste it first hand? I thought you might 🙂

Oh, so you know, my co-worker, Jennifer, watched us from behind the blind at the back of the shop. She left a note in my locker telling me that she had to finger herself, she got so hot and worked up watching you and me.

I wrote down my personal cell phone number, feel free to call me anytime! I would like to be your stylist as long as you want, and I know I can offer you services that we weren’t able to provide today.

Jennifer and I are curious, would you be interested in meeting both of us together, sometime. Maybe for coffee, or after the shop closes one night? We would be able to offer more complete and better service working on you together, *wink*

We both think you are a sexy older man, and look forward to seeing you soon.

Take care,

Daring Danielle”

Needless to say, I have made that particular salon, and Danielle, my regular stylist. I will be posting the other adventures I have had with Danielle, as well as those with her and some of her friends.

For those who think that overweight men, and men in their 50’s are past their prime, I beg to differ. I can speak only for myself, but I have no trouble meeting, and pleasuring women of all ages.

Until next time, Adios!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32