A College Education Pt. 03

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Josh could barely contain himself. The many halls of the dormitory began receding from focus with each step. Lexi deftly guided him ever deeper into the building, all the while playfully shaking her ass and glancing back at him with lust laden intensity. He realized that she was taunting him, but that knowledge only served to stiffen his sex further. His cock throbbed to the rhythm of Lexi’s bouncing buttocks. He became fixated on her. Her stride was incredibly sensual, the sharp tap of her heels against the hard flooring was an audible precursor to the erotic rocking of her hips, and then there was that ass, that wonderful, luscious, swaying ass.

*Click* Josh was startled away from his fixations as Lexi unlocked the door to her apartment and led him inside. The entrance immediately amazed him, and although Lexi’s building was just across the street from his own, it was evident that hers was much more lavish. She led him through the apartment on a tour, first showing off her bedroom as she placed the two brown bags upon her desk. Josh noted her double bed, apparently stripped clean for laundry. More noteworthy was the bed’s position, which rested along the far wall beneath a large and deeply inset bay window that faced east. ?She must look gorgeous when bathed in the morning light.

Adjacent to the bed was a large ensuite bathroom, and further down the wall were several closets that were spilling over with dresses and tops. Books were strewn over the floor by her desk, and Josh immediately became aware of two things. First, the Math notes from their first “date” were visible among the other texts, one of which, he noted, was a Kama Sutra handbook. The second item that came into Josh’s awareness was the aroma of the room. Initially all he had noticed upon entering was a mild cinnamon scent, but now there was something more. It was a warm odor with a mild feminine musk, and while Josh couldn’t be certain, he thought it hinted of sex, or at the very least, masturbation. Josh’s eyes once again wandered to the bare bed. His cock began dutifully throbbing once again, only this time to mixed visions of his first blowjob from Lexi, and what must go on in within the confines of these bedroom walls.

Lexi coaxed him back into the main lounge, teasing his length through the fabric of his jeans, occasionally tugging gently at his glans to indicate a change of tour direction. Her roommate, thankfully out for the weekend, had the room across from her own. Lexi didn’t speak much of her roommate, but from what Josh could glean, the two girls were close.

The lounge consisted of a couch and television that were set up next to another study area, and a healthy stack of CDs and DVDs lined a series of exposed shelves. Lexi continued to tug Josh past the lounge until they arrived in the kitchen at the back of the apartment. Lexi leaped onto the counter-top and excitedly pulled Josh nearer to her body. She traced her fingertips along his chest, ever so slightly grazing his nipples before leaning in further still so that her lips were just a fraction of an inch from his ear. Josh could feel the warmth of her breath. The pressure of her firm breasts against his chest and shoulder was maddening. He could hear her soft breaths and then in şişli escort bayan a smooth and sultry tone she purred “Help yourself to wine from the kitchen”, “And pour me a glass too? I’ll be back in a moment”.

Josh surveyed the wine rack on the granite counter-top, amazed at the luxury of the place. He picked what he thought to be a good a pinot noir from the rack which was quite clearly stocked with a careful assortment of wines. After locating two goblets from the various cabinets, he poured the two large glasses before making his way back into the lounge area. Lexi had evidently left to get changed in the bathroom, leaving Josh free to explore the apartment on his own. His eyes ran to her DVD collection, scoping out her tastes in films and TV shows. He smiled to himself, recognizing a few of the same shows he enjoyed, along with some less common trends. “Sex and the City? Not quite my style. But the Back to the Future trilogy? Much more like it.”

Lexi grinned widely at herself in the bathroom mirror as she adjusted the straps on her new lingerie. She had been looking for something special for Josh since her first night with him, and knew that this outfit was going to take his breath away. The sheer cups of her black bra were trimmed with a delicate red lace that contrasted her alabaster skin tone perfectly. The bra was also, she noted, very complimentary to her figure, showcasing her sumptuous breasts to their fullest potential. She had always struggled to find a size that fit her well, and the new lingerie was a perfect match to her slender yet curvy figure. “Maybe I should wear this every day” she thought to herself before releasing a giggle and a devious smile. She turned around in the mirror checking out her ass in the new lace thong and garter, wiggling her hips a little in the mirror. Her firm, peachy cheeks had just the right amount of bounce and shape, and most guys she had been with couldn’t keep their hands off her behind. She had always enjoyed her ass being played with, the so-called dirtiness of it giving her an extra thrill.

Just thinking about Josh being anywhere close to her backdoor sent both shudders of anticipation and apprehension throughout her body. She reached behind herself, tracing the imprint of her small butt plug through the smooth fabric of the thong. With a single finger she depressed the plug firmly; making sure it was seated all the way. The extra pressure made her body resonate with pleasure; her nipples became increasingly erect, her pussy sopping wet. To her dismay, however, she noted that the base of the plug protruded past the edging of her delicate thong. She considered her options, slowly pumping the toy in and out, feeling the sensations of the plastic girth against her anus rippling through her body, lighting her sex on fire. The joy she got from the toy was too good to give up, and so it would stay, nestled between her cheeks.

Lexi adjusted her bra once more, shifting it for optimal exposure of her chest, and stepped out slowly into the bedroom. She needed him more than she had needed anything before, her whole body felt ready to explode. She walked carefully, the plug shifting inside her sensually with every step, her pussy soaking the lace of her thong fındıkzade eskort as she stepped out into the lounge.

