A Discovery Ch. 11

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“You must be joking!”

Debbie grinned at me, “Nope. Why do you say that?”

“I’m not even sitting down and you can almost see my pussy in this dress!”

“Dallas, I’ve had the joy of seeing your pussy all day long and anyway, you did say I could choose what we wore tonight.”

It was true, I had said that… but there was almost nothing of the dress. I looked at my reflection in her full-length mirrored wardrobe. The garment was strappy and loose on top – very loose – but clung to my hips, the short skirt portion just a few inches long. I arched my back, thrusting my hips forward, and could see a few millimetres of very pink flesh between my legs. “Debbie! This is almost obscene!”

She came up behind me and cuddled up tight, “You are in no way obscene. Just very, very tempting in that.”

I bumped her with my butt and leaned forward a little bit. The top of the dress now hung away from my body and a turn to my left let me see that my – admittedly small – breasts were now completely visible. “Look! You can even see my tits!”

Debbie moved back close behind me and her right hand snaked inside the top of the garment and cupped a breast, my rigid nipple nestling into her palm. “Better yet I can feel them. This dress has never looked so hot.”

I moaned in a mixture of pleasure and horror, “You mean you’ve actually worn this thing before?”

“Yep. But bear in mind I’m a couple of inches shorter than you and maybe half a boob size smaller.”

“Why don’t you wear it then and find me something a little less revealing?”

She squeezed my breast lightly, “No way. I want everyone to stare at my gorgeous girlfriend.”

“They’ll be staring at your silly girlfriend’s vag at this rate!”

“And thinking ‘lucky her’ if they do!”

“Or they’ll see my tits!”

“Then they’ll be thinking ‘ever luckier her’. You have divine tits and I don’t care who knows. Anyway, a few hours ago you were showing a lot more than a tiny glimpse to a complete stranger, and you said it was my choice tonight.”

I thought back to the old gentleman’s rheumy brown eyes and shivered with an odd mixture of excitement and acceptance. “I never expected you to choose something so daring. Can’t I at least wear panties?”

“Let me think,” Debbie’s hand left my breast and snaked down to gently cup my sex, “No. But put it this way: I really, really want to show everyone how hot my girlfriend is, and if you wear this for me I will do absolutely anything for you next time. And I mean anything.”

“Guys come on to us the other night and we weren’t wearing anything this revealing!”

“So? If you end up disappearing with someone like that it will just tell me I made a mistake falling in love with you, right?”

I spun to face her, “You know that won’t happen. Is this just some sort of test for you?” I wasn’t really mad at her but the thought crossed my mind.

She kissed me gently, “No. I just want to show you off, I promise.”

I returned the kiss, “Right answer, Terror, but… well, this is almost too daring for words.”

“Didn’t you say that you have gotten to love being naked? I reckon if we have to cover up then this is the most we’ll need.”

“This feels somehow more daring than being nude!”

Debbie giggled, “Yeah it kinda looks it.” She grabbed my left hand and pushed it down to her own sex where she stood, still naked, in front of me, “Feel what it’s doing to me!”

I could hardly deny how wet and warm she felt and that, more than anything else, had me saying what I would have thought impossible just a few days before. “Ok, then. I’ll do it. But just you remember it’s my free choice next time – and that goes for whatever we’re doing, right?”

Debbie shrugged, “Fantastic, and yeah, that’s what I said, and that’s what I meant. Anything at all.”

I shook my head, trying to clear a thousand jumbled thoughts, “I must be mad. What will you wear tonight?”

She let me go and crossed to the wardrobe, quickly pulling free a normal enough summery dress – mid-thigh long, low-topped but, as became clear when she slipped it on, a little tighter than mine. “How about this one?”

“Blue suits you, but your own skin is better.”

“I think you can pretty much see my skin through this,” she closed the wardrobe door and looked at her own reflection, “Look, you can see my nips! Perhaps I’d better choose another…”

“Oh no, fair’s fair if I have to wear this. And besides, it’s bright in here. If we find somewhere pretty dark no one will see those gorgeous nipples.” It was my turn to stand behind her and I cupped her delightful breasts, “And if I stand like this then no one could see anyway.”

“True,” she sighed, “but that would get us thrown out of the place. Plus it hides your own beauty.”

“Might be worth it. Perhaps we should stay here anyway and-”

She wriggle out of my grasp, “Nice try, angel, but I want lots of eyes on you tonight!”

