15 – The Julie Journals

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She picked up her journal, the one she had kept ever since she had learned about adult life, and as she turned the page she smiled as the memories came flooding back to her as she recalled the pleasure and knowledge they gave her. Turning on a few pages from when she first met Alison, she came across an entry entitled “Meet the Ladies tonight.” Julie’s smile broadened when she recalled that evening and how much she found out about herself…


Julie walked through the automatic doors and paused for a second surveying the vast marbled lobby of the Chimera, a new swanky 5 star hotel that had only been built in the last few years. She knew that at 37 she looked 10 years younger and smoothing down the clinging low cut dark maroon jersey dress, that did nothing to hide the curves of her fit and supple body, Julie walked slowly towards the bar area. As she moved in the balanced and poised way of someone who is either a dancer or a martial arts student, she was conscious of more than one set of eyes discreetly observing her progress. At the doorway of the bar Julie paused and scanned the chrome and mirrored room, and was just about to turn away when a soft throaty voice that sent shivers up and down her spine spoke from behind her. “Hi, you must be Julie,” said the tall elegant woman whose flowing blonde hair was flicked back from her face, “My name’s Dee… Alison has told us so much about you… do come and join us, we are just waiting on Anne.”

Julie followed the woman across the bar towards the back and gulped nervously, not that she was worried about her safety but tonight she was to meet some friends of her girlfriend, and wasn’t really sure what to expect. Julie had known Alison for a few months now and she had continually tried to interest Julie in the BDSM scene, but Julie had been reluctant to commit. Finally, after a blazing row with Alison, Julie had agreed to meet the friends, if nothing else but to stop the tears that were pouring down Alison’s face and stop her sobbing about how Julie did not really love her.

Dee introduced the other woman at the table as Lady Kay, and as Julie accepted their invitation to a glass of wine she studied the two women carefully. Dee and Kay were unconcerned at this silent examination and picked up their conversation from where they had obviously left it when Dee collected Julie at the doorway. Dee suddenly turned to Julie in mid-sentence and said in her sexy throaty voice, “Well…has the cat got your tongue or are you just shy?” Julie was about to respond that neither looked like how she would have imagined Dommes to look, Dee in her cowl top and tailored trousers and Kay in her black dress, when both women leapt to their feet and waved towards the door, calling out in unison.

A woman in an elegantly flowing dress seemed to glide across the room towards them. On her way, she turned her ash blonde head towards different tables and nodded in casual greeting. Arriving at their table she spoke in a soft and melodic voice, “Kisses sisters” and then turning to Julie, “Hello, I’m Lady Anne; you must be Alison’s friend we have heard so much about.” Not usually lost for words Julie just sat and stared as the woman gracefully sat and accepted the wine Kay had poured for her. Then turning and fixing Julie with an intent stare that seemed to penetrate into the depths of Julie’s soul, Anne’s eyes shone brightly as she asked Julie what she sought.

Julie blushed as she explained that Alison felt she should learn more about the BDSM scene that Alison enjoyed so much and tailed off with comment, “So do I need to by a whip or something then?” All three of the women laughed gently and seeing Julie crestfallen look Anne covered Julie’s hand with her own and explained it was far more than just whipping someone, it was about the giving and the receiving of control.

Anne continued to talk about trust, and about pain and pleasure and finished with the statement “The more you give control the greater the pleasure you will receive”. Having always been in control of her own destiny for most of her adult life, Julie pondered on the statement for a while.

Anne went on, Porno hikayeleri “What is your biggest fear?”

Julie thought for a moment before replying, “Not being in control.”

Anne chuckled, “And what is you biggest sexual turn on? The one that is deep down that you never admit to anyone.”

Julie considered the question before replying, “Not being in control, but those two statement contradict each other which is why I am confused.”

Anne smiled as she said softly, “In understanding that confusion you will learn your true self.” She paused watching Julie let the words sink in before continuing, “There are two parts to your education, the physical and the mental. Kay and Dee will deal with the physical side and I will deal with the mental side.”

Seeing Julie’s consternation Anne suggested that Dee and Kay begin her physical education in more private surroundings while she talked to some of her other friends in the room.

As the three women travelled up in the lift Dee explained how the best way to learning how to be a Domme was to travel the path of the submissive first. Kay smiled at Julie reassuringly as she showed her into the suite they had reserved earlier in the evening. Julie wasn’t sure why but something inside of her brain but somehow she knew she could trust these two women, an unfamiliar feeling to her, as trust was pretty much an alien concept.

