Tiffany’s Getaway Ch. 4

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Stiff, from sleeping on the floor, she opened her eyes slowly. The dim light of pre-dawn created soft shadows around the cabin. Tiffany felt the familiar pressure of a full morning bladder, but there was more. She put her hand between her legs and found that her lover, Roger was fully sheathed inside her vagina. His morning erection filled her, and she felt the pulse of his heart inside her body. The fullness of her belly tempted her to instigate some early morning sex, but she had to relieve herself, soon.

After their outside adventures the day before, her shyness had dissipated. Pulling herself away from the warm, full feeling, she rushed to the deck and let loose the pressure of her bladder. She watched the dark yellow stream leave her vulva and arc towards the ground below. She was startled when a second stream appeared next to her. She looked over to see her lover’s stiff penis shooting his pee high in the air.

“Feels good to do it like this, doesn’t it?” he asked calmly.

“You shouldn’t sneak up on a girl, like that!” she admonished.

“I couldn’t resist joining you, it looked so hot.” He smiled and bent to kiss her. Her tongue shot into his mouth, and she pulled him down to her.

“Put that monster back in this little cave before he gets ‘cold'” she gasped.

Tiffany lay back on the wooden deck and parted her thighs for him. A swift check with his finger found her to be wet and ready. He knelt between her legs, and she guided his erection to the warm, waiting orifice. Their bodies melted together in slow motion. She savored the feeling of her body being split by the hot, throbbing organ that filled her so well.

The swollen crown moved through the moist membranes of her vagina, feeling every ripple of the heavily veined penis as it filled her. His belly met hers and the tip of him knocked on the door to her womb. She could feel the hard flesh touch the bulge deep inside her body. Roger began a slow withdrawal, causing Tiffany to moan at the loss, only to sigh deeply as he pushed back into her.

‘Mmm.. that feels so fine!” she purred. Her hips moved up to capture even more of his length. The rhythm of lovers quickly accelerated into hard thrusting as the passion heated up the two bodies. Sweat formed on their flesh, and the wet slapping sounds as their bellies met echoed in their ears. Her breathing became rapid and short, her orgasm had begun swiftly, and she creied out for him to meet her there.

“Cum şanlıurfa escort with me!” she cried. “I’m almost there!…. Fill m..ohgod…meee…I’mmm cummmmminggg!!! Tiffany shreiked.

Her body rose from the floor of the deck, her pelvis drove Rogers body into the air, and he slammed back into her spasming vagina. He released what seemed like gallons of the hot, thick cum from his body deep inside of hers. His body shook as he pumped his semen into the writhing girl under him. He kissed her gently as the waves of release subsided. She held him tightly, not wanting to let him go.

Their bodies returned to normal, slow breathing and the pounding in their chests receded. Slowly they broke the junction between them, and went in the cabin to shower.

The heavy stream of hot water felt good to them, as each washed the other. Soap slick fingers explored all the creases and openings of each other’s body. Roger marveled at the tight muscles all over her. Not a chiseled hardness, but a smooth, soft sculptured one. The firmness of her breasts, the taper of her waist, the slight bulge of her stomach, and the flat of her belly over the small puffy mound of her sex. The way her trim thighs tapered to her knees, and the curve of her calves above her slim ankles and small feet. She was a beautiful sight to behold.

Tiffany caressed the strong arms of her lover and massaged the firm muscles of his chest and stomach. His thin waist and strong legs gained equal attention as she knelt on the cool tiles to wash his legs and feet. Her head was in line with the heavy sac below the ever-present erection. It seemed like it never went down, although she had seen it soft quite a few times that weekend. He was so easily aroused, but then, she thought about how quickly she got wet down there, each time he touched her.

She raised her face, and took the massive penis in her mouth. She licked it softly before she took it down her throat, as far as she could. Roger held her head still and began a slow pumping motion. Tiffany held steady on his hips, as he used her mouth like her vagina, gently thrusting deeper into her throat. Swallowing swiftly, she was able to finally take all eight inches of him. It felt so strange to have something that large moving in and out of her throat, and so wonderful at the same time. Her mouth was resting on the short fur above his penis.