I looked up at my reflection and straightened the hem of my dress so that I was – for now, at least bursa escort – covered properly, “I must be mad, but for you… okay. Terror.”

“Your Terror and don’t forget it. I’m going to book the taxi!”

I trailed after her into the little office at the top of the stairs, “Will you do me one favour?”

Phone already to her ear, Debbie raised her eyebrows, “What’s that?”

“Can we go somewhere miles away?”

She laughed, “I figured the further the better. I want you looking sexy not scared.”

Relieved in an odd way, I still listened to make sure she named a village a few miles distant as our destination.

After that we went down the stairs to wait, collecting just our cash and a small make-up kit each which were deposited in two tiny clutch bags. There seemed to be more material making up the bags than there was making up my dress, and yet there I was ready to do what Debbie wanted, It was love, I figured.

Love or not, my heart still started racing when the taxi driver pulled up outside. The light had faded from the sky by then – for which I was immensely grateful – but I still kept myself partially hidden behind Debbie as we made our way out to the cab.

The vehicle was small enough that the driver couldn’t see how high the dresses rode up on the back seat and to my mild shock I sat back and let Debbie enjoy the view of my highly visible pussy. I made sure she did all the talking though – I just didn’t trust my voice.

The journey felt daring from doorstep to destination, but I relaxed a little in the half hour it took. My heart, though, started to race again as we pulled up outside a rambling country pub – and almost jumped into my throat when Debbie paid the driver and he told us that he was ‘sure we’d have a great time’.

I slipped out of the vehicle, hiding my dress rearrangement behind the open rear door until I felt decent enough, then stood beside my girlfriend as the taxi pulled away.

“Come on then,” she said softly, “It’s time for whoever is in the place to see just how lucky I am!”

“Do you really love me?”

Debbie laughed, “I really, really do. And you are making me one proud little Terror.”

“Good,” I said, “Because I’m only doing this out of love. And possibly, insipient madness.”

“First drink is on me then. That’s good for madness.”

“I sincerely hope so,” I sighed as my little Terror headed for the door.

With a shuddering nervousness, tinged with a delicious pride, I followed her footsteps down the path and into a large dance area beside a long, high bar.

I was being more daring than I could ever recall – but not bold enough to go up to the bar next to Debbie. I found a tall shelf in one of the darkest corners of the long room and stood, nervously, next to it. The dance floor was already half full and I was relieved that our entry had apparently gone pretty much unnoticed, and equally relieved when Debbie delivered a tall glass of what tasted like a very fruity, very strong vodka. I drained half of it in three long swallows.

“Better?” she asked.

“A tiny bit I guess.”

She took my hand and squeezed it, “I’m so proud of you, you know? Both because you’re mine and because you’ve been this daring.”

“This silly, you mean – but I’m happy to be yours.”

I was starting to relax – perhaps the vodka was working quickly – but my tension returned at the speed of light when a young guy peeled away from a group on the dance floor and headed our way. I gripped Debbie’s hand even tighter.

“Hey ladies! Congratulations!”

“To what do we owe your fulsome wishes?” Debbie’s voice was cool.

The guy grinned and made no attempt to hide a head-to-feet look at both of us, “Congratulations on making this place suddenly so fucking gorgeous.”

I felt awfully exposed – but deliciously exposed as well when Debbie laughed, “I’m not sure whether to thank you or tell you to fuck right off.”

“I’d prefer the former,” the guy said without the slightest hesitation, “but I will admit that I might have sounded a little coarse. There again, you two do take decent words out of my head. You’re seriously fu… damned cute.”

I could feel way too much fresh air on my legs and I knew I didn’t dare turn even a degree sideways in case the top of the dress moved away from me. But this guy’s plain, open words sent a shiver through me. From somewhere I found my voice, “I’ve heard more polite compliments before, but I guess dressed this way we shouldn’t expect more.”

“Dressed this way,” Debbie added, “to please ourselves. If it pleases you as well, then hey, good.”

“I’m Tom,” the guy went on seamlessly, “And I assure you, it’s very, very good. Can I buy you both a drink? No strings.”

“Go on then,” Debbie said, “Just so long as ‘no strings’ means no pestering. Two large vodkas, straight.”

“Fair enough, just so long as ‘no pestering’ doesn’t mean I can’t come back in an hour and ask for a dance?”

