Sweeter than Candy: Blissful

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*Did you read the first part to this? I’d recommend that first, but you don’t need to do that. Personally I like this part better, it’s almost a stand-alone sequel. Thanks for reading.*


“OK, Bruce I want to believe you, but I just can’t.” said Dan while eating his food, sitting across the table. “You expect me and George to believe that Candice texted you in the middle of the night, asked you to pick her up, you brought her home, she slept in your bed, then you two fucked the next morning?”

George calmly glances up at Dan from his left then says, “I believe him.”

“George, why do you believe him?” Dan puts his food down and looks at George with an annoyed look. “How the fuck is this more believable than that time I told you guys about that thing that happened to me on my walk home last week?” Dan had been talking about some hooker he met last week, supposedly she offered him sex or something then she grabbed his dick.

He didn’t focus too much on the details, just on the girl that gave him the best dick grab he ever got sine that one time at the doctor’s office for a physical. Another important bit was that he never said she was a hooker, but from the grimy details and location, it wasn’t too big of a jump in logic.

George looks up at Dan then quickly looks away awkwardly. “It’s not that we didn’t believe you, it’s just we sort of don’t give a fuck.” I stated calmly as I took a drink from my juice pouch. George suddenly laughed for a second, still glaring off into space, still not looking at either of the two sharing a table with him.

“Ok, well at least my story happened! You were probably fucking Ms. Grant all weekend. ” Said Dan as he went back to chewing with a bitter look on his face.

“Oh no sadly Ms. Grant had to play with her own dick this weekend, I was too busy with candy. Here check this out.” I said putting down my juice as I pulled my pocket out of my phone. Dan and George stared at me while I swiped several times at my phone “Look here.” I said holding up my phone to show them Candice’s contact info.

“Bruce, her phone number? This doesn’t prove shit, nor does it proof her punching your v-card. Here just give me your phone.” Dan began to try and reach for my phone. I pulled back laughing tell him no; George started giggling, while watching me try to fend off Dan from reaching over the table.

“Bruce come on just let me! I just want to see if that is even really her number! Wait!! Do you have English tomorrow?” Dan said as he stopped trying for my phone, while giving me a serious look.

“English? Yeah but what the fuck does that have to do with anything?” I made a puzzled face as I said this.

“Fuck. Chemistry! I meant chemistry. That’s the class you have Candy with right? You sit next to her don’t you?” Questioned Dan, as he begins to chuckle with a large grin.

“I do”, I said as I put my phone back into my pocket.

“Bruce. Get her to fuck you in class.” Dan drops the antics, and has a serious face as he says this to me “It doesn’t even have to be full on vaginal intercourse! Just see if she’ll give you that H.J. when Sare isn’t looking”. I sigh heavily, George laughs again.

“I am not gonna try to get a handjob during chemistry class, I would get so fuckin’ expelled.” Dan and George laugh at how annoyed I sound.

“No, Bruce just do it, and you have to snap a pic hella fast.” They’re both laughing now almost hysterically. I made no remark. I took a sip from my drink, and tried to ignore them

“Nah, nah. George has done so much weird shit with his girlfriend. Remember the piss story?! You have to do this!” Dan said gasping for air from laughter.

“That was so fucking gross. I don’t know why she even agreed to that. Fuck that, I am not trying to get Candy to give me a handy at school”. I sigh again heavily and turn around.

I see Ms. Mann, our school’s principal, walking towards us. “Shut your monkey ass up, Ms. Mann is walking towards us.” I said under my breath. They both begin to try and hide their laughter.

Ms. Mann approaches us and stands on my right “Dan, so I heard you missed detention yesterday. You know if you don’t go today I have to suspend you right?” said Ms. Mann in a condescending tone.

Although I couldn’t actually tell if she meant to sound condescending, it was sort of just how she always sounded.

Dan looks up to her and says this overly long story about why he didn’t go. I’m not even sure if he is telling the truth, a lot of people don’t like Dan. They think he’s crude, loud, and just plain gross at times.

In a way I appreciated that about him, it just meant less people wanted to be around with us. I’m not too much of a talker sometimes, so I like the small group I’m in.

I looked around, trying to see if i could see Candice in the distance, her beautiful long hair and tiny frame. All I see is a bright orange sign in front of the school, through the cafeteria window. The shade of orange made me think of how Candice’s skin looked compared to how her skin looked against her tan gaziantep escort lines. I had never even noticed how tan she was until I saw the tan lines.