Along with the gentle thrusts, she felt him grow. She almost pulled away, fearing she would choke, but pushed her lips all the way down just as he started to fill her stomach with his liquid fire. It felt so hot, so thick, running straight down her throat. No swallowing needed as the force of his ejaculation pushed it deep inside.

“Ohh.. WOW.. Tiff!” he groaned. “That was something else!”

She pulled her face back and smiled up at him. “I’ve wanted to do that all weekend!” she exclaimed.

Rinsing off, they made their way back to the loft. Roger lay out some towels and motioned Tiffany to lie down on them. Her wet body sparkled in the filtered morning light as Roger knelt by the bed. He moved her legs apart, and kissed his way up her thighs, to the treasure that lay between. Her nectar was flowing heavily enough to be a steady trickle from the swollen vulva, just inches from his lips.

She could feel his hot breath as he neared her mound. She could feel the wetness seeping from her body. She trembled as his lips touched her lower lips. Her vulva opened, almost like a door, letting the rose-colored inner labia start to swell and part like the wings of a butterfly. He gazed at the wet flesh as he parted the inner wings with his fingers. The tiny bud at the top was fully engorged, pushed high above its sheath. The opening of her vagina pulsed visibly, begging to be filled. Tenderly, he touched her with his tongue. Soft sounds from her throat filled his ears, and the sweet aroma of her arousal filled his nose.

Slowly licking around the opening and then the length of her slit, he savored the tangy nectar, and reveled at the slow rolling of her hips in response to his efforts. He even tongued the small opening where she peed, teasing it with the tip of his tongue. He looked over her belly to see her hands grasping her breasts and pulling the nipples.

“Oh, yes, Roger!” she moaned. “Kiss on me, good! Oh… that feels so wonderful!”

He kept kissing on her and licking all around the sensitive button. When he finally surrounded it with his lips, he slowly inserted a finger into the opening of her sex, causing her to gasp. “Ohmigod!”

He found the large almond shaped bulge just inside and gently massaged it as he sucked on the swollen clitoris. She started to grunt and buck her hips as he brought her closer to completion. Her hands grasped his head and pulled his face tight to her crotch when she exploded from deep within her belly. Tiffany let out a cry and her vagina began to convulse around his finger. A rush of fluid covered his hand, and he replaced his finger with his mouth to drink the sweet girl cum.

Knowing he wouldn’t cum again so quickly after the deck and shower didn’t stop him from pulling up and driving his erection swiftly into the trembling flesh where his mouth had been. Tiffany screamed again, because his penetration brought a second wave of spasms through her whole body. She felt like she would never stop cumming!

He lay his weight gently on her quivering body, holding her tight as the orgasm waned. He kissed her soft lips as she tried to speak.

“Shhh. You don’t need to talk.” He said quietly as he kissed her again. They lay still for a while before he pulled out of her body, the got up and began to dress.

“Need to get ready to go.” He said solemnly.

She watched with saddened eyes as his words sank in. The weekend was near its end, and they had to return to the real world, soon. Tiffany smoothed her hands over her body, thinking of all they had done at the cabin. Her fingers even slipped inside her inflamed kitty a few times. She brought her wet fingers to her mouth and tasted herself, thinking ‘He’s right, it is kind of sweet…’.

Dressing herself, she went out to the shed and watched Roger re-attach the sidehack and begin to pack their things. After lunch, they shared slow, tender love one last time in the cabin. Roger kicked the bike to life, and Tiffany settled in behind, holding him tighter than ever before.

Memories of the past days flashed through her mind. The closer they got to her parent’s house, the more her thoughts turned to here and now.

‘What will happen when we get there? What will I do? What will he do?’

The miles flashed by, the heat and vibrations of the big bike coursed through her body. The aroma of ‘her man’ and his leather jacket, the feel of his strong body between her thighs. These were the feelings of her dreams, her fantasies come to life.

Roger pulled up in the drive, where they had left her son with Grandma. The thoughts raced through her head.

‘Will he stay here? Does he have to leave?’

He shut the rumbling Harley off, and sat quietly while she dismounted. As she reached for her pack, he pulled her close and kissed her long and hot.

Her heart raced as her tongue danced with his.

‘If he has to go, will he come back to me?’

Reluctantly breaking the hot kiss, she finally spoke, “Will you stay for a little while?”

Will their lives continue together or apart?

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