The thought of dancing with this guy or one of bursa escort bayan his friends sent a shiver through my entire body, and I was grateful when Debbie just shrugged and said “I guess that will be acceptable.”

The guy tipped an imaginary hat and spun away towards the bar.

“Debs!” I hissed, “I’m really not sure I dare take a single step on the dance floor in this thing!”

She laughed, “No one said we’d have to agree to a dance, but oh angel, that was so hot. Tell me you don’t agree?”

I drained the rest of my drink, “I feel like the naughtiest girl ever – for you. And yeah, okay , I love it if you do.”

“I do, and let me tell you, even in this murky place, you look sizzlingly hot. Feel it?”

Her words seemed to electrify my skin and I could feel every point where the dress hung against me – and where it didn’t. “I feel it,” I said.

“Just looking at you is making me feel totally wet!”

“Oh shush!” I could feel a blush rising. And heat in my groin.

She drained her own glass, “You know,” she said, “I was wondering just how much of a turn on it would be to see guys ogling you, and it’s even hotter than I dared hope.”

I glanced around and saw more than one pair of eyes staring across at us, “They’re checking you out as well.”

“Yeah but mostly you and those gorgeous legs. You mind?”

I shook my head, realising I didn’t. “There’s not any other girls really looking though. Does that make us the only… well, lesbians, I guess, in here?”

She laughed again, “I don’t think it’s something too many would make a show of. Besides, I bet there are a few straights who are starting to wonder if a little Sapphic pleasure might not be called for, the way you look. After all, it was only a week or so ago when I thought I was straight as a die!”

“I know that feeling well enough!”

Debbie made a show of looking around the room, “I have a feeling one or two female looks we’re getting are from girls who’re worried they’ll lose their guys to us!”

“Because I – we – look so available?”

“No! Because you’re gorgeous and those legs… oh, hang on, here comes Tom.”

“Ladies! Your beverages. Enjoy!”

We took the proffered drinks with polite ‘thank yous’ and waited for his next move.

“Okay,” he said, “I don’t really want to, but I’ll leave you in peace for a while and get back to my undoubtedly jealous mates. I promise I won’t pester, but I also promise that if you’re still here an hour from now I will definitely be back to ask for a dance. Fair enough?”

Debbie nodded, “Thanks again.”

“Yeah,” I managed, “That’s very kind.”

“The pleasure,” Tom said, “is all mine, I assure you.” He turned away and then spun back, “Just quickly, I have to say… those legs,” he stared down at the acres if flesh I was showing off, “they are fucking hot.” With that he dashed back towards the group of guys across the dance floor.

Beside me, Debbie giggled, “Fucking hot, and hot fucking.”

I playfully slapped her arm, “And getting hotter, so shush, Terror.” Tom’s words were making me almost painfully aware of just how short the dress was. And quite suddenly, I was feeling glad about it.

I started to think my new girlfriend might be a mind reader when she giggled, “You’re beginning to enjoy this, aren’t you?”

“What? No… I mean, I’m more than happy to make you happy, of course, but, well, do you realise just how close I am to flashing my vag to a bunch of strangers here?”

“Realise? Oh Dallas, angel, I do! And I love it. Are your legs getting tired?”

Her sudden change of tack flummoxed me, “Tired?”

Her giggle turned darker, full of delicious naughtiness, “Yeah, tired. Don’t you need to sit down for a while? Tom will be ages yet.”

My eyes widened, “Do you honestly think I’d dare sit down wearing this dress? It wouldn’t cover anything!”

“What if I said ‘I hope you do’?”

“Debbie!” I choked back an unexpected giggle of my own.

“Keep your knees together and no one would see anything.”

“You really are a Terror!” I could suddenly see myself as I would look if I dared do anything so outrageous, and started to wonder why the hell the thought was making my insides tremble with something that was approaching excitement. “I couldn’t be sitting down like that when a guy came over here – and you know full damned well that Tom will be heading back here soon enough!”

She kissed my cheek, just to the side of my mouth, “We probably won’t ever come back here, you know?”

My eyes widened, “Are you serious?”

Debbie nodded, “Just the thought of you being that daring is starting to get be so excited I think I’ll need to start worrying about having a spontaneous orgasm.”

“You’re serious, aren’t you?” The question was asked as much to cover my sudden confusion as it was to discover whether she was serious about her naughty desire. To my growing horror, the whole concept was making me wetter by the second.

