A Girl Called Sami Ch. 01

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“Samantha, I can see Miss Collins driving down the road, you’d better get on down here.”

Sami gritted her teeth at being called Samantha; why can’t her mother get it through her head?

“Okay, momma, I’ll be down in just a sec, okay?”

Miss Collins, Sami’s high school art teacher, was giving Sami a lift to a new life; the life of a college freshman at one of the better known Universities in New Orleans, a couple of hundred miles and a lifetime away from her family’s farm outside of Jackson, Mississippi.

God knows it wasn’t because her parents were sending her to college, but she didn’t begrudge them that; with her mom’s illness and farming being the way it is, there wasn’t that kind of money available. Knowing that their life wasn’t going to be her life, Sami studied her ass off in high school, and played her ass off in volleyball, and earned a meager aid-grant from the Volleyball Squad and a full-ride academic scholarship.

Still, any spending money at all, she’d have to earn but she was prepared to do that. Hell, she’d done it since she was fifteen by doing model shoots for department stores, and a couple of public relations firms in Jackson.

Worse case scenario would be that she’d have to get a part-time waitressing job for spending money; not a problem having been there and done that her last two years of school, along with the modeling.

She didn’t care what she had to do not to wind up as her parents, living from hand to mouth; she was going to college and leaving Jackson behind her.

Sami had just turned eighteen a couple of months ago but had been her 5’10” height since she was sixteen. Her height, her good looks, and her slim build made her a natural at modeling. No, she’d never be a runway walker for the big ‘houses’ but she made enough to make it worth her while, and for now, that was enough for her.

“Thanks, again, for getting me to school, Bev,” Sami said as they drove from her home, Bev’s car loaded with Sami’s crap.

Sami called Miss Collins, Bev, when there was no one else around; never in front of other students, never in front of other adults, only when they were alone, as they were now.

“I’m happy to do it, Sami; I need to be in the City for the conference anyway, and it gives us a bit of ‘alone’ time,” Beverly Collins said, glancing sideways to Sami, a rush of heat finding its way to Bev’s crotch when she did so.

Reaching the end of the dirt road where it ‘Teed’ to the highway that would lead them to I-55, Bev and Sami leaned towards each other and kissed a sensuous, lingering kiss.

They’d decided to go to New Orleans a day ahead of Bev’s conference and a day before Sami could check into the freshman dorm. Their cover story was an overnight stay with a long-time friend of Bev’s and to check out the art department of LSU, in Baton Rouge.

The true reason, of course, was so that they could have a night of love for themselves, a night of unhurried love-making, one last time.

Sami and Bev had been lovers for her entire high school career; not Sami’s only lover, but then, Bev didn’t know that, nor did Sami think it important for her to know that.

Not that Sami had ‘that’ many lovers, not in the whole scheme of things. Besides Miss Collins, there had been a few, secretive liaisons with a couple of team-mates from her volleyball squad, and of course, dear, sweet cousin Charlene, who had introduced Sami to the sweetness of making love with another girl.

Charlene was three years older than Sami and from the time that Sami could walk, she followed Charlene around like a little bursa escort puppy. As they grew older together, they were ‘joined at the hip’ it seemed, hardly ever seeing one without the other. Charlene’s mom and Sami’s dad were siblings, and lived ‘down the road’ a short way from Sami’s place.

They spent countless overnights with each other from the time that they were in elementary school together. They always had fun, playing together as youngsters, but when Sami began to bud into the tall, willowy beauty that she would become, their relationship changed in not-so-subtle ways.

The secretive late-night gossip sessions, after the adults were in bed, evolved into kissing games, which evolved into touching games, which evolved into…Well, you get the idea.

Charlene taught Sami many things about making love with another girl, things that both thrilled and scared Sami. Sami would, from time to time, wonder if she was an anomaly, if she and Charlene were ‘warped’ in some way, defective in some way. That changed for Sami when she entered Miss Collins’ art class the very first time, her heart fluttering at the sight of Bev.

Simply said, Miss Collins became an obsession to Sami, seemingly occupying all of her thoughts.

