Subroutine Manager Ch. 14

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“And three of a kind. That should be my win.” Evelynn grinned as she slapped her cards on the table. “So now what? I tell Mistress that our maid should have a spike of arousal when anyone snaps their fingers and she programs that in?”

“Pretty much,” Mistress responded. “Although I find it’s more fun if we keep it a surprise for her. In fact, you don’t even have to tell her at all.”

Eisa’s screen lit up a bright green, with a colon and a capital ‘D’ showing a happy face emoji. “You also have to wait enough to make sure you actually win. I’ve got a flush, which should make me the winner.”

The four girls at the table were cheering and comparing hands. Meanwhile, I had finally gotten a tray ready with their refreshments. It was a bit cumbersome to keep everything balanced, and the last thing I wanted was to make a fool of myself and spill everything. Knowing Mistress she’d make me clean it up in front of them.

Thankfully there were no accidents as I made my way back to the living room. Nova was sitting cross-legged on her chair, the stumps of her legs tucked underneath her, while Eisa was leaning over to whisper something to Mistress. Or playing her audio at a lower volume to be precise. Mistress nodded, returning to her phone while she gestured for me to come over. “There she is! Come on dear, hurry up and stop hiding. We don’t want to be poor hosts, do we?”

Another time I might’ve snarked back that she was the host as much as I was, but at the moment I was feeling timid. Weak. Nervous about what everyone was thinking, and what they were going to do. It was possible things were even going to get…lewd. So without trying to provoke anyone further, I began handing out their refreshments.

“Water for Mistress, Rum and Coke for Nova, Orange Juice for Evelynn, and, um, here’s the only grease we have. Sorry if it’s not the brand you’re used to.” Eisa had a much more conventionally robotic body than I did, with openly metallic limbs. I knew that she liked to keep herself well maintained.

However, Eisa just laughed at what I brought. “Oh sweetie, you’re adorable right now. This isn’t what I meant when I said to bring out the lube.” The others burst into laughter, and I felt a deep blush spreading across my face. “For now though, stand still for a moment. I want to see it happen.”

I didn’t have to ask what she meant. I felt my body stiffen up, any slouch in my posture vanishing as I stood up straight as a rod. This naturally left me pushing my chest outwards, showing off my cleavage much more than I would’ve allowed on my own. I let out a small yelp as Mistress ogled my body. “That was a good idea. We don’t want her hiding the goods after all.” No matter how I fidgeted in place, my stance remained immaculate. Upright and unable to hide myself.

“Not bad,” Eisa commented, “but we’ll have to see it in motion to fully judge it.” She casually tossed one of her cards to the floor. “Whoops, clumsy me. Do you mind picking that up for me?” I could feel all the eyes on me as I walked over. But I wasn’t walking normally. I was strutting, swaying my hips back and forth with every step while carefully placing my feet in a proper line. I stopped, horrified at my own actions. Even though I was still in control overall, the way I acted was being manipulated. I still wasn’t done with Eisa’s instructions. “Go ahead, bend over and grab that card for me.”

I had a terrible feeling that I knew what was going to happen, but I also knew I had to obey. Sure enough, as I bent over, it was completely done at the waist. My back was arched forwards and my legs were straight as I reached towards the floor, causing my ass to point right up in the air. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, showing off my body like that in front of others. Even without seeing, I knew they were looking at me sexually.

Even worse, just as I was picking up the card, I felt a firm pinch on my right buttcheek. A high pitched squeal escaped my mouth as I bolted up again. Evelyn and Nova were laughing, while the others looked on in amusement. My lip started to quiver as I looked at them, unable to tell who was the culprit. It wasn’t fair. They were having so much fun at my expense, and I was stuck enduring it.

“He-here’s your card, Eisa.” I tentatively placed it on the table. At the moment all I wanted to do was disappear from sight. “Is there, um, anything else you need?”

“Actually there is something,” Eisa replied. “I don’t think I came fully prepared for tonight. Can you go to your bedroom and bring me your favourite dildo? I’d hate to feel left out among friends.”

I took it back. I would’ve much rather stayed with them than gone off to get an… intimate personal item of mine. “I, er, don’t you think that’s a bit, well… private?” I looked to Mistress for help.

