Wrong Number? Maybe Not! Ch. 04

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Ariana Marie

Two months have passed since the time Charlie, Tony and I cashed in with a live stream of our…of my first threesome. It was awesome; and we made lots of coin. True to his word, we split the tips three ways. I got enough to put a good down-payment on my first car! I’ve hooked up with Charlie every week since then. My classes and other interests keep me busy the rest of the time. He says he is fine with that, as long as we get to ‘do it’ each and every week.

“So Friday night is good? Can you stay the weekend?” Charlie sounds a bit needy.

“Sure, Chuck. Folks will be away until Monday. I’ll leave here at six. See ya.”

“Great! Take care, Rock. There have been reports of rape gangs scooping up gays next town over. I’d kill for you, man.”

I don’t act or look gay, so who cares. I mean, I care, but…you know what I mean. Oh, sweet! There’s a sale on my favorite stuff at Mr. Master’s Menswear. I love their thongs and I want to try some crotch-less bikini briefs. Maybe I’ll get waxed for Charlie. I bet he’ll like that. Two days until Friday. Gotta hustle.

Part 2 –

Yep. I got a full body wax. It felt kinda hot for a few seconds, but then I got used to it. Ripping off the wax was a different story, though. Man. Tearing out the hairs from my skin hurt like hell. Anyway, Charlie is always going on about my: ‘sweet and tight young fresh tasting baby boy skin’…so this should please him a lot. I have to saddle up and get over there. My car won’t be ready for a few more days. Good thing my bike is reliable. Charlie does not like me to be late. Here I go! (Stoney opens the door, exits, then turns toward the door to lock it. A rag is roughly stuffed into his mouth as his head is held by two strong hands. A black hood suddenly covers his entire face and gets loosely tied around his neck. Four strong arms lift our boy off of his feet and carry him, thrashing and trying to scream, to a waiting van. He is gently laid on his back; and handcuffs clasp him to a railing.)

(Muffled voice) “Struggle and it won’t go well for you. We will take what we want and then let you go, worse for the wear, but overall unharmed. There’s no harm in good forced sex, now is there, boys?” (Muffled laughter). A hand unties the rope around Stoney’s neck, reaches in, and pulls out the gag. He coughs and before he can speak…

“KEEP SILENT!” The voice is not familiar. It sounds like those new voice modulators they sell to mask crank callers from getting recognized. Stoney ponders what to do. He thinks this must be Charlie and Tony putting on a prank. He can breathe okay through the bag, but can’t see a thing. He decides to play along, but a nagging warning of ‘rape gangs’ has him very uneasy. “How old are you, faggot?”

Stoney hesitates. “18. Not a faggot.”

“Hell yes, boys. We have some fresh young meat to feast on tonight. He looks older than 18, right?” (sounds of confirmation) “Must be a young gym rat, then. Gay for sure. Strip him, boys. Then we’ll know.”

“The hell you will…” Stoney bolts upright as far as he can; but gets slammed back down in a heartbeat. His own heart is racing. He feels vulnerable. Afraid. About to cry.

“I Eryaman Escort TOLD YOU! Give us trouble and you’ll regret it! Just let us take what we want and we’ll let you go! Otherwise…” A large strong hand is grasping Stoney at the throat and squeezing; shutting off his airway. “Nod if you will comply!” Stoney nods furiously. The hand is removed. Stoney gags a bit.

“Why?” He has to know the score.

“Because we can. Because fucking guys like you gives us pleasure. Because our wives hold out too much; and gay ass is the next best thing. No homo – right boys?” (laughter from all)

“But I’m not…”

“Hell you are. We see you coming and going from that house on Back Alley Road. We canvas a lot of places like that to find our bait. No matter, though. You’ll do. Your hole is either used to cock…or it will soon be!” (more laughter).

Stoney knows there are three men with him in the van. It can’t be Charlie and Tony. He is now resigned to his fate – getting fucked by strangers. He hopes their promise of staying unharmed is real. “Then use rubbers and get it over with.”