“Dallas, bursa sınırsız escort angel, I love how sexy you are. We’re going to travel miles together and I have a feeling a lot of people are going to find that out for themselves. Why don’t we start here? Baby, remember it’ll be your turn to make all the decisions next and I’m already committed to do absolutely anything at all that you want of me. If you do this, I’ll frig myself silly in a convent if you ask. Totally anything.”

Circuits deep within my brain began to put on a half-decent firework display. I felt even more exposed than before, and far more happy with that fact. “What if someone tries to take advantage? What if-”

“You’re mine, angel; I’ll be no more than a few feet away and I swear I’ll protect you with my life.”


“Your Terror, Dallas.”

I could scarcely believe myself when I managed a shrug, “If it means that much to you…”

I would have said more, but Debbie slammed her glass on the shelf behind us and almost run to collect two free stools from a little further along the wall. She was dragging them back towards us before I could even react, and they were set next to each other – facing the entire dance-floor – before I managed to find my voice. “Just… make sure you stand in front of me while I perch on there, okay?”

“Totally!” She raised a hand, “But I’ll get us another drink before you get up there, okay?”

“Bring the bottle, because I think I’m officially mad.”

“Officially the hottest thing ever. Won’t be a minute!”

She was back with fresh vodkas before I could even string together two cogent thoughts. We didn’t – couldn’t – say a word as the drinks were set on the shelf and then she moved in front of one of the stools, her eyes indicating she would provide the tiny bit of privacy I needed.

My heart seemed to stop as I slid up to the stool. Its seat was just about level with the tops of my thighs and I had to lever myself up just a little to slide back onto the cool surface. The hem of the dress rode up and I felt the bare skin of my butt meet the plastic, and with a shuddering thrill, felt fresh air caress my suddenly exposed pussy. Debbie stared down, licking her lips, the colour in her cheeks flaring bright even in the murk of the old bar, and I let my legs open for a few seconds before snapping my knees together. I grabbed at her jaw, pulling her close, kissing her with far more force of desire than I could ever have imagined.

She returned the pressure of the kiss before standing back, her blue eyes wide, “Excuse my French but you are the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Not the sluttiest?” I managed.

She shook her head, “No way. Ready for me to sit beside you yet?”

I looked down. The hem of the dress ended just – and only just – at the top of my thighs. If my legs were opened even a tiny bit I would expose the very centre of myself. The now very damp centre of myself. I looked up into Debbie’s eyes, “Yes,” I managed, “I’m ready.”

She swung onto the other stool in one easy movement, her own dress momentarily high enough to flash me a sight that wetted my appetite even further. She turned to me then, “Have I told you lately that I adore every tiny bit of you?”

“More or less, but I won’t tire of it.”

“Do you feel as hot as you look?”

“Like a volcano. If I looked as wet as I feel you’d start calling me puddle.” I was feeling more daring and more audacious than at any time in my life.

“Oh, Dallas… let’s start planning our trips!”

I breathed a sigh of relief – this was the sort of distraction I needed, and I guessed that Debbie know that. “Okay…” After a few seconds I managed to get my thoughts away from my current exposure and onto our plans, “How about we head down to the south of France first? The family went there on holiday three years back and I loved the countryside and the beaches and the funny little towns.”

“I’ve never been that way before. It sounds like fun. Just so long as we don’t have to carry too much baggage.”

“If we dress like this all the time, a Tesco carrier bag each would be plenty!”

“Sounds good to me,” Debbie agreed.

“Train or coach?”

She shrugged, “How about a plane first, I can afford it.”

“It would make life easier, I guess, and I’m more than okay for cash.”

“Same here,” Debbie said, “I know it sounds a bit lame, but what’s mine is ours from now on and, well, mum and dad have put a lot of savings aside for me.”

“I have more than thirty grand in building societies and stuff,” I admitted, “And that’s ours now as well.”

“You look like that’s a bad thing,” she said, “But if I said that was loose change to me, would that embarrass you too much?”

It was probably the third vodka that did it, “So, I’ve fallen for a gorgeous girl who has great tits and is rich as well?”

“I’d like to think my tits are great, but it’s a certainty about the cash.”

I stroked her shoulder, “They are definitely great, but the cash thing… that was just a joke you know? Are you really that well off?”

“Seriously loaded. Like I said, dad’s a professional photographer and he earns totally stupid amounts. I think I’m some sort of tax break for him.”

“Oh well, at least I fell in love with you when I thought you couldn’t even afford clothes.”

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