The Park Ride Ch. 06

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I drove up to her brother’s 5th wheel and shut the car off. Sondra looked down at her hands that were resting in her laps and said, “I guess this is it?”

I said, “No, I am not ready to leave you and go home. I’d just as soon stay up all night with you.”

She said, “Nate and Lori are probably asleep already but we can probably just sit outside or something. We have to be quiet though.”

I said, “That’s cool.”

She got out and whispered, “Let me go put my things up.”

She carried her panties and panty hose inside the camper. When she came back out, she had switched back into jeans, a t-shirt, and a jacket. While she was changing, I checked my phone and had 19 missed calls and 5 messages from home. I felt kind of bad but I knew I better not call now.

Back to Sondra and the jeans, she was really beautiful in anything. She pulled a chair over by mine and sat beside me. We put our feet up on a cooler and she put her head against my chest.

Looking down she said, “I haven’t told you about the dream I had last night. It was weird. I dreamed we were at a wedding and you were with another woman that I think was your wife. Every time I tried to look at you, you looked away. Alex kept asking me which guy was you, that he wanted to talk with you. The way he was saying talk, it was more like he wanted to hurt you. I would never point you out to him and he said you had some kind of control over me. Near the end, you drove off in an old car, you and that girl in the backseat and a black guy with a big white smile driving, and everyone was cheering and clapping like you were being congratulated for something. I stood there on the street curb looking and you didn’t look my way but said something to the girl you were with. She stared at me as the car drove by as if she was looking into my soul.”

“Wow, “I said, “That’s deep. They say dreams are fears or wishes. I hope that was a fear.”

She lifted her head up, looked into my ears very seriously and said, “Oh, I am very scared. This thing I feel with you is something I have never felt before. Tell me you feel it, too.”

I admitted, “Honestly, I really do. I wanted to stop time today at the bluffs. I want to stop it any time I am with you. Tomorrow will come too quickly but we just Demetevler Escort have to have some patience until we see each other again.”

She said, “You make me feel secure and alive at the same time.”

She reached up and kissed me again. I met her kiss and opened my mouth so our tongues could touch. We kissed as we heard the frogs, owls, locusts, and other creatures of the night sing.

She broke the kiss and grabbed my head as she whispered into my ear, “Make love to me tonight. I want to remember it always.”

I asked, “Where? We have already almost gotten caught once tonight.”

She said, “We can go inside, but we have to be quiet.”

I said, “You? Quiet? I don’t know about that.”

She backed away and gave me a pouty look. I said, “It’s up to you.”

I followed her into the camper and stood watching as she pulled the sofa bed out.

I whispered, “You don’t have a room of your own?”

She replied also in a quiet voice, “No. The only bedroom is up those little stairs over there. Nate and Lori are in there.”

The only thing I could think is if they came out, they would see us having sex and I’d get my ass kicked, or maybe even shot.

She continued, “It’s cool. They have their own bathroom so they probably would never come out this time of night.”

I was still nervous but we only had 6 hours now until they were leaving. I knew the next 6 hours would fly by.

Sondra took off her clothes, folded them, and placed them on the table to the left of the sofa bed. I took off mine and put them on the table on the other side. We climbed underneath the sheets and blanket, I on the right and she on the left, and our naked bodies met in the middle. I climbed on top of her as I kissed her mouth and face. I ran my fingers through her hair and then down to her right breast with my left hand. She massaged my scalp as I moved my kisses down to her breasts. I sucked and nibbled her hard nipples and she squirmed in the bed. She moaned but her moans were only whispers and heavy breathing. “Good girl, “I thought as she kept from being so loud.

I inched my left hand down to her triangle and scratched her strip of hair for a minute. I continued down to her clit Otele gelen escort and ran my finger over it. I dug into the top of her velvet folds and lubricated the tip of my middle finger. I brought that finger back up to rub her clit. She whispered, “Oh that feels so good.”

Her hands went back and forth between my hair and my shoulders as she rubbed and scraped her fingernails across my naked skin. She reached her right hand down towards my already hard cock and began stroking gently. I was rock hard again and the soft touch she had was so erotic that it made my hips buck into her.

I rubbed her clit for a couple of minutes then worked down to her lips. I pushed my finger into her canal and her lips parted to allow my welcome finger into her body. Her hips rose off the bed while I dug deeply into her slick, hot canal. She whispered, “Oh yes. Even your fingers are good.”

I rubbed in and out for a minute or two, then pulled my finger back out to rub her clit some more. She continued to stroke my cock but her strokes had become stronger and faster. I knew this meant she was getting close if I was reading her body right.

As I thought, her body rose again off of the bed and she breathed real hard through her mouth, then her nose, then whispered, “I’m cumming. Don’t stop. Oh my God, “as she hugged my back, pulling my body against hers. Her voice went into a high pitch whisper at the end of her talking but never loud, thank goodness. She had completely lost control with what she was doing and had let her hand stop stroking and it just squeezed my cock. Shortly after her orgasm stopped, she resumed stroking me. She whispered, “Do you want me?”

I whispered, “Yes, Sondra, I want to make love to you.”

I climbed between her spread legs and she grabbed my cock to guide it. She wasn’t playing around. She put the head right at her entrance and when I pushed hard, I went right in. Her pussy was so hot and wet and tight. I buried my cock until our bodies met and I had no more to give her. I kissed her mouth and she put her hands on my ass to pull me into her. I worked my kisses down again, all over her neck and shoulders. I fucked her slow and steady and within no time, I felt her Balgat Escort pussy tighten. I sucked her neck again as she whispered, “Can you feel it? Oh my God! I’m cumming again!”

I had to keep my thrusts slow and steady so we didn’t make a bunch of noise in the bed and wake up her brother. I wanted to fuck her hard but the sounds of the bodies slapping and the couch moving might wake him. By this time, I raised my body up as my arms kept me off of her and watched her beautiful expressions in the dim light coming in through the window.

The next time she came, I backed out and only gave her about 5 inches, but gave her a faster pace to enjoy. That seemed to do the trick and she came hard again. It actually felt good because the head of my cock almost popped out once or twice, but went right back into her tightness.

Shortly after, she seemed to be cumming again as she reached up and kissed, then sucked, and then bit my chest gently. I think she might have done it to keep from screaming. I liked it whatever the reason.

I knew my cock was getting close but again, I had to be careful not to make a lot of noise. I felt myself grow and start to itch for release. At the same time, she whispered and begged, “Fill me with your cum. I wanna feel it.”

I quickened my pace again and tried to only give her 5 inches like I had before. I noticed I could go deeper, but not all the way and slap my lower body against hers. She started breathing fast and shallow, turned her head to her left, and put two fingers in her mouth again to bit on. I finally released into her, filling her with my cum as she bit her fingers and squealed quietly. I must have ejaculated 5 times, each time sending shocks through my body as her canal tightened up around my hard shaft.

When I finished, I laid down onto her body and kissed her neck. She whispered, “I love you.”

I whispered back, “I love you, too.”

We were both exhausted and I remember thinking I needed to get up but before I knew it, it was 6:30 AM and her brother was waking us up. Some time through the night, I had at least climbed off of her onto my back with her head lying on my chest. I don’t remember that though, how we got into that position.

All Nate said was, “Okay, lovebirds, it’s time to get up and get going.”

The next half hour was a blur. We got up, held each other, exchanged phone numbers and emails, I helped Nate get his truck hooked up, and they drove away at 7 AM. I am man enough to admit I did cry watching them leave. In fact, I cried hard. I know we’ll see each other again in time. However tomorrow wouldn’t be soon enough.

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