“Hell no. Strip him down boys. Let’s see what we’ve caught us tonight!”

Part 3 –

Hands tug at his belt. They pull off shoes and sox. A knife cuts away his tee. “I just bought that!”

“We’ll keep a tab running for you for reimbursements. You get twenty to be sucked off, and fifty to get ass fucked…boy, you will make bank tonight!” (lots of laughter) His jeans are pulled off by the legs; and he is left wearing only his new crotch-less bikini briefs. He knows what that means.

“Boss. Take a look at his…”

“I see it. I see a pumped up young 18 year old faggot bottom wearing his top’s favorite panties. Right, faggot? Stoney can only sigh. “I thought so.”

The van pulls into a driveway. A blanket is draped over Stoney, and he is led naked into a building, and down some stairs.

“We are isolated here, faggot. Screams won’t get heard. Listen, kid. Like I said, we will not hurt you. This space is warm and cozy. Get used to it. You’ll be here for a few days.”

“Days? I thought you said…”

“Plans change all the time. A hot ass like yours can keep us three happy right through the weekend, right, boys?” (sounds of approval) “Take it like a man, faggot. You’ll get sucked and fucked ’til we’re worn out and drained. We’re going silent for the duration. Your Holiday of Hell starts…right…now!

Part 4 –

As his body gets lifted onto a bed, Stoney considers his options. He has none. Three married men are going to take what they want from him no matter what. His new crotch-less briefs are getting tugged down and off his body. Hands are caressing him everywhere. Fuck. This is no time to get hard!

“Nice one!” What? The voice is different. Still muffled and disguised, but different. Must be one of the two other men. “What did I tell you, boys…we nabbed us a genuine cum dump this time. Shame his hard-on is so darn pretty.” Stoney starts to squirm, but is suddenly held down and immobilized. Let’s deflate this pole and get on to bigger and Sincan Escort better things.


“And we’ll keep it! One of our warm throats is gonna deflate that nice boner of yours so it stays out of the way for a while, that’s all.” Stoney sinks back into his resignation. A mouth begins to assault our young man’s penis. Lips grasp the head just under the corona. A warm, wet tongue encircles his head, and laps at the slit, erasing, for the moment, any fears in Stoney’s mind. He is, after all, a sexual being. Despite the circumstances, his kidnappers assurances of no harm are starting to render his defenses useless. As the onslaught continues to pleasure his rigid manhood, Stoney begins to relax into the rhythm of the sucking mouth…taking him ever deeper into a tight and very warm throat. Suddenly. there is a slight burning sensation on his belly.

“What the…”

“Wax. Candle wax. Kind of a harmless way to do a little pain/pleasure thing with no permanent harm. Looks like you’ve been here before, stud. All nice and smooth. Nice flat belly. Smooth skin. Tight abs. Pert little nipples. A little hot wax will help light a fire in your new friends here, faggot. Think of it this way. Wax is way better than knives…right?” Stoney nods. A lot.

“Ah.” The mouth has been busy. The throat, thrusting up and down on his shaft, is having the desired effect. If they want him to cum, Stoney will oblige them. He can’t help himself. No, really, he can’t…

“AHHH. AHHHH. AHHHHHHH!!” All of the nut juice he was saving for Charlie and Tony is getting pumped through his aching cock into some jackasses hot throat, and belly. What a waste. A tear forms in his eyes.

“Let him cool down, boys. Yeah, yeah. I know. I can see the blue steel boners between your legs. You’ll have his ass soon enough.” Stoney is still breathing hard. His muscular chest heaves as he struggles to take in enough air. His captors marvel at the beauty of his youthful toned body. “Turn him for the fucking.” Stoney is now on his belly…his deflated cock ‘out of the way’ as per their plan. Hands begin to caress his butt cheeks…his crack…spreading the mounds to reveal his twitching pucker. “No. Not yet. Faggot or not, we use a dildo to loosen ’em up…remember?” (groans are heard)

“I can take it. Just do it.”