Lexi walked softly across the hardwood floor, well versed in sneaking around the apartment from many instances of late nights and early mornings, coming in with the aim of avoiding waking her sleeping roommate. She rested her arms on the back of the plush couch, happy to watch Josh for a moment as he continued to sift through her DVD collection. Viewing him from behind, as he talked to himself a little, Lexi admired his ass, shown off well in his jeans. A devious thought crossed her mind and she grinned to herself, stopping her imagination from running away with the idea – her pussy was soaked as it was, and she wanted to make this night last.

Josh continued to sift through the extensive DVD collection, oblivious to the presence of Lexi behind him. He flicked through the selection on the shelves, feeling the warmth of the wine spreading through his body, giving him a slowly developing buzz. A few of the cases on upper shelves looked different to everything else, tucked away at the back, almost hidden from view. Josh reached up and pulled the stack of cases down for a closer look. The spines were dated in pink lettering, giving nothing away as to the contents of the case. Opening one up, Josh read the handwritten title, on a burnt DVD “L + E Hung, 6/7/13”. His heart skipped a beat, and he quickly opened a second, “L + E Int MM 4/2/13”. A third disc revealed the title “L Bday DV Fist DP 1/2/12”. His brain was firing quickly, though he couldn’t quite believe the conclusions his mind was coming up with.

“Um, maybe we could watch one of those later on?” came a sultry voice from behind him, spinning him around as he fumbled with the DVDs in his hands. He turned quickly, his face flushed already at the evidence in his hands, his eyes landing on Lexi, leaning over the couch. The vision of raw sexuality hit him like a tidal wave, his hands falling to his sides, letting the stack of DVDs drop and bounce on the carpet. Her breasts were cupped magnificently in the red fabric, pushed together, showing off her plentiful cleavage he longed to slide his throbbing cock between. She smiled at him with pure lust in her eyes, tousling her hair a little as she stepped out from behind the couch, walking around to his side. Josh was further amazed at the sight of her long, toned legs framed by the garter, the lace thong barely covering her sweet sex. He stepped into her body, his arms wrapping around her instantly as he kissed her, filled with passion and the desire of an entire day in the company of such a goddess.

Josh moaned deeply into her kiss, running his hands across her back, their bodies dropping to the couch together. Lexi sat atop him, her pert ass grinding on his crotch slowly, the lace thong exposing her soft, firm cheeks to his roaming hands. His fingers traced softly over her soft skin, flicking against the plug nestled between her buttocks occasionally, making Lexi groan and squeal each time. She could feel his hardness against her, loving the feel of it constrained in his jeans, pulsing against her. She knew she had him under her spell, she could take him and make him into a man at any time. besiktas escort But she wanted to make him wait a little longer, the thrill of the tease, seeing him on the edge for so long was making her clit throb.

Lexi pulled away from the kiss, staring deep into Josh’s hazelnut eyes, burning with desire for every square of her body. She leant back, ruffling her hair, knowing Josh would be fixated on her breasts spilling out of the cups of her lingerie. Her ass rested firmly on the swollen tip of his member, once more pushing against the base of her plug. Slowly, Lexi stood and walked away, shaking her ass at Josh playfully “I’m going for some more wine lover, I’ll be back in a second” she winked. Once around the corner in the kitchen with the cool stone beneath her feet, Lexi afforded herself one quick pinch of her clit, biting her lip in desire for his huge member inside her.

As she leant over the granite countertop, surveying the selection of wine in the wooden-framed rack, Lexi’s mind kept going back to her beau waiting for her in the next room, leaving her unable to think about the suitability of a Cabernet Sauvignon over a softer Shiraz. Ordinarily, Lexi would insist on absolutely the correct wine for any occasion, but now with the thought of Josh’s trim body, his firm, smooth chest and the way his girth felt against her thigh, Lexi couldn’t help but close her eyes and surrender to her mischievous thoughts.

Suddenly, she felt a pressure at her back, a strong hand pushing her forward further into the countertop, while long fingers quickly slipped her thong to one side. The cold granite against her breasts sent shivers through her body, her gasps muffled by the animalistic groans of lust from Josh behind her. Her body was jolted as Josh pressed his swollen tip to her labia, in a mix of raw passion and nervousness. His eager thrusts forced her along the counter as she held on, one breast free to swing softly. The blunt force on her lips and clit were driving her crazy, in combination with Josh’s hand spreading her cheeks for a better view, inadvertently nudging the plug with his thumb. Lost in the feelings and the passion of the moment, Lexi raised her hips slightly, and felt an immense pressure as Josh penetrated her with a triumphant groan.

His sheer girth was more than she had ever encountered, pushing her to entirely new limits as he inched deeper inside her. The build up through the day had left her on edge, and the mix of sensations rode through her body like a raging fire as she felt her orgasm approaching quickly. Bracing against the countertop, Lexi bit her lip and pushed back as much as she dared, encouraging Josh further into her wetness. His animalistic groans from behind her, coupled with his still swelling length, told her that he couldn’t hold off much longer. His thrusts began to slow, stretching her with every slight movement, the plug adding to her sense of fullness as she gasped, finally giving in to the orgasm she had needed for so long. Josh pressed deeply inside her for one final thrust as he exploded, his climax flowing with hers, their moans of pure pleasure resonating through the apartment.

After what seemed like an age, and barely able to stand, Lexi turned to look back at Josh, . His eyes were filled with lust, the view in front of him one that he would only have dreamt of. His still throbbing member had only slightly diminished in size, resting within her. Lexi smiled to herself, her mind racing with possibilities – this was going to be fun.

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