Sami had heard ‘rumors’ that Miss Collins was a ‘lez’ but that seemed to be based on the fact that at 35, she was still unmarried and didn’t seem to have a boyfriend in her life. Teenage girls, like Sami’s school mates, seem to make quantum leaps in judgment based on nothing at all but guesswork, though in this case, they were right.

Sami made it her mission to find out for herself about Miss Collins, and she did, much to her delight. As much as she had learned from Charlene, her secret love affair with her art teacher taught her oh, so much more.

Because some of the other students started to ‘wonder’ about Sami’s seemingly lack of interest in boys, Sami acquired a boyfriend of sorts for her last two years of high school. Jared had been a friend since grade school, and they got along well, so it was easy for Sami to fake interest with having Jared as a ‘boyfriend’. Oh there were tons of other boys that would’ve liked to be in Jared’s place, dating Sami, but Sami felt safe with Jared.

Before graduation night, Sami and Jared had done nothing more that kiss and pet, she letting him feel her up sometimes; for her, it was nothing more than a way to get her hot so that when she went home after a date with him she would masturbate while thinking of Bev, Charlene, or one of her team mates that she had had sex with.

On graduation night, Sami let Jared get her a bit drunk and she let him fuck her, so that she could ‘see’ if she was missing something by not being crazy about boys. She had even given him a blowjob that night; a first for them both.

She decided, after that one time, that she wasn’t missing a damned thing.

Two days after graduating High School, Sami turned 18, broke up with Jared, and went on a week-long trip to Biloxi, Mississippi with her cousin Charlene and Charlene’s roommate from college, Debbie. Debbie’s parents had a vacation home in Biloxi and let the girls use it for their get-away trip.

During the days, the three girls enjoyed the beaches and warm water of the Gulf Coast, swimming, tanning, and the like. They flirted with and teased some guys of their own age, but at the end of the day, or evening, they returned to Debbie’s parents’ place alone, just the three of them.

The first night of their vacation, Charlene and Debbie introduced Sami into threesomes and Sami fucking bursa escort bayan loved it! The fact of the matter is that Charlene and Debbie treated Sami as their own sex-slave, almost, and Sami loved that as well! Oh, they reciprocated, did Charlene and Debbie, make no mistake about that. Sami’s tall, slender body was their playground as well, treating Sami to many delightful orgasms during that splendid get-away romp.

By the time Sami left to go to college, there was little doubt in her mind that she was, indeed, a lesbian and was very comfortable with that self-admission.

No, Sami had no problems with the realization about who she was.


They chose a rather nice motel in Hammond, Louisiana for their overnight stay. Hammond was but a short hour-long drive from New Orleans and there was little risk of running into some of Bev’s colleagues as it could be, had they stayed in New Orleans for their night of love.

Beverly Collins had quit her job at Sami’s high school at the end of that school year, accepting a teaching position at an American High School overseas, on a military base, hence the reason for the conference that she was attending. This night would be their last together, if not forever, at least for a long time. They, Sami and Bev, had planned this for quite a while and were both looking forward to it immensely.

“Would you like to get dressed and go out for dinner?” Bev asked Sami as she took her time kissing and licking Sami’s young pussy.

“Not really,” Sami answered, somewhat dreamingly, her entire body thrilled by the soft kisses and touches from Bev, “I’d just as soon order room service, and stay in, with you,” gently caressing Bev’s head and face as Bev worked her magic with her tongue on Sami.

“We can do that, baby,” Bev said between licks of Sami’s clit, “we can do whatever you’d like,” returning her lips to suck on Sami’s swollen love-bud, Bev’s hands reaching above her head to caress and fondle Sami’s smallish breasts as she teased Sami with kisses to Sami’s very wet snatch.

Sami’s breasts were on the small side, or at least she thought so; she was a B-cup, albeit a ‘full’ B-cup but she would’ve liked them to be a tad larger, maybe a C-cup, but they weren’t.

Bev was a C-cup and had a very sexy body; she was, at this time, about to turn 40 but had taken very good care of herself, running daily, often with Sami as a running partner. She ate healthy, and all in all, was a very attractive woman.