The tan lines themselves got me hard as steel, they turned me on, such unseen private areas. They went from a beautiful tanned tone to a pale, soft, and white pigment of skin within a few millimeters of skin. That’s all it was. Skin untouched by the grace of the damaging sun, and the sight of the tan lines made me want to fuck her uncontrollably.

I’m so distracted. I can barely hear Ms. Mann telling Dan he isn’t going to be shit. I had been like this ever since I was with Candice yesterday. She was the station every train of thought I had led to. Every step I took was another chance to see her. We talked for hours the other day, but I want to know more about her.

I want to be with her, put my arm around her, and listen to that voice tell me something I don’t know. Thankfully she did tell me a lot about herself. A fuck ton of small details, she likes watching horror, listening to reggae, her favorite color is red, she hates chemistry. Also she’s got a sister that graduated two years ago.

She showed me photos of her sister. Crazy hot, but she didn’t seem anything like Candice. As she told me more about herself, I was surprised, I didn’t take her for the type of girl she really was. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, I did carry her home after barely meeting her.

Then spent the next morning inside of her after she told me about how she was into some other guy for months. She’s as destructive as she is beautiful. But that’s something I wasn’t ready to admit to myself. When I saw her, all I saw was her wide smile and her smooth tanned skin. Her beauty rendered my mind helpless.

I’m not sure really I cared. Isn’t that the whole point of everything anyway? For some beautiful human being to get close to you, and make you realize the never ending black void that is existence, actually has some sort of purpose?

That when you look at something; nothing else matter the slightest bit, because you have that one thing everybody wants: Love, and crazy hot sex.

School went by slow, every time I turned my head I still wished that Candice was there waiting for me. I didn’t see her, but not for lack of trying. Then before I knew it, it was five o’clock, and I was standing in front a pot of steaming hot rice. I stared into the pot as the rice rose to the top.

A foamy white substance erupted from the rice then gravitated around the center. This was my cue to lower the heat of the stove. Dad’s not home yet.

So as usual, It’s just me at home. As the starchy smell of the rice consumes the air around me. I begin to feel something, is this what it feels like to miss someone?

I felt my phone vibrate, it was a text from Candice “Hey Brucey.” then another text full of emojis followed immediately afterwards. Finally, I wish I wasn’t so nervous, and just texted her.

I was getting nervous that maybe she didn’t care. I mean she fucked me, because I did what exactly? After she woke up we talked for a while then she fucked me. Why didn’t I realize, what if she actually had texted Brenda?

Or what if she texted some other guy she had in her phone’s contact list? Would she fuck them too, and given them her phone number? What if she didn’t text anybody?

Fuck what am I doing? Why does she have to be so damn hot? What the fuck is she even doing with me? These are the thoughts that evaporated into the recesses of my mind, while I spent the rest of the night texting Candice. I even fell asleep texting her.

“Hey I kinda wanna try it” said Candice as she whispered leaning into me, the morning after we spent all night sexting.

“Try what?” as I tried not to look away from Ms. Sare as she read the slideshow out-loud with her back turned to us.

“You know what.” She whispered poking my left thigh.

“Fuck, Candy. I really don’t think that’s a good idea. Dan’s a complete idiot.” I said trying to remain calm and talk quietly. Candice scoots her chair in much closer to me, so her thigh is pressed up against my left leg.

“Shush just be quiet. Just let me know when. I’ll pretend to pick something up, so I can get down and swallow to prevent a mess.” Candice seductively whispers into my ear. Blood began to vigorously course through my veins.

“Hey don’t start without me.” she said moving her hands over my pants, feeling the length of me, obviously erect through my pants. I look at my left to see Candice looking down at my pants.

She unbuttons my pants and begins to fiddle with my zipper, “Damn, hey think you could help me. Why the fuck’s your zipper so hard to pull?” The way her voice sounded when she said that, it made me want to fuck her right there.

Fuck class, I want to just grab Candice slam her ass on my lap, and see how deep I can get in her while I cum. “Shit. Candy, I really want you to do that right now. But I’m really really scared of getting caught.” I whispered back.

