The Teacher

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Author’s Note: This is my first story written and submitted to Literotica. I have multiple ideas and stories in progress that are related to or a continuation of this one. I’m very excited about continuing along this path and submitting more stories and I would love to hear feedback! Thank you!


It was 7:40. Her last conference of the night was in five minutes. She checked herself in the mirror. She was wearing a low cut dress that was just long enough maintain her professionalism. She had put a bit more effort into the way she looked tonight, but not for the same reason that most other teachers do. She knew he would be attending his son’s conference tonight. She freshened up one more time, even though she had already freshened up before her first conference.

She looked at the clock. 7:42. They would be walking in any minute. “They” meaning both parents. She had never involved herself with a parent before, especially not one that was married. But there was just something about him. He had a very dominating presence and did he ever control her when he was in her classroom. Usually it’s the teacher that has the control in the classroom, but she was more than willing to relinquish that control to him. He always made it worth it.

7:43. She walked out into the hallway, looking professional, waiting for her next set of parents to arrive.

He and his wife were scrambling to get out the door on time. The fucking babysitter was late…again. He considered firing her, but he did not want to miss his son’s conference tonight. He hadn’t been to the school for a visit in weeks. He’d been looking forward to tonight. He’ll fire her later for the inconvenience. He already had some accessories he would need for later. He couldn’t exactly pack a bag. His wife would get suspicious. He did, however, convince her to drive separately. He told her he was heading to the gym afterward to work out. He was definitely going to be working out, just not in the way she had expected.

He looked at his watch. 7:35. Shit they were going to be late. Not a problem. He thought about the teacher getting wetter as she waited for them to show up. His dick hardened as he climbed into his car.

7:46. It wasn’t uncommon for parents to show up late for conferences. Previous conferences might run long or a million other excuses. He was showing up late intentionally. He wanted her to know that he was in control and she liked it that way. She felt herself moisten her panties. The anticipation was almost unbearable. She could tell that she was ready to cum, but it would be quite a while before they even got started. Not to mention how long he would make her wait for it, make her beg for it.

Her thoughts were interrupted as they walked around the corner.

He pulled into the parking lot at 7:45. He sat in the car a little bit longer than he needed to. He felt himself harden again as he thought about how badly she was waiting for him. He couldn’t wait to taste that anticipation later. He waited a few more minutes to make sure his hard on wasn’t obvious when he was walking into the school for his son’s conference. His wife was already waiting by the door.

“What took you so long?” she asked.


They walked into the school together.

As they walked around the corner, he saw her waiting. Fuck, did she look hot. He looked her up and down. Her long blonde hair was curled. She only did that for conferences. Whenever he came to school during the day, it was straight. She was wearing “that dress.” The one he liked. The one she wore the first time they had fucked in her classroom. It was black, low cut and he could see the curves of her tits. His eyes continued to move down her body. Yes, that dress was just the right length. It came down to just below the curve of her ass. It didn’t reveal anything. Unless she was bending over. Büyükesat Escort She would be doing that later.

She watched as he looked her body up and down, undressing her with his eyes.

“He likes the dress,” she thought to herself and smiled.

He looked so hot as walked toward her with so much power. He knew he had the power, too. The power to make her wet with just a look. The power to make her cum harder than any other man had.

She greeted his wife first for two reasons. One so that she wouldn’t get suspicious and two because she knew it would drive him crazy.

She let them walk into the classroom first, so that she could close the door for privacy. His wife entered the room and he followed. He looked her in the eyes and she felt herself begin to throb. As he walked by, he brushed his hand against her. Just enough to make her quiver, but not enough that anyone else would notice.

They all sat down and she began to report on how their son was doing in school.

He wasn’t sure how long she had been talking about his son nor had he heard half of what she had said. Before he knew it, his wife was standing.

“Thank you,” she said.

“Thanks for coming,” she said, smiling at her choice of words. She was pretty sure she saw him smile too.

As they walked down the hallway, she stared at him. He had a great ass and she imagined what it looked like when he wasn’t wearing pants. They walked around the corner to leave. Now she had to wait. Obviously, he couldn’t just stay here after the conference. She wondered what excuse he gave his wife this time. Not that it mattered.

