A geeky girl gets what she asks for

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Author’s note:
This story is fictional. All the names have been changed to avoid any similarity there could be with real events. English is not my first language so I apologise for any mistakes there may be! I look forward to your reactions!

Enjoy my fantasy!


Hi, I am Andrea and I was 18 years old when this story happened. I live in a small town in a small european country and I had just entered my last year of high school. I was always interested in games. As I was a child I used to play all sort of games but I grew bored very quickly as I was always winning. As I grew older I discovered MTG and I stopped playing chess and the other strategy games I had been playing so far. It was the first game where I didn’t necessarily win and I liked that a lot. Up until then I was usually playing against family members or close friends but I never actually went to public tournaments.

With MTG this changed. When I first went to a MTG tournament I was overwhelmed. I knew that it wasn’t usual for a girl to be so fond of games but I hadn’t really realised how rare it actually was. The tournament wasn’t very big and everyone seemed to know each other already. Most of them were older than me as I was only 18 back then. I never really cared about being a girl so I wasn’t wearing especially girly clothes. Even so my 75C tits with pierced nipples and my big ass weren’t hidden under my jeans and casual shirt. As I entered the store a few guys turned to look at me and I felt like they stopped talking for a moment. At that moment I thought nothing of it and ignored it and just went the counter to get into the tournament. I got my DCI-number and soon the tournament began (The format was Legacy Constructed for those who know MTG). I was never a shy person so I had no problems being around all these strangers espceially because we all had the same interest in common.

The pairings were announced and soon my opponent found me. I remember him being extremely shy and he only said the necessary. I noticed that he wasn’t really paying attention to what I was playing because he made several big mistakes. Therefore I won this first round and 3 more were to come (we were 12 players). The second and third round went similarily. By the time the fourth round began I was disappointed because I had expected to lose terribly. I had noticed however that the players were not really paying attention while playing and I was a little angry about it. In the fourth round I finally lost. This guy was younger than the other players and he was the only one who didn’t seem shy around me. It was nice talking to him while playing and he was a very good player so I enjoyed the challenge. After the tournament it was 5 p.m. and the guys were talking about going to eat together at some local restaurant. I was about to leave as my last opponent asked me if I wanted to tag along. I noticed that the other guys weren’t really confortable with that idea so I said no because I didn’t want to be a burden. Suddenly the other guys changed attitude and said that I wouldn’t be so I finally agreed to go with them. I called my parents and told them I would not come for dinner because I would eat with some friends. They were happy to hear that since I didn’t have many friends at school because I wasn’t considered cool as I was always either studying or doing some geeky stuff so they wanted me to socialise more. At first it felt a bit awkward but my last opponent (whose name was Brad by the way) never stopped including me into the conversation which was very nice. The other guys started to loosen up as well and the conversation became livelier. They were surprised to hear about my age as I looked older than I was and it turned out that Brad was 18 as well and the others were all between 19 and 25. They asked me how I got into MTG and I told them that I found out about it when I was looking for a new game to throw myself into after having played many other strategy games for years. Soon we were talking about many other games and the fact that I was a woman didn’t matter anymore. I felt right at home. As it got late I had to go home and they told me to come to the next tournament. I was definitely going to more tournaments.

Later, as I was laying in my bed, I was thinking back and I had to smile at all the nice things they have told me. Especially Brad had kept on making me compliments throughout the evening and fort he first time I really felt like a female. Now don’t get me wrong: it’s not like I hadn’t felt like a female before, I just didn’t think much of it. For me it never was a big deal, but apparently for these guys it was and they seemed to like me. I was definitely looking forward to seeing them again especially Brad. As I was thinking about him, I suddenly realised how he had looked at me the whole time and I felt my pussy twitching. Even if I didn’t seem like it I was a really horny teenager like everyone else so I masturbated a lot. Today was no different. As always I was wearing an old shirt and panties to sleep. My right hand soon disappeared in my panties and slid between my pussy lips while my left hand cupped my right tit. In my mind the guys were thinking of me at this moment and wanking themselves to me. I imagined them stroking their cocks while moaning my name. I definitely needed a real cock soon, I thought as my fingers were going inside of me. It was simply not the same as having the real thing inside of me. I fingerfucked myself hard and it was hard for me to keep quiet (my parents were sleeping next door). As I was about to cum I replaced my right hand with my left hand to lick my juices. At this point it took only 3 more hard thrusts into my pussy until I came and my left hand was drenched in juices as well. I stayed panting there for a while to recover from my orgasm.