Lying on the large double bed were two suitcases and Dee waved at the bathroom inviting Julie to prepare herself whilst Kay and her got ready. Julie was not sure what they meant so she stood at the sink and splashed water on her face and then looked at her image in the mirror. Julie muttered to herself aloud “I hope you know what you are doing girl,” and with that returned to the room. Julie paused as she took in the two women who had changed from their evening wear into black leather basques with matching high-heeled boots.

Kay looked at Julie and was just about to tell her sharply she was not prepared properly when Dee smiled and held up her hand to Kay as she realised they would need to take it slowly with this one. Dee explained that from now on she was to give total control to the two women, if she couldn’t do this then she should leave now.. As she talked, Julie found herself more and more prepared to give control to her and trust them, and when Dee was satisfied that Julie was prepared to take the next step she invited her to strip.

Julie hesitated for a second and then giving herself willingly over to these two women, pulled the dress over her head and stood before them in bra and thong. Following Dee’s nod of her head, the underwear quickly joined the dress in a pool of clothing on the floor. The two women slowly surveyed Julie’s body, and Julie knowing she was in prime condition for her age accepted their gaze with pride. It came as a little bit of a shock when she heard Dee tut and say to Kay, “Look at that, this will never do”.

Julie was perplexed at first but followed the women’s gaze to her neatly trimmed bush of pubic hair. “What” said Julie looking quizzical?

“Firstly my dear,” said Kay “You should be shaven, and secondly a slut should address their mistresses as Ma’am”. The last part of the comment was delivered in a firm but hard voice that sent shivers through Julie’s body. The two women agreed between them that they would shave ‘the little slut’ as they referred to Julie but first she should be blindfolded.

A protest froze on Julie’s lips as she recalled Lady Anne’s words about understanding confusion and allowed the blindfold to be tied as she half whispered, “Thank you Ma’am’s”.

With the blindfold cutting out the light, Julie’s other senses became more acute and she felt herself being lowered backwards onto a towel that had been placed across the bed. She felt her legs being gently parted and shivered as she felt the lather being applied to her pubic mound. Julie felt and heard the razor removing her pubic hair with gentle but confident strokes and listened to the two women utter words of approval.

Once they were satisfied with their work Julie felt herself Erotik hikaye being lifted off the bed and forced to her knees. She felt even more vulnerable as the air in the room played across her freshly shaven pussy as she sat upright with her ass cheeks resting on her heels The she felt a gloved hand caressing her breast and her nipple hardened to the gentle touch. “Look the little slut is excited” cooed Dee, and with that took Julie’s nipple and squeezed hard. The pain that shot through Julie was intense, but to her surprise, she also found herself becoming sexually excited as she felt the dampness in her pussy.

Julie continued to enjoy the feeling of the gentle fondling of her nipples contrasting with the sudden pinches. Julie was breathing hard when she felt the cold bite of the metal clamps being attached to each nipple, sending shivers of pain and pleasure through her body. “What do we say slut?” Julie heard Kay ask and without thinking Julie said she was fine and to carry on.

White lights shot through Julie’s brain as she felt the stinging slap of something being bought down hard against her exposed ass. “Every time you address one of us you call us Ma’am, do you understand slut,” Dee said in a firm but loving voice. To emphasize her point she motioned to Kay, who bought the paddle down in another stinging slap.

“Yes Ma’am, thank you Ma’am” said Julie quickly and was surprised at the wetness now flooding through her from the excitement the slaps had bought

“Put your arms out” she heard Kay command and without thinking she obeyed and felt each wrist having a rope tied round it and the same on each of her ankles. Julie was then guided across the room until her legs met the edge of a table that had been placed crossways in her path. She was pushed over the table, with her chest and shoulders unsupported, and she felt the two women move round her tying her ankles and wrists securely so that she could only lower and lift her head. Julie fought the rising panic at having her arms tied and tried lowering her head and felt it come into contact with the bed as the table had been placed within a foot or so of the end of the bed.

Julie felt the tip of what she thought might be a riding-crop run gently along her pussy lips and she shivered as it rubbed across her now engorged clit. She yelped with pain and pleasure as Dee flicked upwards in a light flick striking her clit, causing tremors to run through her body. Julie felt the tip of the crop entering her and found that she was so turned on it slid easily into her body. She could not help the moan of pleasure that escaped her lips and blushed as she heard Dee remark on how turned on the slut obviously was.

Dee continued to poke and probe with the tip of the crop, twisting it inside of Julie’s body. Julie felt the bed in front of her move and then the beautiful aroma of an aroused woman wafted into her nose. Realising someone was near Julie moved her head forward and encountered a naked pussy close to her mouth. She reached out with her tongue tasting the flowing juices and heard a contented sigh escape the mouth of Kay who had positioned herself accordingly. Julie began to probe deeper and deeper, licking and scooping Kay’s juices before moving back and flicking her tongue across Kay’s hard clit.