She tried to keep herself busy, but she was distracted about the night’s events. She could barely remember what she had reported about their son. The wife did most of the talking. He just nodded his head from time to time. She wondered what must have been going through his mind. She definitely knew where her thoughts were.

She texted her husband. “Working late, honey. I love you.” Her husband knew what that meant. They had a standing agreement. He knew exactly what “working late” meant and she knew his dick would be rock hard as he read her text. She would tell him all about her night when she got home.

He replied with a few memes, as usual, and she put her phone away. She tried to refocus to get some sort of work done while she was waiting and then she felt it. It was like he had a presence. She felt it the second he walked into her classroom. She didn’t turn around though. She just waited.

He walked out of the school with his wife, told her he’d see her later, and then headed for his car. He drove toward the gym as his wife headed home. As soon as she was out of sight, he pulled into a nearby driveway and turned around. He drove back to the school, his dick hardening the closer he got.

Most of the cars in the parking lot were gone already. Her classroom light was still on. He waited again, just a few minutes. Then he stepped out of his car and walked back to the school.

The doors were still unlocked. So he walked in and toward the classroom for the second time tonight. Only this time would be much more enjoyable. He stepped in the room and stopped. She was at her desk, bending over. He admired her thighs, waiting for her to turn around. She didn’t. She was toying with him. It drove him wild. He walked toward her.

She felt his breath on her neck but didn’t say anything. He ran his fingers along the back of her neck, following the same line with his tongue. She let out a soft moan. His dick hardened at the sound. He continued to move his hands down her body, down the sides of her waist, until he reached her ass. He squeezed, pushing her forward into the desk. She could feel his dick pressed against her. She tried to move, but he Beşevler Escort had her pinned against the desk. He reached his hand around and up her dress. He started rubbing her nipples with his fingers, alternating from one to the other. He could feel her push her ass back against his cock. He moaned.

He continued to tease her nipples while kissing and licking along her neck. He continued to slide his hands down her body, sliding his hands under her dress. He rubbed against the front of her panties and felt the wetness from her anticipation. He continued to rub against her clit and she let out another moan.

“Shh,” he said. “You don’t want to get caught, do you?”

Having to stifle her moans made the pleasure more intense. He kept rubbing her, applying more pressure. Just as she was about to cum, he stopped.

“You’ll cum when I let you cum,” he whispered into her ear. “I haven’t finished with you yet.”

Her clit throbbed. She ached for him to touch her again. He hovered with his hands. Gently stroking the skin around her pussy. Lightly brushing against her clit for a few seconds and then pulling away again. “Please.” she begged.

Then he slid his fingers into her panties, inserting a few fingers inside her, thrusting as deep as he could go. He pulled his body away from her and turned her around. He pulled off her panties and picked her up and put her ass on the edge of the desk. He pushed her dress up above her tits and started licking her nipples. As he licked, he slid his fingers down to rub her clit again. She moaned again, louder than she should have. If anyone was still in the school, they definitely would have heard it. He brought her close to cumming again and then stopped. He let her sit on the edge of orgasm as he touched her every few seconds. She was overwhelmed by the pleasure of his hands and his tongue.

He stood up and removed his belt and used it to tie her hands together above her head.

“Move over to the chair,” he commanded.

She got up and walked over to the chair and sat down. He pulled her legs forward, so that her ass was on the edge of the chair. He stood back and stared at her. Her naked body exposed to him, unable to stop him from doing what he was about to do.

He undid his pants and pulled out his rock hard cock. She thought he was going to fuck her, but instead he put his dick in her mouth. She didn’t hesitate. She started sucking as hard as she could. He thrust in her mouth repeatedly until he was about to cum. He pulled away. He wanted to shoot his load inside of her, but not this way.

She licked her lips, as if pleading with him to stick his cock in her mouth again. It didn’t matter what she wanted. He was in control. She would suck his dick, if he wanted her to. She would cum if he wanted her to. She would do whatever the fuck he wanted her to do and she knew it.