I wasn’t extremely popular at school so I had never had a boyfriend. However, my cousin and I fooled around a lot every time we got the opportunity since we were 12 and so I was experienced. We had this habit of watching porn together and then we would do the same things the porn actors did. I grew to like kinky sex, the rougher the better. We enjoyed ourselves a lot but unfortunately we couldn’t see each other very often, only 2 times per month which wasn’t enough to satisfy my sex drive which was pretty high.

When I started playing MTG I wasn’t really thinking about it as an opportunity to meet guys but now as I got to know the community my hormones were taking control over me. I decided that I would show off my assets more at the next tournament that would take place the next Saturday (it was a league). I spent the next week thinking of what I would wear and if I should put make up on as well. I decided against make up since I didn’t want to seem slutty. I went shopping and bought several outfits that would show off my tits and my ass while not being too slutty, I didn’t want to seem cheap in their eyes only sexy. I got so horny trying on the different clothes in the Sex hikayeleri changing rooms that I brought myself to climax several times and again I had to keep quiet as I was in public which only added to my excitement.

Eventually it was Saturday and I took my time to get ready. I took a long shower andI touched myself but didn’t cum as I enjoyed letting my orgasm build up during the whole day. It didn’t take long for me to get dressed as I had prepared the outfit already. I had decided to go for a black top that showed a lot of cleavage and some normal jeans (not too skinny, again I didn’t want to seem slutty just show more). I wore a red lacy bra with a bit of padding but I didn’t need too much as I had a nice cleavage naturally and a matching thong. I rushed out so my parents wouldn’t notice my change in attire and make some stupid remark and got to the game store early.

As I arrived at the game store Brad was already there together with some of the other guys who were there last saturday and some new guys as well. I was excited to see their reaction to my appearance. As I entered the store the guys turned to see who it was as they heard a female voice saying hello. All oft hem stared for a few seconds and for a while it seemed like the world has stopped. Then they turned back to what they were doing. For a moment I thought that I had exaggerated with my choice of clothes but then I decided that it was too late to change now anyway so I pushed away those thoughts. I went over to get into the tournament and the TO (tournament organisor) told me that they wouldn’t begin for another half an hour so I sat down with the guys to do some casual games. One of the guys I didn’t know yet didn’t have an opponent so I asked him to play and he agreed. As we played he couldn’t get his exes off of my cleavage. He was obviuosly imagining doing perverted things to me and I was getting wet imagining what he could be into.

We played a few games and he got better at hiding his stares and also at concentrating on the game rather than on my cleavage which lead to more interesting games for me.As the first round was announced my first oppnent was obviously very happy to be my opponent as he stood up very quickly and introduced himself eagerly. His name was Bob and he was pretty talkative. I was surprised as most guys here were rather quiet except for Brad. We had a great game and again I caught him staring at my cleavage from time to time when he thought that I wouldn’t notice. The next rounds went by and every opponent had trouble not staring at my cleavage and I was getting wetter and wetter at the thought oft hem jerking off to me later that day. I would be touching myself for sure imagining them fucking me senseless.

As the tournament came to an end we went to a restaurant to eat as we did last time. Today I didn’t play against Brad but I had won the tournament so he came to me to congratulate me. I was very happy even if a part of me thought that I had only won because of my cleavage which made me a bit sad (I know I am contradictive but I can’t help it). Brad ended up sitting next to me and even if he was less obvious about it I still caught him staring at my boobs. Every time I would squeeze gently his upper thigh and smile at him. He blushed and looked away every time but never for a long time. At the same time we talked about the games and various decks and matchups. As the evening went by my hand would go higher up on his thigh until I could feel his dick under his pants resting on his leg. As I squeezed to wake him from his stare on my boobs he didn’t turn away. Instead he put his hand on mine and squeezed his dick with my hand while grinning at me. All this time I was very careful not to let anyone notice my excitement but this time it was my turn to blush. I looked around and was relieved to see that no one had noticed except for Brad. He kept his hand on mine and I could feel his dick twitch. I was getting so wet. I definitely had to cum soon.