She had had several different young women as lovers during her teaching career but none, to her mind, as delicious and lovely as Sami. She was smittened with Sami from the first day Sami joined her art class, their ultimate hook-up being something that they both desired.

Of course Bev knew she was a predator, but it didn’t stop her from discreet sexual liaisons with select young women that she taught.

That she was never outed in her years of teaching was nothing more than luck; blind, dumb luck.

“Mmmm,” Bev’s voice cooed as she increased her oral assault of Sami’s pussy, “You taste so damned good, Sami; I love the way you taste,” and slipping her tongue as deeply into Sami’s pussy as she was able, she brought Sami-girl to a body-wracking orgasm, which resulted in Sami pulling a pillow over her face so that she could muffle her screams of delight.

After her body stopped convulsing, Sami pulled at Bev until the older woman was lying with her head at the head of the bed, and Sami was kissing her lustfully, her hands fondling the older woman’s bursa sınırsız escort body freely.

“You know,” Sami said between sucks of Bev’s nipples, “I’m not all that hungry, for food anyway, and I’d be just fine if the only thing I ate tonight was you,” returning her mouth to Bev’s tits and hardened nipples.

Bev’s breathing was labored as she became hornier and hotter from Sami’s kisses and touches, but she was able to say, to Sami, “Let’s see how we feel in a couple of hours, baby, after we’ve worked up an appetite.”

Pulling Sami’s face to hers with her hands, she and Sami traded tongue-swipes, and afterwards, as she gently pushed Sami between her opened legs, Bev ‘almost’ had a twinge of conscious remorse at bedding all the young women she had; almost a twinge, but no cigar, in the end.

As her climax continued to build, threatening to burst free at almost any time, that twinge of remorse disappeared from her mind, being replaced with indescribable feelings of lust as Sami gave her excellent head; definitely an A+ effort on Sami’s part, Bev thought as she gave in and exploded in orgasmic ecstasy.

They did indeed call for room service, a couple of hours later, famished from their love-making. Sated with food and drink, now, they returned to bed and made love to each other until the early morning hours.


“This is for you, Sami,” Bev said, handing Sami a wrapped box from the trunk of her car.

They had just finished breakfast, at the motel’s restaurant, and were about to leave for the short drive across the swamps, to New Orleans.

“Oh, Bev, I can’t accept this, this is way too much,” Sami said, but did not feel, when her eyes saw the laptop computer that was in the box.

“Nonsense, Sami; you’ll need that for college and it’s not ‘too much’, not for you.”

Locking the car, they returned to their room, putting out the ‘Do Not Disturb’ placard hanging from the door knob, for one last bit of lovemaking, before they checked out. They knew, both of them knew that this would be the ‘last time’ that they would be with each other, and they made love that one last time with a passion and fury previously not seen by either.

There were dollies and wheeled-carts to use, provided by the University, at all of the dorms. Move-in day was always a hectic time and parking regulations were shelved for that weekend because of it.

It took Sami and Bev a relatively short time to get her stuff into her dorm room, once they found it. It was a two-student suite, roomy as far as dorm rooms could be, and equipped with rather large closets.

“They’ve come a long way with dorms since I was in college,” Bev quipped as she helped Sami unpack and hang up clothes. That task finished, Bev checked to make sure that Sami’s Wi-Fi function of her laptop functioned; satisfied that all was as it should be, Bev could find no other reason to prolong her departure.

Taking Sami into her arms, after locking the door, they exchanged a long, lingering kiss of sweetness and love, the hint of tearing in both of their eyes. Breaking their kiss and embrace, they stood, holding hands and just stared at the other.

“You take care of yourself, Sami-girl, take real good care of yourself,” Bev said with a voice that was starting to break a little, “and remember, never forget, that you can do anything you set your mind to do; you’re smart, you’re wise beyond your years, and will do well in life.”

“And remember that I love you,” Bev’s voice now a whimpering mix of words and sobs.


Sami stayed in her room, not walking Bev to her car; she didn’t trust herself not to become a wailing fool when she watched Bev drive away.

That night, she was still alone in her room, her suite-mate not yet having arrived, and that night, for the first time in a long time, Sami cried herself to sleep, her mind-movie replaying the last four years with Miss Collins.

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