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For those who dream of the chance encounter, this work of fantasy is for you. Enjoy it alone or with that special someone.


The many times he was inches from her, his blood raced at thoughts of pleasing her. A small, quiet girl in the front office, Linda kept to herself, mostly. At times she would trade comments with the back shop, but usually just absorbed the rough humor that some thought funny. Sometimes she would be stressed, and he wanted to take her in his arms and comfort her, but was afraid of doing something that would upset her further.

At one point, she began to have problems at home, resolving them by finding other living arrangements. Throughout he ordeal, Jake was his usual supportive self and kept her spirits up and comforted her at every opportunity. Not yet known to Linda, it also kept something of his ‘up’, too.

She wasn’t quite five foot tall, with a soft body that Jake found very hot. She always dressed comfortably, jeans and nice shirts. Her pants readily showed her small, tight butt, and a gentle swell at her belly. Jake guessed at her breast size, probably a full B-cup, not too large or small. Her short hair and round face was always smiling in a pixyish grin. If it wasn’t, Jake did his best to get her to smile, and usually did.

One day, when they were by themselves in the shop office, Jake said something to her, out of nowhere. He was looking directly into her soft brown eyes when he said, “I could fall in love with you.”

Linda didn’t hesitate in responding, “Could you, really?”

Jake’s heart fluttered and he answered, “Sure could.” And went back to work in back. His mind raced with possibilities. He had been inches from her sweet mouth, and resisted the impulse to give Linda a soft kiss. Her smile had melted his mind. What he wouldn’t give to show this wonderful person the pleasure she deserved.

Days passed, and he held the picture of her little body in his mind. He tried to imagine what she would like him to do, to please her. He imagined her coming back in the shop and wrapping her arm around his waist, holding him close for a few moments. He pictured her turning to face him and offering her partly opened mouth for a soft kiss.

His mind could taste her sweetness, feel the soft tongue exploring his mouth, as he returned the kiss. Jake’s hand would cradle her head and hold their lips together as they kissed hot. Her soft hair tangled in his fingers.

She would break the tender kiss and whisper, “I’ll see you later.” And slowly walk towards the front. Had Linda dropped her hand slightly, she would have discovered the large bulge in Jake’s jeans. It had grown to full erection during the hot exchange of tongues.

Jake was possessed of a substantial penis. It measured a full eight inches in length, and almost one and a half inches wide. Some girls he had been with actually complained that it was too big! He hoped that Linda would not find it so, should the opportunity ever arise.

What Jake wanted most, was to taste her. He was extremely fond of ‘kissing on kitty’. His pleasure derived from the release he could provide a girl with his talented tongue. Many times he would cum, just from the response of the owner of the vulva he was kissing on. He had learned early on in his sex life that most females prefer to ‘get off’ first, as most partners would jump on and cum, then roll off leaving the girl “high and dry”. Jake enjoyed seeing a girl satisfied, regardless of whether or not he was able to enter her body with his penis.

He also knew from experience, that if he should cum while ‘dining’, the next release would be prolonged for him. He would not have to rush in before he ejaculated gaziantep escort again. Despite his years, he was still able to regain an erection quickly, and sustain it as long as his partner needed it.

He continued to dream of Linda’s sexy little body. Especially when she wore the pants that accentuated her mound, the ones that pulled up tightly to reveal the crevice of her vulva. He pictured the soft labia yielding to his tongue, spreading to allow the inner labia to blossom and unfold like a soft pink bloom. The thought of her nectar coating the tender flesh and making her clitoris glisten with her moisture excited him greatly.

Oh, yes! He would gladly share love with this pretty little girl, if only she would let him.

One week, it finally happened.

Linda told Jake that he had to come in on Saturday, to finish a job for a customer. Jake showed up at the shop early on Saturday to find only Linda there. He started to get out his tools, when Linda came in the shop. She had on tight fitting jeans, and a smart sweater top that ended just above her pants. Jake glimpsed flashes of her soft belly as the talked. Linda moved right next to him, and touched his arm.

“Can you help me up in the office for a minute, Jake?” She asked.

“Sure!” He replied, and followed her to the front.

She led him to the large office and pushed the door closed after they entered. Jake was about to ask what she wanted when she approached and pulled his face towards hers. Linda kissed him hot, and he responded with his own tongue. Her hands roamed across his belly and down his thigh to find the growing bulge there. She took one of his hands and placed it near her mound. “Can you help me with this?” She asked, pressing her vulva against his palm.

