A Devilish Kiss

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Melisa never had a good life; she lived in fear and hate of both her parents and siblings. Waiting for the day that they decided she was no longer needed and throwing her out.

She would have experienced just that if not for the fact that she overheard them talking one night talking about how they will throw her out in the middle of nowhere a few days later and leave her to freeze.

As soon as she had heard that, she took all the money she had along with some necessities in a bag and prepared to leave home the next day, which she did. During a cold and windy morning, she departed somewhere, not caring where; by bus.

As she arrived at a 3rd stop that marked the end of the drive route, she came out, not wanting to return home.

What greeted her was a dead land, a vicious wind threatening to blow her away at any moment and heavy snow falling all around her.

All that disturbed that scene was a building called “Jason’s bed he could not have been older than 25 years old. His hair was medium length and deep black.

As he approached her, he smiled and pointed at a carboard box he was holding; it was filled with drinks.

“Sorry miss, I don’t usually get customers at this time of the night, I was in the back getting supplies to replenish our stock” His voice was deep and rich, it felt as if the whole area trembled when he spoke.

His smile was as charming as it could be. One smile and Melisa relaxed.

“It’s no problem, what do you have on the menu?” She asked as she looked on the display of many alcoholic drinks in front of her.

The young man looked into her eyes and smiled “Any drink that you want, no matter what it is” then tapped with his knuckles on the table once, ready to hear her order.

It may have been because she had a bad day or maybe due to the cold but she felt snarky and remembered a drink her grandfather, the only person in her family that she liked had invented by mixing a few unusual alcohols and naming it the golden shot.

She liked that drink a lot so she smirked and asked “Can I have the golden shot?” while looking forward to seeing his confused face.

However, that did not happen, although she had not seen it, the young man’s eyes that were blue flashed green and he said “certainly” while pulling out a cocktail shaker and 4 bottles of different alcohols; each one that her grandpa had used to make his cocktails.

The man had no hesitation, he poured the alcohol in the shaker in perfect ratio to one another and mixed it. The drink came out a vibrant yellow and was poured into the martini glass he had prepared beforehand.

All the while Melisa was dumbfoundedly watching him. She finally asked him what she was meaning to as he put the glass next to her hand “How do you know that drink?” eyes filled with worry and bewilderment.

She was sure the man knew her family and would kill her in their stead now that she was in the middle of nowhere, alone.

The man crossed around the table and pulled Haramidere escort one of the chairs that were close to her towards himself, sitting on it and looking her into the eyes.

“I said anything’s fine, did I not? Do not worry, I do not plan to harm a guest in any way. Have a drink” as he ended his words, he pointe towards the glass that was filled with the drink.

If it had been her in a normal situation, she would have run but somehow, she felt that she could trust the man and had no reason to panic.

She just took the glass and drank one gulp, the a second and so on until the whole glass was empty. She looked into the glass as tears were streaming down her cheeks and she crumbled.

She wailed, screamed and finally laid her hand on the table.

The thoughts in her mind making her nauseous, her whole throat in pain as if she was being choked. The feeling did not last a long time though, the man just gently held her hand in one of his hands and the feeling was gone.

His deep but calming voice reverberating the whole room as he spoke “Melisa, I will not harm you. Tell me, what do you wish for? Bliss, revenge, money? I will help whatever you ask for”

His eyes now burning green in rage as if he was feeling hurt seeing her in that state, however he did not squeeze her hand any more even under all that rage. He really did not wish for even an ounce of pain to happen to her.

She looked into his eyes, feeling his hate and sorrow. She knew he would destroy the whole world if she wished for it. He would do whatever she needed, no matter what it was.

She could ask to be the owner of this world and he would make her one but so what, would she be happy with it?

“…you” “I want you to be here with me” Looking into his eyes and squeezing his hand tightly. She did not wish for money or power, she wished to not be alone.

The man no longer had eyes that were filled with green flames but were again blue. “If you wish for that, I swear by my name, Helel; I will be by your side until death and even after it” While bowing down to kiss her hand.

As he rose his head up again, she could see Melisa blushing heavily. A faint smile flashed across his face.

He snapped his fingers and Melisa lost consciousness, ending up in a deep sleep. She did not fall to the floor though, instead, she floated in the air, as if lying on the floor until Helel put his hands underneath her floating body and took her to an empty room in his arms.

As he placed her into the bed and was ready to put a blanket over her, she grabbed his hand, still asleep and softly muttered “…don’t go” loosening her grip and going quiet.

Helel’s eyes lit up green again as he lowered his head over her head, moved her hair back and kissed her forehead quietly saying “I will never go, I promised you”

The moment Melisa woke up, she was confused. She was in an unfamiliar room in an unfamiliar place, lying in a bed that wasn’t hers.

She İkitelli escort bayan quickly put on her shoes and opened the door of the room, ready to run when she remembered what happened.