“Who asked you?” Silence. “Lube the hole and ream it with the big one. I have a feeling he likes big ones.” His heart is still pumping from his ejaculation, but Stoney’s hole aches with the memory of Charlie’s big cock that would normally be inside of him around this time, if only…”


“It’s just a dildo, faggot. Don’t worry, we have lots of the real ones for you. I will personally be the first to dump a load inside your nice pink waxed hole!” Just then, droplets of hot wax hit his cheeks. Lots of drops. Hands massage his flanks. They work his shoulder muscles. Stoney relaxes completely. In his post orgasmic state, he just wants to get this over with. “Real one incoming!”

“Uhhh. Uhhh.” He feels the girth. The warmth. The firmness as it spreads his channel Etlik Escort on its way ever deeper into his tunnel. Then the thrusting begins. His entire body is moving forward and backward with each and every deep and powerful thrust. Despite the circumstances, he has the crazy notion that this all actually feels nice. Very nice.

Part 5 –

The thrusts have accelerated. Stoney knows his fucker is about to cum. He has to take this stranger’s load. Then the loads of the others, as well. He thinks of how he will shower and douche to clean himself of their scum. The thought helps.

“Gonna burst a nut soon, faggot. Damn, but you’re tight! So glad my wife turned cold. Nothing beats a hot young faggot ass like yours to sheathe my aching meat stick. Oh, yeah. Here it comes. Oh. OH. OOOOHHHHHH!! Stoney feels his fucker’s cock start to pulsate wildly inside of him. He knows there is a river of mugger cream getting deposited into his helplessly innocent ass. “FUCK. FUCK that was good! Say goodbye to one happy soft and soggy python, faggot,”

“Python? Did you say…” Hands are loosening the rope holding the bag to his head. As it is lifted from him, his vision, blurry at first, and sensitive to the light, starts to return to normal.

“YOU BASTARDS!” Charlie and Tony are flanking him on the bed. Three strangers sit naked in chairs surrounding them. Two cameras are capturing…have captured…everything that went down tonight – streamed live to a bunch of horny subs, tipping like crazy for the show they got to watch…and jerk to.

“Surprise! Remember, you asked for it!” Charlie does not look one bit worried about Stoney’s reaction.

“No way. I never…” Stoney looks just a tad annoyed. Just a wee tad. The rest of the guys are trying not to bust a nut laughing.

“You said you saw a video about two guys doing mild bondage; and then a third comes in with lighted candles…”


“No. It was a plan…for our next threesome. We just cooked this up to prank you a bit. Adding another guy was Tony’s idea, to throw you off track.” Stoney throws Tony a: ‘I’ll kill you later’ look. Tony is horrified that Stoney doesn’t loosen up to the prank.


“Sure it is, Rock. You’ll get there. Look. You did not get hurt. Tony sucked you off. I fucked your sweet ‘faggot’ ass as per usual. What’s the problem?” Charlie is all smiles. Stoney is lunging for his throat.

‘FUCKERS! I HATE….I ha…” Tears flow as Stoney realizes he was never in real danger. He won’t let them off the hook just yet, though. Charlie has him now in a bear hug, Stoney is sobbing on his shoulder.

“Come on, Rock. See the humor in all this, will ‘ya? It’s nothing more than a practical joke! Besides, we get to split a bunch of tips from the subs…AND these three gentlemen paid us 2K apiece to be a part of the fun.” Stoney knows he’ll forgive them. Just not right now. His revenge is beginning to form in his mind.

Part 6 –

“GET AWAY FROM ME!” He pushes Charlie backwards; then bolts off the bed. They are in Charlie’s basement. He knows the layout well. Stoney bolts up the stairs, grabs some of his clothes from the stash he keeps there, and hops onto Charlie’s Harley. It revs, and Stoney takes off like a rocket into the night. He laughs to himself with what he has planned. As he heads for his house, Charlie’s cream is seeping through his jeans onto the bike. Serves him right, he thinks to himself. Just wait until I get my revenge!

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