We payed our bill and as we were about to leave Brad asked me if I wanted to go to his place to play some more. It was my turn to stare at him now as I was completely surprised. I blushed and then I said that I would be happy to do so. Now he was the confident one in control of my hornyness and I was the one with trembling legs and streams of my juices going down the inside of my jeans. I was happy for the little padding inside my bra since my nipples would have been visible for everyone otherwise. Soon all the guys were on their way home and we too had taken the bus to get to his place. He told me that he was living with 2 other guys but that they were probably out today. All the way to his place he was pushing all the right buttons to keep me horny as hell. I had started rubbing my boobs against his arm and he had his hand on my leg very close to my pussy but not enough to touch it. He was making me crazy in anticipation. As we arrived at his place I was surprised how clean his room was especially compared tot he rest oft he apartment. He threw me on his bed making my boobs jiggle and almost falling out of my cleavage. He told me to get rid of my tank top and bra as he was already taking off my shoes and jeans. The only thing left was my red thong and he was still fully clothed. He didn’t care though at that moment since he was obviously too eager to get my body in his mouth as it seemed like he wanted to devour me. He was sitting on the bed between my legs as he leaned forward to grope my tits and suck on my nipples.

He was rough and I loved it. He was making me moan so loud we didn’t hear one of his roommates coming home. The roommate didn’t interrupt us so we went on. Brad had told me that his roommates were into MTG as well so I had assumed that they were shy around girls. I was right. As the roommate came into the apartment he couldn’t help but hear my moans. It was the first time any girl had been here and the thoughts of seeing a girl who just had sex was arousing him. He wanted to see the girl and he imagined her to be the one Brad had told him about from MTG tournament. How right he was!

I was still squirming under Brad who was touching me everywhere, groping my body roughly. He had pulled my thong down and was now fingering me with 3 fingers. I was so wet, he didn’t have any trouble at all to get them inside and fingerfuck me forcefully. He was rubbing my clit with his thumb and my back was arching as I pushed my hips up to meet his skillfull fingers. Soon I was cumming and screaming. As I had recovered a bit from my orgasm it was now my turn to make him feel good. I turned him over and quickly got rid off his clothes. I almost tore them apart in the process. I wanted to see and feel his cock directly not only through his pants. As soon as his cock was in view I began stroking it with my right hand and I caressed his balls with my left hand. I leaned in to take it inside my mouth and as the tip was inside my mouth he groaned. His reaction encouraged me so soon I lost myself in sucking his cock, my Sikiş hikayeleri head bobbing up and down on it and my hands cupping his balls. My finger wandered deeper between his asscrack and as I found his asshole I applied a little pressure just to get the first knuckle in. He absolutely loved it as I could tell by his loud groan.

The roommate (Simon) was standing outside the door and the scream of the girl combined with the groans he was hearing from Brad made him extremely hard. He was imagining what she could have done to him to lead him to make such a noise. He decided to open the door a bit, they surely wouldn’t notice. So he opened it a bit, enough to see the scene on the bed. He watched this gorgeous girl sucking Brad’s dick as if there was no tomorrow. She was clearly doing a great job as Brad’s eyes were closed and his mouth opened while she was also teasing his asshole a bit. Simon loved how kinky this girl was. He watched how her tits bounced as her head bounced up and down. Oh, how he would love to touch them just once. Then she changed position so that her pussy was facing the door. He couldn’t see what she was doing now with her mouth but her pussy has come into view instead. Her juices were glistening on her pussy but also along her legs and her puffy pussylips were slightly spread apart so that he could see her pussyhole. He imagined just going up to her from behind and pushing his cock inside of that wet pussyhole.

Brad was in heaven. This girl obviously knew how to make a guy feel amazing. The finger in his asshole had surprised him at first but then he suddenly felt how his orgasm was building up quickly as he had hit the perfect spot. No one had ever touched him like that before. As he was feeling himself cumming he pushed her head all the way onto his cock making her gag on his cum.

I was hornier than ever. He was being so rough to me and I enjoyed worshipping his cock. As he pushed my head on his cock to cum deep inside my throat I could feel how hot my pussy was again. His cum tasted so good and I wanted more. I had noticed the door opening but instead of being embarassed as I should have been, I had gotten even hornier and I had tried to make a show for the guy watching us, showing him my wet pussy as well. As Brad had finished cumming it was now he who needed to recover from his orgasm. I gently cleaned his cock with my mouth as he was just relaxing. I made sure to get every last drop of his delicious seed and I was feeling his cock getting hard again in my mouth. I looked up to see his face and my eyes met his lustfilled eyes. He looked like an animal and he had obviously recovered from his orgasm as he now turned me over forcefully forcing me on my knees. He hadn’t noticed the open door. I was so wet that he had no trouble entering my pussy with his first thrust. He went all the way inside of me and I moaned as I felt his cock touch my cervix. He was pretty big. He got a hold of my hair and forced my upper body back. I was now constantly moaning and sometimes screaming in pain as he started slapping my ass with his other hand. He was spanking me very hard leaving a mark on my left cheek. My pussy got so wet that it was making dirty noises which only added to his and to my excitement.