He dropped to his knees and started licking her clit, softly at first. He lightly licked around, massaging her clit with his tongue. He was right. The taste of her anticipation was indescribable. He continued to lick softly and slowly, even though her thrusting hips were begging for more. He reached his hand into her desk drawer and grabbed out one of the toys that they kept there for nights like tonight. She didn’t notice that he had the toy until he slid it inside her as she licked. She screamed out with pleasure as he licked her clit faster. He felt that she was about to cum and he stopped licking her but kept thrusting with the toy. He then stopped thrusting, but left the toy inside her. He hovered over her pussy, breathing on her clit. He didn’t touch her. He didn’t move the toy. She laid there, wondering what he was going to do next. The anticipation was almost enough to make her cum.

She looked down at him, just as he started licking her again. He could tell Cebeci Escort she was looking at him, so he looked up at her. She could see his tongue moving back and forth on her clit. Suddenly, he thrust the toy as deep as it could go. She had almost forgotten that it was still inside of her.

He stopped licking and asked, “Do you want to cum, baby?”

“Yes, please.”

“Please what?”

“Please let me cum,” she pleaded.

He flicked her clit with his tongue between each word, “Well…you’ll…cum…when…I…decide…to…let…you…” All of a sudden, he started licking faster. She moaned and squirmed, while he tortured her with his tongue. She thought he was going to let her cum, but he stopped again just before.

“You see baby? I’m in control of your pussy.” She knew this already but hearing him say it was so fucking hot.

He stood up to let her suck his cock again. He left the toy inside her while she sucked his dick. She reached down and started thrusting the toy in herself. As she moaned, he felt the vibrations on his cock and pulled it out before he could shoot.

He was ready to let her cum now. He dropped to his knees again and licked her hard and fast until she couldn’t take it anymore. She screamed loudly and she came hard. He could taste her as she came and continued to lick her until she wanted to pull his head away. Her hands were still tied so she continued to cry out from pleasure as he continued to torture her with his tongue.

He pulled away from her pussy. “Have you had enough yet?” he asked. He leaned in and licked her clit again. Just once. She quivered.

He breathed softly onto her pussy and whispered “I could keep licking and there’s nothing you can do about it.” He licked her again, over and over. She moaned and shifted her body. The feeling of his tongue on her clit was so intense. He licked and tortured her again and again. She tasted amazing. He didn’t want to stop but he wanted his cock inside of her now.

He stood up and pulled her off of the chair. He flipped her around and bent her over so that her hands were on the desk. He admired her ass and pulled the toy out of her pussy before he slammed his cock into her hard. She screamed out in pleasure. His dick felt amazing inside of her.

He thrusted over and over. The deeper he got, the louder she moaned. “God yes. Fuck me!” she yelled. He was ready to cum but she wasn’t there yet. He pulled out and put the toy back in her pussy. He thrusted it as deep as he could go. He could tell she was getting close to cumming again. He flipped her around again and laid her down on the desk. Her tits looked huge from this angle. He couldn’t decide which view he liked better, her ass or her tits.

He thrusted the toy in her a couple more times. He took it out and thrust his cock in her again and again. She came hard for the second time that night. The sound of her moaning pushed him over the edge. He shot a huge load deep inside her pussy as she continued to moan louder. He kept thrusting inside of her because he knew it was driving her wild. Her body shook with every thrust.

He pulled out of her and cleaned himself up. Her body was weak from the multiple orgasms. She laid on the desk, staring at him while he redressed himself.

When he was dressed, he walked to the door. He turned back to her and said “Until next time, baby.” He left as she laid there, thoroughly fucked, and belt still tied around her wrists.

She finally got up enough energy to move. She took the belt off of her wrists. She got up and cleaned herself off. She found her panties bundled up on the floor. She pulled them back on. They felt cold and wet as they touched her pussy. She threw the toy and the belt in her desk drawer. She was certain she’d need them again. When she was ready, she grabbed her things and headed out the door.

As she was walking down the hallway, she heard a voice say “Have a great rest of your night!” It was the teacher from next door. He must have heard everything. She got wet again, thinking about him listening. “You too,” she said.

She texted her husband that she was on her way home. She started driving home thinking about round two with her husband as she told him all about her evening.

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