A Bachelorette Party

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I looked at the computer screen; it was populated with the site addresses of bachelorette party organizers. I was looking for a bachelorette party organizer to arrange a bachelorette party for my childhood friend Cherry.

Cherry & I have been friends since first grade so when John proposed her it was automatically decided that I & Kelly, our other best friend, would be the bridesmaids.

Kelly, Cherry & I were best friends. We called ourselves “The three musketeers”

I choose an expensive site from the list and made my booking. I want to give cherry a memorable bachelorette party. Kelly & I planned this for days. We decided it should be a wild party and a very private one too. We cut down the guest list to only ten women. The female guests who were invited to the party were extremely close to three of us. It was an intimate circle of friends.

The next day I received a phone call from the site. They asked me many questions. They want to know about our preferred body type of the strippers and how far we want to go with the strippers. They explained to me that we could take as much freedom as we wish with the strippers.

They informed me about the extreme package which includes sex with the strippers. I was surprised by that. I never knew that sex was done at the bachelorette parties.

I knew cherry was a shy girl. She could give a public blow job maximum. On the other hand, I & Kelly are the wild ones. We wouldn’t mind a public display of our boobs or vaginas.

I knew that if I include sex in the package Cherry wouldn’t be happy with it so I came up with a solution. I told them we were ok with the touching and teasing, but if things went too far and any one of us want to go further then touching and teasing their wish should be fulfilled by the strippers accordingly. The correspondent from the site agreed with that and they gave me a safe word. The safe word meant that if a girl didn’t want a stripper to continue with his act with her, she could say the word to the stripper and he would stop the act. I agreed with them and confirmed my booking.

The next day, I called all ten guests of the party and informed them about the location.

Kelly was very excited when I told her about the safe word. She wants to know everything. When I told her they were offering sex too, she was not surprised by it. She told me she had heard about it from her many female friends.

Then suddenly she asked me, “Hey, Irene, How far will you go with a stripper? “

I was surprised by the question, “Well, I don’t know, I am not seeing anyone currently, so I don’t know. What about you?”

“You slut,” She laughed,” well, after Mark (her ex-boyfriend) cheated on me, I am looking for a revenge sex with someone so I don’t know either.”

“Ok, see you at the hotel.” I replied.


It was started like any other bachelorette party. We brought Cherry in the hall. Strippers started dancing and striping. Head stripper was controlling everything with a microphone. We started dancing with the strippers.

Cherry got a special attention from the strippers. They brought her in the middle and set her on a chair. They started dancing around her.

After some time they brought their specially wrapped penises around her. Cherry was embarrassed by three dicks around her mouth. We were cheering her up. After that, their dicks were unwrapped, right in front of her mouth. Cherry was stunned by the view of three huge dicks.

“Wow, impressive packages,” Kelly said from behind.

Then the head stripper announced,” Now, the bride will be testing her last three stranger’s dicks. It’s a pity that after this night she will taste only one dick for a life time.” We started laughing and cheering.

One stripper suddenly went behind the chair and pulled down Cherry’s dress to her waist.

Cherry’s full 34-D sikiş izle breasts were out on display. We cheered stripper’s attempt. Cherry was embarrassed and turned pale with the shame.

We started taking pictures with our cell cameras. She was still a bit reluctant, but was smiling.

The head stripper, whose name was Rocco, was strongly built and had one of the thickest cock I had ever seen, came forward and presented his dick to Cherry and told her to touch it. Cherry touch it slowly and reluctantly.

Then a stripper with the blonde hair, whose name was Thunder, approached Cherry and presented his dick to her and told her to stroke it. After some time my topless friend was stroking two dicks and that was a great site.

The third stripper who had a beautiful tanned body was roaming around the dancing guests and pulling their tops and T-shirts up.

The women were drinking and giggling. I and Kelly were cheering Cherry for sucking a dick.

The head stripper told Cherry to suck it and she did put his dick head in her mouth. We captured that moment in our cell-cameras. Then Thunder, whose dick was stroked by Cherry, pull out his dick from her hand and put it in front of her lips and told her to suck it. She obeyed him and pulled out the thick one from her mouth and put the long one in it.

Kelly and I were amazed by the show. We didn’t expect Cherry to do something like that.

Then all three strippers lift Cherry from the chair and brought her on the stage and they started pouring champagne on her. Her clothes were wet and clung to her body.