It’s funny I said that, and I meant too, but I didn’t actually mean it. My heart raced watching her try to discretely whip out my dick. She was wearing a v-neck shirt, and my eyes are beginning to strain between looking at her big soft pale tits, the zipper, and Ms. Sare.

“If you don’t want to help me that is fine. Just watch Sare, I’m about to make this your favorite class.” whispered Candice as she finally worked down the zipper. I quickly look up to see no one notices us. Fuck I am so hard. My cock sprang out of my pants when she unzipped me.

She worked my cock through the slot in my boxers. Her hands felt so soft and warm, as she started to tug on my hard cock. I quickly look up to make sure again no one notices us. I look back down, to see she’s worked precum all over my cock, and it’s starting to make noise as she jerks my cock.

“Careful with the noise Candice.” I whispered referring to the sound of her tiny hand wrapped around my cock, milking cum from me.

“Shut up and cum.” She looked up from my cock for a second as she said this. She had a hungry look on her face, I got a whiff of her hair as she looked up. Not to mention the view of those giant tits, but she quickly went back to work on my dick.

The way she works the upper half of my cock, and gets a harder grip around the bottom of it, this woman is an artist. I can feel an orgasm building. “Candy, in like ten seconds,” I whispered maybe a little too loudly to her.

“Already? You sure liked this didn’t you Brucey?” Whispered Candice as she looked around quickly then sank under the desk. I start to moan a little, while trying not to. She quickly positioned herself between my legs and took me into her mouth.

She left the tip in, while she worked the length of my cock with her hands. Thank fuck we are in the back corner of a large class. I can hear the slight sound of her moaning with my dick in her mouth, I think a couple people heard but didn’t care.

I feel cum quickly draining out of my hard cock and filling her mouth. I can feel her start to suck harder, so she can swallow faster. She pulls off her mouth and tugs on my cock a couple more times. I could feel her trying to work out a couple more drops.

She then puts her tongue under my cock with an open mouth, trying to get more with a mouth already filled with my warm cum. She kisses the tip of my cock softly. My cock feels so sensitive, its euphoric to feel her big lips pressed up against the tip of my cock while her mouth still probably has my cum in it.

She then quickly crawls towards her seat then sits back up I look up to see that Ms. Sare is looking directly at us. The rest of the class luckily doesn’t seem to care about us. I quickly put my dick under my boxers, and just fix my shirt to cover up the fact that my zipper is completely undone.

Candice freezes completely. “Ok, now Candice why don’t you tell us what sort of reaction this is?” Ms. Sare says looking at Candice. Candice’s face turns beet red, as I look over at her I can tell her mouth still has my cum in it.

I quickly look at Ms. Sare and say “Endothermic” Ms. Sare then gives me an angry stare for a moment then goes back to her lesson. I feel Candice poke my arm, so I look over at her. She opens her mouth to show me that her mouth is filled with cum.

A little spilled out onto her lips so she closed her mouth and swallowed loudly, then licked her lips. That was actually my first hand job, and first public sex act. My blood pressure was uncomfortably high for more than one reason. After that Candice and I were so nervous and excited we couldn’t make a single sound for the rest of class.

Candice has just taken almost all the virginities I’m willing to give. I just hope I never end up in a dark alleyway, or anywhere else where two dudes with a ski mask might take all the virginities that I don’t want to give. I’m just happy my life isn’t a work of fiction written by some reclusive love-obsessed sicko to be read online for jacking off.

The bell rang and all the students rushed out of class, except for Candice and I, as we packed up our stuff slowly. “Hey you doing anything after school?” she asked in a happy tone.

“Besides texting you?” I asked calmly. She then made an affirmative mhmm sound and giggled. “Feeding my fish, cooking dinner, then probably touching myself, but in an order that may surprise you. How about you?” I responded while following her lead out of class.

“Come to the beach with me. I’m going with a friend, and I told her about you. Now she wants to make it into a double date thing.” She said wrapping her arms around my right arm, and pressing tiny her body up against mine.

I loved this feeling, she feels so small next to me like this. Her body is small and warm, her hair is long and soft. Her waist is small, her ass is so round and thick, and her boobs are so big. She smells like soap, and a little bit like my cum, if you smell her breath.

“I really don’t know. I mean captain Blue really needs me to feed him, and I was really looking forward to cooking pasta today for dinner.” I was only serious about the fish thing, but my voice still oozed of sarcasm.