Simon was lucky as he was able to get a good sideview of us fucking. He had taken his cock out now and was stroking himself furiously enjoying the view. Her tits were bouncing all over the place and her face was red and wet from the tears that had formed from the pain and deepthroating from earlier. It was amazing!

I was getting getting close to cumming and as Brad notived he withdrew his cock fromm y pussy and he pushed it inside my asshole in one thrust. I screamed out because it hurt so much but the pain felt so good that I came just in that exact same moment. My asshole was so tight that it felt like he was ripping me apart with his cock which seemed to have grown even bigger now. He stopped pulling at my hair to put his hand around my neck and choked me while forcing my upper body back even more than before. More tears were running down my cheeks now. He started talking dirty to me: «Admit that you only dressed that way today because you wanted to be fucked by everyone, you dirty slut». I couldn’t talk very well being choked and fucked in my ass but I managed to say a raspy yes while having trouble getting enough air. Brad obviously knew what he was doing as he never applied too much pressure so I didn’t pass out. He simply kept me in a state of constant ecstasy.

Brad had noticed that the door was open now and he had a plan in mind. He sat down on the edge oft he bed without going out of her asshole and pulled her by the neck until she was sitting on his lap with his cock now deeper inside her as never before. She was moaning and screaming constantly but the fact that he had felt her cumming when he had changed holes confirmed that she loved pain. He looked tot he door where Simon was still standing with his cock out and he smiled at him nodding. He wanted Andrea to have 2 cocks inside of her at once. Her eyes were closed from the ecstatic feelings she was experiencing and so she didn’t notice Simon approaching the bed.

Simon had been afraid at first when he had been caught watching them fuck but as Brad signaled for him to join in all fear was gone. Quickly but calmly as to not let her notice him coming over he approached them and positioned himself at her pussy opening and pushed inside with one strong thrust. He hadn’t had sex for 2 years and it felt so good to be back inside a tight pussy. Brad and Simon stopped pounding for a moment as Andrea’s lustfilled eyes opened and she screamed out as another orgasm hit her hard. Brad layed down now with a pillow under his head pulling Andrea with him still choking her. This gave Simon the perfect position to pound her senseless. He had a tit in each of his hands groping them hard, leaving marks where he had squeezed them. He could feel Brad’s cock through her pussywall and together with the constant twitching of her pussy it was giving him a great massage.

Soon Brad and Simon were getting near to their own orgasms and they increased their speed. Andrea’s body was now moving like a rag doll. She was completely spent but they kept on having their way with her as they weren’t done with her. Simon bent down to bite one of her pierced nipples and this made her cum again. As she came her holes started twitching even more milking both cocks. Brad and Simon couldn’t hold it any longer as they came deep inside her holes.

Completely spent from the hard pounding session all 3 layed down next to each other on the bed panting heavily trying to catch their breath. Andrea was the first one to talk: «That was absolutely amazing! And by the way, nice to meet you!» Simon introduced himself and they stayed there for a while longer and eventually fell asleep.

A few hours passed and the other roommate came home. He had seen the shoes at the entrance so he knew he wasn’t alone at home. He Porno Hikayeleri had especially noticed a pair of shoes belonging to a woman. As he went inside the apartment the door of Brad’s room was still open and he saw the 3 of them laying there: Brad and a very beautiful woman completely naked and Simon with his cock out. The woman was laying with her legs spread so he could see how cum was oozing out of her holes. Those 3 had obviously had a very good fucking session. He was instantly hard when he saw this scenario before his eyes and he approached the female. He didn’t care if she wanted it or not. He needed a pussy now and he was going to get one. So he positioned himself over her and slid inside her pussy. She was still wet from the cum and her own juices so didn’t have any trouble entering her. He started to pound her hard and he took one of her pierced nipples inside his mouth biting and sucking it hard.

I awoke with the nice feeling of pain in my nipples and my pussy being filled. I thought that it must be Brad or Simon so I kept my eyes closed ass I started to feel my orgasm building inside of me. But something felt different this time. This cock seemed to be curved and not just straight like the other two have been. I opened my eyes only to see that Brad and Simon were still laying next to me and there was a stranger fucking my pussy. I screamed but at the same time being fucked without my consent made me so horny. Instead of pulling him away I pushed his head into my tits.