Rocco, the head stripper took her from the waist and put her on a table. Then two strippers parted her legs. Rocco put himself between her legs and started a dry humping. We were laughing at his attempts.

After he finished his dry humping, he asked, “Who are the bride’s maids?”

Everyone pointed at me and Kelly. They approached us and two of them started dancing around us.

Kelly was dancing with Thunder, the blonde one, who had a long penis and I was dancing with a tanned muscular body owner.

He whispered in my ears,” Hi, my name is Bullet.”

“Bullet, that’s a strange name, why they call you that?” I asked.

“Because I am fast like a Bullet,” He answered with a grinning smile.

He got himself behind me and pulled up my T-shirt with my bra. I tried to stop him but he was quick. A shiver went through my spine as the cold air hit my exposed breasts. They were 36-C and full. I am always proud of them.

Bullet pressed his body on my back and fondled my breasts. His semi hard dick was pressing into my ass.

I looked at Kelly and found her in the same position as mine.

Kelly’s T-shirt was also pulled up by Thunder and she was not wearing a bra. Her breasts were 34-C sized, but her nipples were huge. She was always extremely free about her sexuality. I wondered maybe she was not wearing her bra on purpose. She was pressing her ass on the dick of Thunder.

Then Rocco announced to bring us on to the stage.

They lifted us and brought us to the stage. They removed our T-shirts and my bra.

Rocco announced,” Now, We will punish these two beautiful creatures for abandoning a beautiful girl’s (Cherry’s) sexual availability to the whole mankind.”

They poured a whole champagne bottle on both of us. They started dancing around us. They pulled my short skirt up and tucked it to my waist. They unbuttoned Kelly’s jeans and pulled it half way through her thighs. Their dicks were now erect and on display.

The women gathered around the stage. They were clapping and cheering us.

Rocco came close to me and joined by Thunder. They sandwich me between them. Their dicks were touching my ass and thighs. Kelly was dancing sensually with Bullet.

Rocco came close to my ear and told me,” If you brazzers want to stop us you can use the safe word any time.”

“No, do your stuff I am enjoying it,” I replied with a smile.

Then, Rocco pulled my panties down in a flash. I was surprised by that. I tried to hide my pussy with my hand. Thunder grabbed my hands and pin them behind my back. I was naked; accept a mini skirt tucked up at the waist area like a small band.

I was aroused by all the touching and fondling from the strippers so I was wet down there, but thanks to the poured champagne no one would be noticing that.

Meanwhile, Kelly was putting a show with Bullet. She was letting him remove her jeans and panties. She had a little landing strip of pubic hair around her pussy area.

Then, Rocco announced that they were starting their punishments. They put us together on a table. They positioned us in a way that our boobs were pressing the table surface and our faces were facing the cheering girls.

Kelly was right next to me. She asked me with a vodka smelling voice,” Are you going to use the safe word?”

I said, “I don’t know. I am enjoying this.”

She said with a smile, “Me too.”

Rocco put his mouth at our faces and spoke,” If you don’t like anything, you can use the safe word any time, Ladies. Are you two sober enough to understand me?”

We nodded our heads in agreement.

Then the head stripper started rubbing his finger at our pussy lips. I was gasping due to the touch and Kelly moaned with the pleasure. Then he put a finger in our pussy entrance. Kelly grabbed my hand in the excitement. His finger was couple of inches in our pussies.

I watched Kelly, her eyes were closed and she was biting her lips. Then he withdrew his fingers from our pussies.

Then after a couple of seconds I felt a breath around my pussy. I grabbed Kelly’s hand. We knew what was coming. A tongue came in contact with my pussy lips.

The tongue started licking and I was in a heaven. A flame of desire shot through me. I was aroused beyond the limit. I was so aroused; I could have fucked a football team.

I grabbed Kelly’s face and kissed her hard. Her pussy was licked by Thunder and mine was licked by Rocco. The cheers of the girls became louder as we continued our kissing.

Then they stopped licking us. After a few seconds I felt a thick dick head at my pussy entrance. I looked at Kelly’s face. She was gasping for air and I knew the dick of blonde stripper was inside her. I want the thick dick in me, I want it badly so I pushed back on his dick but he withdrew. He was teasing me by touching his dick head to my pussy lips and withdrawing it.

While Kelly was moaning and I knew Thunder was fucking her.

Then suddenly, the thick dick head entered me in a one stroke. I grabbed the edge of the table and let out a loud cry. He was extremely thick. My pussy was full with his dick meat. He started thrusting in and out of me. His strokes were slow and measured. After some time he picked up his pace.