“Awesome, so I’ll pick you up at your house at two thirty, don’t forget to feed captain. Then we can go to the beach.” as she says this, I pull my arm and her body in closer.

“I would like that,” I said quietly in a happy tone, that I still was not entirely use to using yet.

She then stops walking and stands on the tips of her toes, and hugs me to whisper into my ear “We might be able to continue what we started in class.” I freeze unsure of exactly what to say as a response, feeling even more excited. Candice begins to slowly walk away leaving me in awe; I think her next class was in the opposite direction, but I honestly don’t know.

I stop in the middle of the hallway to watch as her as she walks away. There I stood, thoughtless in awe of her. People circled around me in the center of the crowded hallway, every step she took, the crowded hallway swallowed her more and more. Till there was nothing left of her that I could see, just a mess of faces and bodies.

I began my walk into class, still looking over my shoulder hoping for her to come back. I walked into class then I took my seat next to George. “Dude you will never guess what just happened to me last class.” I said to George as he directed his blank stare to me for a moment.

Class was over so damn fast, George and I talked in the back of class for the most of it. Then George and I walked over to the cafeteria. I pulled my wrapped up sandwich out of my backpack, while George pulled out his phone. I hear fast approaching footsteps.

I turn around to see Dan walking towards us with his friend Anthony. Anthony sits next to me, and Dan takes his seat next to George. Anthony was an annoying shit he said some of the dumbest things I think I’ve ever heard in my entire life. We awkwardly laughed at the stuff he said out of fear of him repeating whatever shit joke he had just said.

I can honestly say I don’t think Anthony has anything funny just offensive; however, Dan seemed to like hanging out with him. I didn’t mind Anthony too much, but George hated him. “Bruce did you get her to give you that Handy Jay? ” Asked Dan as he pulled food out of his bag, I paused, George looked up at me.

“No, Dan. I did not ask Candice to play with my dick during chemistry.” I said out of annoyance, and not wanting to spread rumors. Anthony and Dan laugh a little. The rest of lunch was usual, only this time Anthony and his unfunny jokes were there.

The guys he brought over to us were so fucking dumb. Anthony was maybe the only one I thought was ok at best. As far as Dan’s friends go that is. Fuck all this anyway. Still I constantly looked over my shoulder for Candice. Where does she go?

More importantly why doesn’t she take me with her? I mean I’m not some crazy fuck that needs to know where she is at all times, but I can’t get her out of my mind. I look outside the window again, towards the hideously orange sign. This time a black van was parked in front of the sign; from my angle I couldn’t see the sign anymore.

The final bell rang, and I almost ran out of class. I had to feed my trusty captain blue. Not only that, but I nervously trim and shaved pretty much the entire section of my body where my dick is. I wasn’t an overly hairy ape-like man or anything; nevertheless, I needed this to boast my confidence.

It was also a good chance to touch myself for a little while before Candice showed up. If i have to spend time with her on the beach, I know for sure I am gonna have an awkward time trying to hide how turned on I am by seeing her bounce around in a bikini. An erect penis while wearing thin shorts at the beach will be the death of me.

After a nerve wrecking and lust filled thirty minutes of trimming and jerking, I laid there in the middle of my bedroom floor naked. I’m staring up at the ceiling, breathing heavily with my clothes next to me. I can hear myself breathing, my chest rising and falling back into me.

I heard a light knock on the door, I put on my shorts and a shirt as fast as I could. I open the door, it’s Candice wearing a long white shirt that had cartoon lobsters on the front, it covered down past her hips, I couldn’t see if she was wearing anything at all under.

“Are you ready? Claire is parked around the corner, we have a lil’ walk. Where’s your towel?” Candice asked me making an exaggerated upset face with pouty lips.

“It’s on my bed, I’ll grab it then we can leave.” I said out of breath. I walked away quickly from the front door. I felt incredibly nervous seeing her; I can’t remember the last time I went to the beach. I’ve certainly never gone with a hot girl and her friend. I’m having so many firsts within a short period.

I grab my towel then rush back to Candice. “So my friend is Claire, her boyfriend is Rob. Claire is so fun, but not at first. You remember me telling you about her right? Rob’s so fuckin’ funny; I really haven’t talked to him much. They like just started going out, maybe you two can become friends.” Candice explained to me as I walked following her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32