Shower Room Beauty

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I’d been watching her playing hockey for two hours in the afternoon sun from the top of the stand, watching that beautiful young eighteen year-old body, those breasts moving freely under that tiny t-shirt as she ran, that long, blonde hair blowing in the breeze. Her skirt was obscenely short and you could often see her white panties when she crouched over the ball. My imagination was going wild. She had stayed behind after the other girls had gone to get changed and showered, practising her shots. Eventually, she started to leave the field. Oh well, time to go home. I’d had my enjoyment for the day.

Then it hit me. All the other girls were gone. Maybe if I followed her to the shower room, I could catch a glimpse without anyone seeing me. God, this was so unlike me, but I just couldn’t get this girl out of my head since she’d started at our school a few weeks earlier. I had to see her.

I kept a safe distance behind her as she walked into the female changing room. After a pause, I followed her in. I crept in as quietly as I could and hid just behind a wall. I peeked round. There she was. She was sitting on a bench, looking for something in her bag. Suddenly, she looked up and glanced around, scanning the room. I leaned back behind the wall. Surely she hadn’t heard me? I looked back. She was searching in her bag again.

Then I realised why she was so anxious that she was alone. She had pulled out a magazine from her bag. I strained to see what it was. Oh my God. It was Hustler. She began to flick through the pages and stopped on the centrefold. ‘Oh yeah. Here I am, baby.’ She spoke under her breath in a sexy whisper. I couldn’t believe that this incredibly sexy girl was getting hot over another woman. And I was there to see it! My dick was beginning to stir in my shorts. She gaziantep rus escort began to softly run her hands over her breasts, her fingers circling her nipples. Her other hand moved down and plunged beneath the belt line of her tiny skirt. I was silently pleading with her to lose her clothes. She must have heard me.

Suddenly, she pulled off her tight t-shirt, revealing a white bra supporting her beautiful breasts. That didn’t stay on long. She jumped up and took it off, before unfastening her skirt and letting it fall to the ground. She sat down again, stripped down to those sexy little white panties. Her tits were perfect, round and large with small, stiff pink nipples. She thrust her fingers into her panties and began masturbating. She straddled the bench, her legs wide open. She kneaded her tits with her other hand, licking her fingers and working her nipples, making them even harder. She licked the fingers on her other hand, tasting her juices, before finger fucking herself again. She moaned loudly, ‘Oh, yes! Fuck me, baby… make me cum good…’ I had started to pump my dick furiously as I watched her. She stood up again.

‘Come to the shower with me, honey,’ she said to the woman in the magazine. She was playing out her own little fantasy. She turned and began to slowly peel down her panties, bending low as she did so. Her ass was so perfect, small and perfectly round, her buttocks soft and shapely. She ran to the other side of the room and turned on the shower. I moved across to get a better view. She was completely nude in the shower, Leaning against the wall, her shaved pussy thrust forward as she fucked herself with two fingers. Her hips swung backwards and forwards as she imagined the Hustler girl’s face between her legs. ‘Oh yes… make me cum, honey, lick me good… Oh, fuck me…’ She took the shower head from the wall and aimed it between her legs, feeling the pressure, continuing the finger her pussy. ‘Oh that feels soooo good…’

‘Oh yes!’ I couldn’t believe I had said it so loudly. She stopped looked around and replaced the shower head.

‘Who’s there?’ She said. I stood frozen. I didn’t know whether to run or just stay there and hope she didn’t see me. I moved behind the wall and held my breath. She found me. ‘Have you been watching me?’ I turned, but didn’t dare look her in the eye. She was instinctively covering her breasts and pussy. ‘You’re a dirty, dirty boy.’

‘I’m sorry. I’ll go now.’ I turned to leave.

‘No. You’ve seen me. Now I want to see you. Take off your clothes.’

‘I… ah…’

‘Strip for me. Come into the shower.’

I did as she said. She was no longer covering herself up. Her pussy was gaping, aching to cum. I took off my shirt. I was shaking. ‘I wanna see all of you.’ I removed my shorts and then my pants. My dick was stiff, standing straight upwards. ‘Not bad. Just what I need.’ I couldn’t believe the situation I was in. I was standing naked in the shower room with the girl I had been fantasising about for weeks and now she was asking me to fuck her. ‘Come into the shower with me, honey. Don’t be shy.’

I moved nervously into the shower, letting the water run down my body. I stood opposite her. ‘Did you like what you saw?’ she asked.

‘Yes… oh yes.’

‘Good. I just wanted to have a little fun after school. Those magazines really turn me on. The girls in them are so sexy…’ She moved closer. ‘I hope you’ll help me finish my fantasy.’ She kissed me deeply, her tongue probing my mouth. My dick was rubbing against her wet navel. ‘I love the feeling of your hard cock against my skin…’ She moved downwards, kissing my chest and stomach. She began to kiss by balls, sucking them gently before moving up to kiss the underside of my shaft, her tongue darting in and out of her mouth, teasing my prick. She took my helmet in her mouth, gently teasing the eye of my cock with her tongue. She took more and more of me inside her, moving her head up and down my shaft, sucking and licking. It felt so good, I was going to cum any second…

Suddenly, she stopped, stood and moved against the wall. ‘Suck my titties for me honey…’ I began to knead her tits, feeling their softness, feeling her pink skin and flesh. I pushed my head into her bosom, licking rampantly, loving their softness against my face. I began to suck her nipples gently, making them harder with my tongue. I started to finger her pussy at the same time, rubbing her clit. She screamed in pleasure, ‘Oh, baby, my clitty feels so good… Fuck me now, honey, cum inside of me…’

She jumped up and put her legs around my waist, supported by the wall. My rock hard prick found her gaping cunt and I plunged deep inside of her. I pumped so hard, her ass was slapping against the wet tiled wall. ‘I’m gonna cum… I’M GONNA CUM…’ I fucked her harder and harder. Her tits bounced up and down as we moved together. Eventually, I couldn’t hold it any longer. My hot cum was unleashed inside of her and she screamed as wave after wave of orgasm hit her. I could feel her pussy filling up with both of our juices. ‘YES… YES… YES…’

We stopped and shared silence for a moment. Then she spoke. ‘There’s something you should know,’ she said.


‘Er… that was my first time.’

I looked at her for a moment, and then laughed. ‘Mine too.’

She smiled sweetly. ‘Thank you.’ She kissed me deeply.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32