Mistress was already dealing out the next hand. “You heard her. Go get the dildo you like to fuck yourself with and bring it here.” Her crass words were far from Cebeci Escort the rescue I was hoping for. Defeated, I went back to the bedroom to fetch my personal relief item. Naturally, I was still swaying my hips in a seductive fashion while walking away, resulting in a wolf whistle from Evelynn.

Even being out of sight didn’t change my actions. Reaching for drawers was a delicate motion, as if I was showing off my body to an invisible audience. I even tried covering myself, and I still took on a pose that was closer to something a model for an adult magazine would do. I had to admit, it was all terribly erotic… but not something I wanted to do with everyone else! Something was making me feel much more vulnerable than usual. It was probably something Mistress had done, but even knowing that didn’t make me feel better. It just reminded me of how I was at their mercy.

Mistress and I had a fairly extensive box of sex toys in the closet, but even looking at it made me feel embarrassed. As much as I hated it, I knew which one I wanted to bring out to Eisa. It was sleek, purple, and a bit on the small side. The vibrations it produced were gentle yet steady. Perfect for when I was looking for a simple bit of private relief. I picked it up, tenderly cradling it in my hands and trying to work up the courage to head back out with it.

“You like that babygirl? Are you ready to be a good little slut for your Mistress?” I jumped, the mysterious voice seemingly coming from nowhere. The dildo fell from my hands and back into the collection with all our anal beads and fleshlights. I looked around, trying to see if anyone was there, but I was still alone.”Just calm down and relax for me, I’ll help you feel really good. And if you’re a good girl, I’ll give you a special reward.” It wasn’t a voice I recognized, which only made things more confusing. Somebody had apparently won a round, but it wasn’t them I was hearing.

It’s not like I could just go and ask either. Bringing a sex toy out to the group was already intimidating without the erotic whispers in my ears. I still had to do it though. Eisa had asked me to, so I needed to follow orders. So I took my trusty dildo and went back out to present it to my friends, trying to ignore the fact that every circuit in my body was begging me to stay hidden.

As I came back into the living room, Nova craned her neck to get a proper look at me. “Hey, Lina. Hearing anything strange?”

“Let your mind sink, give in to the pleasure. It’ll feel so good when you cum for me.” The voice nearly caused me to drop the dildo again. Fortunately I held on properly, and did so while maintaining proper posture.

Surprisingly, this time I wasn’t the centre of attention. They were still focused on their game. Which was good for my dignity, but it also made me feel weirdly excluded. Like I was less than them, and hardly worthy of attention. Maybe they were waiting for me to break and make a scene, so Mistress could have more fun at my expense. “Nope. I, um, don’t hear anything weird. Why, should I?”

Nova furrowed her brow, and she glanced over at Mistress. “Are you sure it’s working? Was there something wrong with the file?”

Mistress, however, just shook her head. “Ignore her, she’s being difficult. I’m certain it’s working.” The audio in my head telling me it was my place to bend down and eat someone out agreed with me. “For now though, we’ve got more important things to consider. Like the fact that I’ve got a full house.” Evelynn groaned as Mistress slapped her cards on the table. “Yeah yeah, you can complain all you want. Start dealing the next hand, I’ve got something extra special planned for our friend.”

That was bad news for me. Mistress was the only one with experience with the app, so she would be able to be far more devious than the others. My internal systems started overheating as I thought about just what she had planned. There was no denying it, she was going to start making things sexual. Along with everyone else. It was enough to get my circuits in a frenzy, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Mistress began entering something into her phone, and I braced myself for whatever was incoming. Which of course meant I was standing perfectly upright with my chest pressed forwards, but that wasn’t relevant for me. What was relevant was the incoming horror Mistress would inflict upon me to suffer through while they continued their game.

Only the horror never arrived. Mistress put her phone down and picked up her cards, acting thoroughly nonchalant about it. I didn’t feel any different, and I wasn’t being forced to do anything.

Our guests were curious as well. Evelynn looked back and forth between Mistress and I. “Wait, did you do something? What was it?”

She wasn’t the only one curious, but Mistress wouldn’t give an answer that easily. “It’s fine. You’ll see later, trust me. For now let’s just get Kolej Escort back to the game.”