Julie felt something cold being rubbed on her anal star and a finger probed inside her opening her up. Then she felt something large and hard being worked into her ass and realised it was a butt plug that was being expanded inside her. Whilst this was happening, Julie felt the crop being removed and being replaced with two long delicate fingers that probed deep inside her pussy. The two fingers were soon joined by a third and Julie moaned as they worked their magic on her body. Julie felt the fingers being removed and gasped as she felt the head of a large dildo touching her lips.

She felt Dee’s hands on her hips and suddenly realised that Dee must be wearing a strap on. Julie gasped as it began to enter her body opening her wider and wider as the full nine inches sank in. The pressure of the dildo against the butt plug was sending Sikiş hikayeleri intense pleasure throughout Julie’s body. When it was fully in Dee held it deep and leaned forward, her breasts touching Julie’s own swollen nipples. “How does that feel slut?” she murmured.

Julie broke from Kay’s pussy to say “Thank you Ma’am” before returning her attention back to Kay. Dee began to ride Julie, gentle at first but as her pussy became more and wet from her orgasms; the strokes became harder and deeper.

With each ‘in’ stroke Dee either bought her hand down sharply on Julie ass cheeks, which in turn drove her deeper into Kay with her tongue, or gave the butt plug a twist. Julie felt Kay begin to writhe over her and she licked and lapped like a mad woman, and then she swallowed hard as Kay flooded cum into her mouth, filling her with her juices. This combined with the heat emitting from her burning ass cheeks and the pounding from Dee caused Julie to orgasm intensely.

Although she had cum Dee did not rest with her brutal fucking and proceeded to drive in and out with long powerful strokes. Julie was moaning and groaning in ecstasy when she felt Dee begin to pull the butt plug out. Julie lifted her head to speak, but bit back a protest before it could pass her lips. Dee sensed she was going to say something and paused asking her what the problem was. Julie stammered out her thanks but Dee asked her again what Julie would like Dee to do. “Whatever Ma’am wishes,” Julie responded but Dee was not about to let Julie get away with that.

“Do what?” Dee asked in a honeyed voice and Julie mumbled a response about liking having her ass played with. “No, no that will never do,” said Dee as she withdrew the butt plug fully, “You will have to ask properly,” re-enforcing her point by bringing the crop down across Julie’s reddened ass.

“Fuck my ass Ma’am,” said Julie in a quiet voice and then yelped again when she felt the crop being bought down hard. “Fuck my ass please Ma’am,” Julie tried a second time and again the crop was bought down in a stinging blow.

“You must describe what you want exactly and clearly, and I do mean exactly, bearing in mind you are nothing but a slut and my hearing is a little poor,” said Dee laughing gently at her last comment.

Taking a deep breath Julie shouted, “FUCK MY ASS PLEASE MA’AM,” and as the words left her lips she felt Dee drive into her with all her force. Julie screamed as the dildo ripped into her body but at the same time felt yet another tremendous orgasm burst from within her. Dee continued to ride Julie until she was half senseless, whimpering, and moaning, sobbing in both pain and ecstasy from the intense feelings. Dee then withdrew the dildo from Julie’s ass and left her slumped over the table still tied and blindfolded,

Still in darkness and a post orgasmic daze, Julie felt herself being untied and gently carried into the bathroom by the two women. There she was placed in a hot bath and left alone. As her awareness slowly returned, she took off the blindfold and blinked under the lights. Julie lay there for a while reflecting on the most intense feelings she had experienced in her life and the pain and pleasure they had bought simultaneously. Once she felt rested enough, Julie dried and wrapped in a towel, went back into the other room. She was a little surprised to see the two women, who were now dressed in their evening clothes again, had been joined by Anne, and they all sat sipping wine ha as if nothing had happened in the last hour.

As Julie dressed in her crumpled clothing, happy that she had chosen a dress that wouldn’t crease, she remained silent and waited for one of the watching women to speak. “Quite a little show you put on,” smiled Anne and it dawned on Julie that she must have been watching Kay and Dee use her., as she went on. “The next step is to understand the mental side of submission and domination, what it means to take control and to give control. Join me for lunch tomorrow downstairs and we will talk more.”

Dee smiled as she looked at Julie lovingly and said, “You did very well for your first time, now you must go and practice what you have learnt with Alison.”

As Julie moved a little stiffly towards the door, she heard Kay say to her departing back, “Of course hurry back for your next lesson in your physical education.”

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