“Are you awake? Come down, breakfast’s ready” She could hear Helel’s calm voice and smell the food even from the entrance to the bedroom, as she entered the room that he was in, she saw a table on which all kinds of foods were displayed, salmon, steak, exotic fruits and dishes she did not even know existed, all still steaming from being just cooked.

“What are you waiting for? I can see you are hungry, come; eat” Helel said and smiled broadly, sitting down himself.

Both of them enjoyed the meal and were chatting, they joked and smiled. Melisa felt like she could share her story so she did, strangely not feeling sad or angry while she talked about what happened to her, she only felt happy to have someone to talk to and enjoyed his presence.

As she was talking, she could see his expression change a bit. It was not pity or sadness, it felt much deeper, like his soul was weeping as he heard.

As the meal came to the end Melisa was prepared to do the dishes but Helal told her it was not necessary, the dishes would be clean even if she did not clean them and took her around to show her the whole building.

It was magical, not a small building as she thought before but a giant place, she saw whole new worlds behind some doors, magical gardens, crystal clear seas and even creatures of myths, all that never meant her any harm and played with her.

She did not know how long she spent there, but she knew that he loved it, every moment she was there she felt no pain but happiness, she enjoyed Helal’s company.

Then they passed through another door, now in the plains full of flowers she did not know the names of and a clear blue sky filled with so many stars. She was wondering what would happen when he said “look up” and held her hand.

Then, hundreds of stars started to cross the sky, some small and some big, some near and some far.

Hear eyes turned glossy and her lips stretched into a smile as she looked into his eyes and said “thank you”

He was no longer still, but grabbing her by her back and holding her pressed against his body, looking into her eyes than lips.

They kissed under a shower of stars and stood there, just holding each other.

As the kiss finally ended, Helal removed his arms around her waist but had them yanked back on my Melisa, her face now burning red and lips trembling, finally ending up with “I love you, can we?” escaping out of her mouth as she buried her head into his chest, embarrassed.

Helal’s eyed no longer blue or filled with green flames but entirely green looked at her, his mouth moving to say “Sure” so softly.

With one snap of his fingers, they were no longer in a bedroom that had so many candles in it, the smell of some flowers permeating throughout Escort Çapa the whole space. A big bed in the middle of the room with white bedsheets and a velvet red headboard.

He held Melisa and his arms and put her on the bed as he started stripping, His white unbuttoned shirt revealing a muscular chest and broad shoulders.

Once all of his clothing was removed, it was clear that his body was not a weak one, muscular but not bulky. It was full of scars, chest, arms, belly and even 2 scars just next to his shoulder blades.

As she came closer to her, she blushed. First removing her shirt and then pants. Leaving her in just a bra and panties.

Not removing her underwear, he instead climbed up onto the bed and held his body just above hers, arms on the sides of her head and legs between her parted legs, slowly lowering himself and kissing her on the mouth then neck and slowly going down, removing her bra and slowly massaging her breasts, pinching on them with his fingers and twisting little by little until she starts to moan.

He then put his mouth over her breast and gently licked the nipple while still massaging the other one with his hand.

After sucking he started to slowly bit them, hearing her as she moaned harder and harder, he finally stopped biting and moving her nipples, instead he went even lower and removed her panties, spread her legs apart and started to first lick her clitoris, put first one finger in and start to flick it, up down, twist and even in out.

Adding one more finger, he did the same as she raised her whole lower body, wanting them to go deeper, finally; she could not take it anymore and begged him to put it in, wanting it to fill her.

Just like that, he positioned himself over her so that she could see him as he put it in, slowly his dick entered her and moved, first slowly and when the blood started coming out, a tear fell down one of his eyes, sad that she was hurting.

She saw him, smiled and said “it may hurt but it feels good, too” while rising her lower body herself, putting it even deeper into herself.

After that, he started moving faster, thrusting his hips and watching her moan, groaning in pleasure along with her. She massaged her breasts as he did so until he stopped, held her up along with him and lifted her, now holding her pussy over his dick and putting it in, one hand over her breast and one over her belly, feeling her whole belly move as he trusts into her. Both moaning and enjoying it.

Just as Melisa was about to come, he moved his hands over to her as, grabbing both sides and thrusting quicker and even deeper, both finishing in that pose.

After that, they took a bath together, and dressed up in the sleepwear Helal provided for both of them.

Melisa was about to enter the guest room where she slept the other day when she heard him say “where are you going? Don’t want to sleep with me” with his usual cheeky grin.

She jumped up, ran into his arms and said “If so, carry me there” while pouting which made him just happier.

Now, both in bed just lay there until she turned to him and asked “will you leave me?” looking a bit scared, Helal turned to her, not saying anything until he tightly hugged her and said “not even in death”

They fell asleep hugging each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32