Brad and Simon were waked up by Andrea’s scream. They saw her being fucked by their roommate Chris. They were instantly hard because of the hot scene evolving before their eyes. They wanted to have some fun too now. «What a slut you are, Andrea! Fucking 3 guys in one day without properly knowing them», Brad said. Chris looked up and saw both his roommates with hard cocks watching him fuck Andrea. He positioned himself the same way Brad had earlier only that he was in her pussy. Her asshole was exposed so that Simon and Brad could get a good look at the cum that was still oozing out of it. Simon went for it and positioned himself at her asshole while Brad went for her mouth. He pulled her head up by her hair and made her take his cock inside his mouth at the same time as Simon pushed his cock inside her asshole.

My scream was muffled by Brad’s cock. My holes were still sore from before and I was feeling so used. Brad was fucking my mouth hard, gagging me everytime when his cock slid down my throat. I was trying to swallow to gag less but I couldn’t do it every time. Brad didn’t care as he conitnued fucking my mouth. I could feel my holes being stretched a lot and the pain made me cum again. I felt every curve of every cock I was filled with and the only thing I could think of is being filled with more cum. I only wanted to be used as a cum dumpster by those 3 guys.

The 3 guys were in heaven. This woman was so submissive that they could do everything they wanted to her and she still would let them do it. She was obviously enjoying it a lot as they felt her cumming. Her body was squirming and this was causing her to impale herself deeper on the cocks. They were all groaning and her muffled screams only added to their excitement. Simon wanted to test her more, so he pulled out and Brad knew what he was after. He exchanged holes with Simon and soon Andrea’s mouth was filled with a cock that had just been in her asshole. It was dirty with her juices and the remainings oft he cum from before and she was forced to clean it up.

The dirty cock inside me mouth made me cum again. The bitter taste made me feel so dirty that I couldn’t hold it back. Brad had taken Simon’s place in my asshole and he was slapping my ass. There were still marks left from before so my was sore but he didn’t care. I was their sex toy and I loved every bit of it. I had lost myself completely, only thinking about cocks and cum and how to please them. I could tell that they were getting near to their own orgasms as their speed increased and I was pretty much hanging on their cocks, my body beind used as their toy. Another orgasm was building up inside me. As I felt all oft hem explode inside my body filling me with so much cum, I came as well.

We layed down on the bed to recover but this time we didn’t fall alseep. I called home to tell my parents that I was staying at a friend’s house so I could stay at their place. They had a pretty big shower so all of us fit in. I cleaned their cocks and they cleaned my body giving me another 2 orgasms as they fingered me in the process. As we were all cleaned up we dried ourselves up and we ordered pizza. While waiting for the pizza we played some MTG while still being naked and we had a lot of fun. When the pizza guy arrived they told me to get the pizza naked and give the guy a good tip, so I did as I was told.

I opened the door giving the pizza guy a good view of my body, letting the money fall down on the floor on purpose to bend over for him. I showed him my ass and pussy as he had trouble not letting the pizzas fall down. I took the pizzas and gave him the money and asked him if he wanted a tip. He said «Sure», so I went on my knees and took his cock out and started sucking him like I had done it before with Brad. The pizza guy sure hadn’t expected a blowjob as his cock was sweaty and he smelled bad but I had my orders and it made me enjoy his cock even more that he was so dirty. I asked him if there was anything he wanted me to do in special. He told me that he wanted me to take one of the ½ liter coke bottles out of glass and put it inside my pussy with the neck out while blowing him. I di das I was instructed. The bottle was stretching me and every time I bobbed my head on his cock and back off the bottle went in and out of my pussy. He was amazed by this obedient girl. Soon he was cumming inside my mouth and I came as well. I thanked him for his special treat for me and he thanked me for the tip and he went back to work as I returned tot he guys with the bottle still inside my pussy. The pizza guy had not told me to take it out so I had left it inside. I brought the pizza and the other beverages and the guys were looking for the missing drink when they noticed it inside my pussy.

They found it very funny and started putting other things inside my pussy while eating their pizza. They told me to eat too while they were putting cucumbers, carrots and finally a bottle of wine inside my pussy. Every time I stopped eating because of the pain of being stretched they would slap my tits, pussy or face hard. I came while eating and being used for their entertainment. That night we fucked again and then we fell asleep, but they had put the bottle of coke inside my asshole and the bottle of wine, both with the neck out, inside my pussy, so I had to sleep with my holes filled and stretched. I was so spent from all the fucking that I eventually fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning the bottles were still inside me. I had become their toy. I spent every weekend from then on in their apartment. I played MTG on saturday and then I would go to their place and be used until sunday evening. Luckily, I was on birth control so I never got pregnant.

The end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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