“Before we do,” Eisa interrupted, “Don’t you have something for me?” She was right. I’d gotten so sidetracked that I forgot I was holding onto my dildo.” She beckoned for me to come closer, to hand it over.

“I… um…” There was no easy way for me to do this. In the end I just dashed over and placed it in her mechanical hands, keeping my eyes down and refusing to look at anyone. “Here.”

Eisa turned my vibrator over in her hands. “Hmm, a bit smaller than I’m used to. But it should do the trick just fine.” She pushed back her chair, reaching down between her legs. I knew that she had a special bit of hardware installed that would let her attach nearly any dildo to her pelvis. And sure enough, after a bit of fiddling, my own private relief instrument was proudly standing on her pelvis. “That’s better. I typically wear one of these if I’m not going out, if I’m just having fun. And we’redefinitely going to have fun.”

“Well, the rest of you are,” Evelynn grumbled. “I haven’t got to win a round yet.”

“You could always have some fun with her.” Mistress’s comment struck me like an arrow. “You know her body is free use for the evening, right? It’s not like she’s gonna say no.”

There was a moment of silence as Evelynn thought over her options. “You know, I guess it is time we start getting a bit more hands on. Why don’t you come over here and give me a shoulder massage? These muscles could use a bit of tending to.”

The mention of being free use caused me to squeak in terror. I was still thinking of what to do when the voice in my head spoke again.”You know that you’re getting horny, you’re all wet just thinking about the fun ways you can be played with, like the toy that you are.” The worst part was that the toy was right. I was starting to get rather turned on by everything, and it looked like Evelynn was planning to escalate. Would the others follow suit? Surely that would be too much. When Mistress said ‘free use,’ she couldn’t have meant that I was actually supposed to do sexual acts with them. Right?

In any case, it’s not like I was able to disobey someone’s orders. So I made my way behind Evelynn and sunk my fingers deep into her shoulders. Her muscles rippled underneath me as I pressed into her skin. “Ooh, that hits the spot babe. Just like that.” I looked away in embarrassment. The innuendo of her statement was obvious, and I was trying not to think about my own growing arousal. Even worse, my hands started spreading around, sliding down her sides and even pressing into her chest. Not that I was trying to. But with my current programming, it looked like giving sensual massages was in the same category as proper posture.

“Good girls obey. And you’re a good girl, so you’ll be a slut for me when I ask you to, right? You’ll rub that pussy of yours until it’s nice and wet because I’m asking you to, won’t you?” The soft voice was making it difficult to stay focused, and I was getting more flustered by the minute. It felt like it was only a matter of time before something in me broke. Evelynn was leaning back into me, letting my hands explore up and down her muscles and pressing into her tits.

The rest of the hand went quickly as various cards were dealt. I continued massaging Evelynn’s shoulders, wondering what she would do if she ended up with a winning hand. However, it ended up being Nova who was the victor of the round. “Yes! I think I know what I want this time.” She began whispering something to Mistress, who nodded along.

“Sounds good to me. Lina, how about you bring us some snacks?” She was already typing away in her phone while talking to me. “Something small and light, that we can all enjoy eating.”

“You’re already a great snack yourself and I’d love to eat you, but not this time.” Evelynn’s comment brought out a wave of laughter as I furiously blushed. It was impossible not to get flustered around these girls.

As I was walking away, Nova called out to me. “Off you go, chop chop.” She snapped her fingers as I was leaving. The moment she did, it was like a bolt of energy struck my core. Arousal shot through my body, causing a shiver to run through me. I stumbled in place, though naturally it was a hollywood style “sexy” stumbling.

I could hear the conversation coming from behind me. “Hell yeah! I owe you one.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. We gotta keep things fair.”

“Well, not fair for everyone.” I heard another finger snap, and once again, pleasure arced through my body. It wasn’t nearly the same intensity as an orgasm, but it was more than enough to throw me off. I retreated into the kitchen before they could torment me further, hearing them laugh at my predicament as I went.

In the kitchen, I tried to keep myself focused. Get some crackers and some cheese, nice and simple. Humans were mostly fond of Yenimahalle Escort those. Eisa would be a bit left out, but there wasn’t much I could do for her.

“Why don’t you come sit on my lap and let me fill you up nice and deep? You know you want it.”