“Hmmm, Jake! … And this is what I want you to help me with!”. She gave the massive organ a squeeze and stepped back a little. She unbuttoned her sweater top and freed her aching breasts. She wore no bra to cover or hide her sweet charms. Her tiny nipples were erect and her face and neck flushed with desire.

Jake bent to take her stiffened nipples in his mouth, and rolled them with his tongue as his fingers sought out the zipper of her jeans. Linda pulled in her belly and helped loosen the tight denim garment. Jake slid the jeans down her pale thighs, exposing her thin black panties. High cut, they covered little more than her puffy mound, which, Jake observed was damp with nectar.

He inhaled deeply, filling his senses with the heavy musk of her aroused sex. It was heavenly. A thick, rich scent, pungent and sweet at the same time, he kissed her mound through the thin cloth. Linda moaned softly and gently pulled his mouth tighter to her kitty. Jake couldn’t wait to taste her juices.

He rolled her panties down to reveal a light brown patch of fur over her swollen vulva. Her fluids were literally dripping from the cleft between the soft outer labia. At the first touch of his tongue’s tip, the folds parted and Linda’s inner labia did bloom as he had hoped. A beautiful flower with the erect bud glistening at the top of the rose colored crease. It was Jake’s turn to moan softly as he savored the flavor of Linda’s treasure box.

“Hmmm, Linda you taste so good!” He sighed while returning to his feast of her nectar. Her hips thrust into his face as he stimulated her clitoris with the flat of his tongue. “I could kiss on this all day!” He exclaimed when he came away for a breath.

“Oh …. God …. Ohmigod … N .. Noooo!! ..I ..I’mmmm …cummmmmmingggg!” Linda cried out as her belly contracted and flushed her vagina with her girl-cum. The thick fluid ran from her body and down her thighs, covering Jake’s face as well. He drank from her sweet fountain hungrily, making her body shake intensely. Her balance suffered and she fell back into the oversized leather chair near the desk.

Not certain if she would accept it, Jake offered his mouth to kiss her. She hesitated at knowing where he had just been, but was curious enough to try. She tasted herself on his lips, finding it interesting if not exhilarating. Greedily she thrust her tongue deep into Jake’s mouth and kissed him hot. Her fingers soon found his shirt buttons and started to undress him.

Jake stood before her and finished removing his shirt and T-shirt. Linda marveled at the number of his tattoos covering his arms and back. He kicked off his boots and unbuckled his jeans, but when he reached for the zipper, Linda put her hand on his.

“Let me?” She asked.

Jake removed his hand and let Linda open her ‘present’. She lowered the zipper and peeled down the heavy cloth. It was obvious that Jake wore no underwear, as his belly appeared immediately. Expecting thick hair, Linda was surprised by the thin, trimmed fur above his penis. When the engorged flesh was freed from its confines and bounced up to slap against Jake’s belly she was even more shocked to find no hair at all on the sides and bottom of his penis. His testicles were also shaved smooth, which intrigued Linda.

“I … I’ve never seen one shaved!” She exclaimed as she examined the throbbing flesh. A full eight inches long, the crown a deep purple and the large veins accentuated by the fact that there was no obstructing fur.

“My God!!” She gasped. “That thing is huge! I .. I don’t know if it will even go in me!” She looked down at her small vulva as she spoke. She tried to wrap her small fingers around it and couldn’t! A large drop of clear pre-cum oozed from the tiny hole in the tip to which she lowered her mouth and took it with her tongue. Slowly, she placed her lips around the crown and laved it with her tongue. Not daring more than a couple of inches, she gently sucked on the upper end and pushed the foreskin back with her teeth.

Jake moaned as she did this, wanting to give her more of it, but not wanting to make her choke, he held back. His gentle touch on her shoulders and neck made her more at ease, gradually she managed to get about half of the penis in her mouth. As Jake felt the heat rising in his groin he pulled her gently away, suggesting that he take care of her, now.

“Here, Linda. Let me sit there.” He told her. She rose from the soft chair and changed places with him. He sat low in the chair with his butt resting on the edge. Linda needed no instructions and straddled his thighs with her short legs. Jake held his penis upright as she brought her vulva over it. She held the puffy flesh apart while she lowered herself. She gasped as the crown split her vagina and slowly expanded her opening.