“Fuck me, please, Fuck me.” I said in a sensual tone.

I want this to continue forever. My pussy walls were tightening around his thick shaft. My mouth was open in an “O” shape suddenly I saw a dick right in front of me.

Bullet quickly placed his dick in my mouth. This was too much for me and I came hard around the thick one. My pussy walls started pulsing around his thick dick meat. I was shivering with the pleasure.

Rocco pulled out of me and switched his place with Thunder. Then Thunder was inside me. He was not as thick as Rocco, but he was long and he started ramming my pussy with some pace. Bullet’s dick was fucking my mouth with some pace.

From the corners of my eyes, I watched Kelly, who was taking the thickest one in her pussy and enjoying it. Bullet pulled out from my mouth fake taxi porno and switched to Kelly’s mouth and Kelly came with his shaft in her mouth.

Rocco announced to bring Cherry on the stage. They brought her to the stage and placed her on a chair.

Rocco said in a loud voice, “Now it’s time for our final act.” Then he turned to Cherry and asked, “Boobs or face?”

Cherry didn’t understand and asked, “What?”

“Boobs or face?” asked Rocco again.

“Ahh…Boobs.” replied Cherry.

My best friend Cherry was sitting on a chair right next to me and a stripper pull down her dress again. Her breasts were exposed again. I could see her erect nipples, craving for some attention. She didn’t have any clue what would happen next.

They lined them selves behind me and Kelly.

Then Rocco asked Cherry, “Pick a bridesmaid.”

“What? Ah.., Irene, the right one.”

When she picked me, I knew what was coming. Rocco told Thunder that he was first. The blond stripper puts himself behind me and entered me in one stroke. Then he started ramming my pussy. I was wet and ready for his dick. He was fucking me with some pace. It was a careless fuck. He was giving me everything he got in his thrust. It was a fuck by a possessed man, searching for his release. My orgasm was also building in me.

I grunted. Kelly was right next to me on the table. She grabbed my hand and I came. My pussy walls started pulsing around his dick but he didn’t stop his thrusts. He was looking for his own release. I knew he was close. He would spray his load in my pussy any time.

Then suddenly he pulled out from my still pulsing pussy and rush to Cherry and started stroking his dick in front of her. After a few moments, He started spraying his load. First jet hit her left boob. Second and third hit the upper area of her boobs.

That was some sight. My best friend’s breasts were getting a semen shower.

Bullet placed himself behind me and started entering me.

Suddenly, Cherry said, “Wait, now Kelly and face.”

I was disappointed with her call. I wanted another orgasm. Bullet pulled out from my pussy and entered Kelly.

Kelly garbed my hand. Bullet started a savage ramming of her pussy. Kelly was enjoying every second of it. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning with every stroke. I couldn’t hold back myself and kissed her lips. She responded furiously. She pressed her mouth on mine. I could test some pre-cum from her mouth.

Bullet pulled out of her and rushed to Cherry and started unloading his load on her face. It was a huge load. Cherry’s face was like a canvas with semen on it.

Then it was Rocco’s turn. He placed himself behind Kelly.

“No, come here,” said Cherry to Rocco.

He smiled and went to her.

“I’ll finish this,” She said with a semen drenched face.

I couldn’t believe what she just said. My shy and reserved girlfriend was telling a male stripper that she wanted to finish him by giving him a hand job.

Rocco placed his huge dick right into her face. She grabbed it with one hand and started stroking it. The girls gathered around her and started, clapping and cheering her. She picked up some pace after a few moments.

“Don’t be shy and come on my face.” She said to Rocco.

“I won’t be,” said Rocco with a smile.

My friend just took two loads of semen on her breasts and on her face wanted more from a huge dick.

Rocco’s eyes were closed and I knew he was getting close to release.

Cherry knew that too, so she picked up the pace. Suddenly, Rocco started shooting his load on Cherry’s face. First few jets hit her cheek and lips, and then she aimed for her breasts. Rocco emptied his balls with jet after jets.

“That was last spray of seeds, you are getting from an unknown man,” said Rocco with a smile.

We dressed up and went to Cherry. She was smiling.

“That was quite a show you two put on there,” said Cherry.

“You are not far behind,” said Kelly and we laughed in unison.

(All the pictures from the party was deleted by us so don’t ask about any pictures)

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