Possibilities: Worship 1

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You lie back and sense my finger slowly tracing a trail up from the crook of your arm. I watch the tender skin softly flow under the gentle touch as I reach your shoulder. A direction change, and I slowly begin exploring the edge of your body, letting my finger trickle down your side, briefly skimming the gentle curves to your waist and rolling up to dance briefly around your belly button, then up and up, flowing over the bottom of your ribcage and returning to your side.

The back of my nail touches the soft undercurve of your breast, following its edge until it circles up again near the top of your arm. Your pale mounds rise and fall with deeper breaths. Other fingers touch now, softly dragging down near the center, into the shallow valley between your gently sloping breasts. I circle my hand under the near one, spiraling in and then swirling around your nipple. I watch my finger tickle the smooth pale skin, watch as your nipple hardens, its edges crinkling as it shrinks and swells. I skim along the delicate bumps, swirling tightly around the apex, rubbing around the sides of its tiny nub. You can feel my breath hot against your breast, my face so close, watching intently as you grow erect with a whisper of gooseflesh. My finger lifts.

And touches the very tip of your nipple. Your chest rises with a quick breath and my çapa escort eyes flick up to meet yours looking back through half-closed lids. You lick your lips then softly grunt as my thumb and finger enclose your nipple, pulling softly, then letting go with a snap. I quickly grasp again, taking more of it, taking the areola and rolling your entire nipple as I softly pull up. A flick of wetness, and your eyes dart in time to see my tongue disappear into my mouth, then reappear licking the outline of the curve of your breast. I continue underneath, bringing my lips up into your cleavage. A soft kiss between your pillows and I release your nipple. My hand slips, cupping your breast and pushing up, watching the top softly bulge, watching the nipple, so hard, peering up from my encircling hand. My open mouth lowers, my tongue moistens my lips, you feel my breath against your erect flesh. I look at you, and you watch as my tongue slowly reaches and licks your tip. And again, now circling it like my finger did, wetting your nipple. The moisture heightens the sensation of tongue on tit, and I feel your hard bud bounce against the pressure of my licking.

I close my eyes, and with a sigh take your nipple into my mouth. A soft suck, then let go with a smack. Again I bend, sucking a little harder, fındıkzade escort holding you in me a little longer and again letting go, watching your flesh briefly bounce as my prize again appears, now shiny and swollen. Again I open and descend, but when I cover your bud my teeth close on it. With a gentle bite I pull up, holding your nipple taut. My tongue flicks back and forth across the entrapped flesh. You whimper and your back arches, trying to drive more of yourself into my mouth. I reach with both hands and cup you firmly, pushing high as I squeeze, covering your erect nipple again with my mouth.

Now I suck deep and hard, sucking as if I would take your entire breast into my mouth, my tongue flicking faster back and forth across the hard rubbery firmness. Then I release, but swiftly pull your other breast to me, the virgin nipple neglected too long. With the first lick I feel you shudder and your hips give a quick buck. Again I suck you in deep, kneading your erect stigma of desire with my tongue, rolling the other wet nipple with my fingers.

I straddle one of your legs, and my crotch slides down your thigh as my mouth leaves your breasts. You feel a tongue trace down to your navel, dancing softly over the fine hairs on your belly. I look up between my aksaray escort hands still cupping your breasts, seeing them framing your lips and eyes, looking back at me between your hard nipples. I follow my lips up again to nuzzle at your soft breasts. Reverently I kiss the inside of each, pressing them both against my cheeks, feeling them warm, hearing your heart pound, tasting the salty tinge of moisture from between.

One hand relaxes its grip, traveling down over your belly. I feel the involuntary shudder as my fingertips pass under your navel, stopping just above your pubic mound. I bring my mouth up yet again and take you without hesitation into my mouth, my eyes never leaving yours as I suck on you, my hand now pressing on your lower belly, cupping the top of your crotch. Your hips rise again to meet my palm, and again as our bodies begin to match rhythms. Your free leg comes up to encircle my body, and you feel me hard and sliding up and down your thigh.

My tongue dances and thrusts, flicking as I suck you strongly, following you out of my lips at the release and with a caress guiding my mouth back for more. I watch your face as I worship your breasts, giving my mouth and teeth and tongue to your pleasure, and my hand continues its rhythm just above your wetness. My fingers don’t descend but I catch your scent, your hips bucking faster and harder against my hand. I squeeze your breast and push your nipple up to its highest peak, taking you in for one last long soft suck as you moan and the beat of your body takes over and you thrust against my hand, feeding my hunger with your release, knowing that I will continue until you are ready to return.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32