“It …It’s so hot! … So big! … Ohhhh, Jake!” She moaned as she slid her tight kitty over the ridge under the crown. She paused and took in more, the pulled up before sliding further. Slowly letting her body adjust to his size, she continued her up and down movements until her belly rested on his. Breathing hard and remaining motionless, the realisation that she had all of him inside her mad he quiver.

“Ohmigod! …. It ..It’s in me! … Sooo full!! … Ahhh, Jaaake!” She groaned.

“You are so tight, Linda!” He exclaimed. “And so hot! .. I can feel your heartbeat, too!”

Linda rolled her hips experimentally, feeling the tip of Jake’s penis rubbing against her cervix. She couldn’t remember ever having anything that deep inside her body. Enjoying the fullness and the gentle company, she slowly fucked herself on Jake. He had made her realise that she was in charge, that this was for her enjoyment, more than anything else.

Suddenly she got off, surprising Jake when his penis slapped wetly against his belly. Her vulva was swollen and red, glistening with her juices. She turned quickly and bent over the side of the desk with her legs spread.

“Put it back in, Jake! .. Fill me up! … Make it cum!” She commanded.

Jake stood and lined up with her pulsing vagina. The recent lubrication allowed for him to impale her in one swift stroke. She gripped the desk with both hands and cried out as hid testicles slapped her clitoris.

“Oh, Yes! … That’s it! .. Now, fuck me, Jake! … Ohgodpleasssse ….FUCK ME!!” Her words came sharply, with need and desire mixed. She needed to feel the massive penis filling her vagina, she wanted to feel the hot fluids from his body deep inside hers, she wanted to feel loved.

Jake grabbed her by the waist above her hips and started thrusting long and slow. Pulling almost all the way out of Linda’s tight, wet vagina before plunging back in. He could see the swollen labia gripping his penis as he withdrew and being pushed inwards as he thrust back. Linda also pushed each time he reinserted his penis, meeting each of his motions with her own.

Neither spoke in the quiet room, all that could be heard was the wet slurping of Linda’s vulva and the slap of Jake’s belly against her butt. The rhythm grew faster and Linda began to moan as her belly started to tighten up. Jake responded by thrusting faster and harder. He reached around Linda and touched her senitive clitoris and she started to cum hard.

“JAAAAAKKKE! …. Ohmigod!!!! …. Cum …CCCUUUUMMMMIIIINNNGG!!!!” She screamed as she bucked against his body, holding him deep and tight.

“Oh! … Damn … Llinnndaaaaa! .. here ..I ….oshityeah ….CUMMMM!!!” Jake shouted as the fire flew though him and burst forth to fill her vagina. Jets of his hot semen pulsed and washed deep into her tiny body. He filled her belly with his essence to overflowing. The mixture of their fluids ran down their thighs and coated his belly and her butt.

Jake held on to Linda and fell backwards into the chair, driving his penis even deeper into Linda. He grunted and she screamed as another cum wave coursed through her belly. Jake wrapped his arms around Linda’s waist and kissed the back of her neck as they regained their breath and their hearts returned to regular beating.

Linda could feel his still erect penis pulsing in her belly as the fluids cooled and ran out of her vulva, soaking the chair. She dismounted and laughed at the puddle they had made, then went to get towels to clean up the mess. Remaining naked, she raced across the hall to get some, and when she returned Jake pulled her to him. Her kitty was dripping his cum and her nectar. The scent was intense as he extended his tongue. Linda stood still in amazement as Jake started to clean her kitty with his mouth. The warmth rebuilt in her belly as his tongue worked into her vagina and scooped out their combined fluids.

Her hips bucked and she came again, giving Jake more of her sweet juice to devour. She had to push away from the intense feelings, then gazed at Jake’s semi-rigid penis, also coated with their essence. She knelt between his feet and took his slippery penis in her fingers and slowly licked the glistening liquid from it. Her soft brown eyes were a reflection of the satisfaction she felt, and the desire to please Jake as much as he had pleased her.

“We taste pretty good, together, don’t we?” He asked.

“Sure do!” Linda replied, smiling and returning to her task.

They shared love several times that day, agreeing that weekend work wasn’t so bad, after all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32