The voice reminded me that there was in fact something else I could do for her. The whole situation was leaving me plenty aroused, without a good outlet for it. A damp spot was growing between my legs. In fact, it was causing a rather unnaturally large amount of wetness. My vulva was dripping at an almost constant rate. On top of that, the tops of my thighs were getting extra sensitive as well. Not just because they were wet, but with something more. I could feel the fabric of my panties and my jeans rubbing against them, turning me on even more.

Somehow, despite all this, I managed to get a simple plate of cheese and crackers ready. It took a considerable amount of effort, and I wondered for a moment if it was dangerous for me to be holding the knife, but eventually I made it work. I started carrying the plate back out, wondering what fresh nightmare would await me. Although I couldn’treally complain considering how nice it all felt. But still it was all so… solewd. Everything so far had been an act of perversion, whether directly or in a roundabout way. And I knew we weren’t done just yet.

The moment Mistress saw my fidgety walk, trying not to rub my thighs while still seductively swaying my hips, she burst out into a maniacal laughter. Under other circumstances I would’ve teased her for acting so corny, but I was in no position to tease anyone. Once her cackling died down, she got a good proper look at me. “Having fun there? Anything causing trouble?”

I wanted to die from sheer embarrassment. It was obvious just how much I was struggling, and I couldn’t even try to hide it. To add insult to injury, as I was setting the plate of snacks down on the table somebody snapped their fingers. The plate dropped as I buckled over from pleasure, my palms down on the table.

Eisa almost looked concerned. “Is she… is she gonna be alright? We’re not overloading anything, are we?”

Mistress shrugged her shoulders. “Hopefully not. But she’s a tough girl, she’ll be fine.” I certainly didn’t feel tough at the moment. “The thing is, none of you know everything going on in her head. I’m the only person who knows all her little subroutines, and Eisa, you have no idea how hilarious your last suggestion was.” She took a few crackers in her hand and passed the deck to Nova. “Let’s do one more hand, then it’s time to fully reap the rewards.”

I was left standing awkwardly in place. The voice was still chiming in every once in a while, telling me to just give in to the pleasure. I actually wanted someone to give me an order, just so I could have a distraction. “Um, was there anything else you needed?”

“No, you can just stand there and look pretty.” Mistress paused for a moment. “Actually, I suppose that is an order. Stand there and look pretty for us. Think you can do that babe?”

“You exist to be a horny slut, perfect for pleasing others as much as they wish.” I tried to focus on what had actually been said, and not the erotic whispers. I stood there with a big smile plastered across my face, hoping for this torment to end soon. My vulva was still dripping. The wetness was seeping through my panties and slowly trickling down my thighs, and with every passing moment my legs became more and more sensitive. I still had to maintain a seductive posture, which in this case meant my thighs were pressed together in order to emphasise my hips. So the overly sensitive areas on my legs were constantly rubbing against each other, which only built up the arousal even more, resulting in a nasty feedback loop.

Just when I thought my torment would never end, Evelynn threw down her cards with an exasperated sigh. “I’ve got a straight, which is pretty ironic coming from me.Please tell me nobody beats that.”

The rest of the players looked at their cards and shook their heads. Once Evelynn realised she had finally won a round, her expression changed to one of absolute joy. “YES! Took long enough. Come on Kay, I’ve got a great idea.” She wasted no time sliding over next to Mistress. “Oh, and to keep our star busy…” She snapped her fingers a couple times, causing more jolts of pleasure to surge through my body. An extremely lewd moan escaped my lips before I could stop it.

“Sounds like someone’s having fun,” Nova commented with a snark. Eisa just spread her legs. My dildo was still attached to her, and she was having plenty of fun showing it off. I felt like I was melting under their gaze, but I was also considering the possibility that some of my internal components were literally melting.

Mistress’s eyes widened. “Holy shit, you’re evil. That’s so mean. Let’s do it.” She began furiously tapping away at her phone, and I knew something big was coming. “This is actually kinda like something we did a while back, but you’ve got a different take on it. I’ll explain later. Just give me a minute.”

With Mistress entering my newest ruleset, Evelynn reached over and draped her arm around my shoulder. “Aww, is somebody having a rough time? You look like you’re enjoying yourself plenty.”

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