My First Real Man

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As I type this, Michael’s sleeping. His fuzzy chest expands and contracts with each breath. I’m sitting Indian-style, perpendicular to him, with my computer on my lap. My back’s against the cool smooth plaster wall. A cool breeze is coming through the open window to my left. His cum is seeping out of me.

I’ve never had sex like I had tonight. Sure, I’m only 19, but I’ve been with a few guys. I felt like I knew what I was doing, but with Michael I quickly realized that I had only been with boys. Michael’s a man. He’s 27, and he said I was the 13th girl he’s slept with. Lucky 13. I don’t think that’s too many for someone his age. Frankly, I figured he would’ve been with at least twice that many girls. He’s so cute and charming. I just assumed he got laid all the time, but he said, “It’s one of those deals where when it rains, it pours.” He said he hadn’t had sex in six months. He said he had a lot of frustrations and that he was going to take them out on me. He most certainly did that. I’m going to be really sore tomorrow.

I met him at Larry’s party last week, but apparently he was blacked out when we talked. I didn’t know that until I ran into him yesterday at Angel’s Café. I went there get my caffeine fix and work on an article I’m writing for a web site that provides sexual advice to teenage girls. He was sitting in the back, drinking a double espresso, and drawing in his sketchpad. He’s a comic book artist, and he’s really good. You might’ve seen his one book, Hate World. Though I guess it’s kinda underground. He doesn’t make much money from it so he works part-time for a local book publisher.

Anyway, I got a coffee and asked him if he minded if I sat down. I felt so stupid when he didn’t even remember me. But he was really nice, though, and he apologized over and over again once I told him about Larry’s. I about choked on my coffee when he asked with obvious concern, “We didn’t, like, do anything, did we?” I assured him it was all good and clean.

We talked for a little bit, and then he invited me back to his place. He lives with a girl named Kimberly, who just turned 21, and is apparently the younger sister of one of his best friends from high school. She wasn’t around, though, and from what Michael said, she goes home a lot with boys she just met. Whatever.

As soon as we got to gaziantep escort his place, he pulled out a blue glass bong and packed a bowl. I don’t smoke pot on a regular basis, but I’m not afraid of it, either. It must’ve been strong stuff because I got higher than I’ve ever been before. We sat on the couch, passed the bong back and forth, and listened to the Deftones, which definitely earned him bonus points because they’re one of my favorite bands. If the song “Passenger”, featuring Maynard James Keenan from Tool, doesn’t get your juices flowing then you’re not alive.

I asked him if he thought it was weird to be hanging out with someone so much younger than him, and he said it didn’t matter to him one way or the other. We have so much in common and the conversation flowed so nicely that it seems like we’ve known each other for years. He suggested that perhaps our souls knew each other in heaven before we were born. He says the most beautiful things. I told him he should write, but he said he prefers to draw.

I really don’t know how it got started, but somehow we just started making out on the couch. He’s such an amazing kisser. He made me feel like we were in a movie. I don’t know if it was the weed, or maybe I was just horny (OK, I was definitely horny!) but I was the one who made the move that escalated things. I couldn’t help it. I wanted him so badly. So while we were kissing I put my hand on his thigh and slowly worked my way up his shorts. He was semi-hard and I quickly determined that he had a nice package. There’s nothing worse than that moment after you’re getting down to business with a guy and the pants come off and you’re like, “Ooh, that’s a disappointment.” I didn’t have that problem with Michael.

Once I started feeling his dick, our clothes came flying off pretty fast. In fact, we left a trail of clothes leading back to his bedroom. When we got into his room we stood there naked, in a tight embrace, and practically devoured each other with kisses. He was sawing his broad cock back and forth against my already sopping lips. He leaned down and alternately suckled each of my stiff nipples and bit them playfully. That got me so worked up I dropped to my knees and started sucking his dick. He was like throbbing steel by this point. I couldn’t get my hand around his dick without squeezing really hard. It’s about as big around as my wrist. What surprised me even more, though, was how big his balls were and how far down they hung. I never saw such a pair. I couldn’t help feeling their heft and lightly playing with them. He loved that.

I sucked him off pretty good for awhile but then my jaw started to hurt. As I went to stand up he gently pushed me back onto the bed, knelt down, and started eating me out. He had me orgasming in minutes. He was massaging my g-spot with two fingers and licking and sucking my clit. My juice was just pouring out. I muttered something about ruining his sheets, but he didn’t care. He made me cum twice that way, and then I told him I had to have him in me.

I think he was about to get a condom when I informed him that I was on the pill and that it was all good. I know most guys hate condoms, and he seemed pretty happy when I told him he didn’t need one.

I started to scoot back in the bed to make room for him, but he grabbed my hips, leaned over, and in the sexiest voice said, “No, I want you right where you are.” He then pulled me so my ass my just barely hanging over the edge of the bed. I lifted my legs for him and watched as he began pushing into me. Even though I was absolutely soaked, it still took him some effort just pop the head in. Then he slowly plunged all the way in. His dick pried me wide open. That was the first time I felt pain during sex since I lost my virginity two years ago. He took a hold of my ankles and slowly withdrew until just the head remained in my steaming clutches. He continued the long strokes, but he sped up each time. Soon he was vigorously pistoning in and out. I was getting juicier and juicier. His pendulous nuts slapped obscenely against my ass.

After not too long, I grew tired of holding my head up to watch, so I laid back fully and just enjoyed the sensations. Right after I did that he decided it was time to switch to a more conventional arrangement. I nearly swooned when he pulled his dick out with an audible pop. The sensation of him withdrawing reminded me of pulling the plunger out of a syringe. Nobody had ever filled me so completely. He wasn’t too long, either, which was nice because it meant he could really wail away without hurting me too much. I don’t mind some pain but I don’t need to feel like I’m being skewered. Instead of being stabbed I felt like I was being opened up and massaged from the inside. I’m getting aroused just writing about it.

Anyway, he climbed atop me, grinned, and drove it home with one strong languorous push. He held himself up with his muscular arms as he pumped away. Another orgasm exploded from my pussy, blazed up my spine, and finished with fireworks in my brain. I thought I was going to pass out. The edges of my vision went blurry, and I think I was hyperventilating. He began breathing heavy and muttered that he was getting close. He kissed me lightly on the cheek and told me he was losing his mind. He increased his speed and force even more. My whole body was quivering. It was like I was having one giant streaming orgasm. I pulled him down and wrapped my legs around him. He threw himself against me again and again like he was trying to kill me. Suddenly he grunted, “Fuck!”, and he began convulsing and grinding his pubic bone against me. I could feel his hot semen jetting into the depths of my vagina. He seemed to cum forever. He continued grunting and grinding for quite some time before he finally relaxed.

We kissed passionately and he gasped, “That was incredible.” I agreed wholeheartedly. He withdrew his rapidly withering erection, rolled over, and collapsed beside me. Both of our bodies were totally sheened with sweat. He lightly traced a finger around my straining nipples. He smirked and noted that my chest and face were flushed. All I could say was, “Michael, you really went to town on me.” That earned me a huge smile and another passionate kiss. He said he couldn’t have done it if he hadn’t had such a beautiful and amazing partner. Then he added that I have a “fantastic pussy”. I told him he was naughty and gave his slimy dick a squeeze.

“Watch it,” he warned. “You might get me started again.”

That actually kinda scared me because I was pretty well sated. I didn’t know if I could handle another round with him so soon. My thighs were twitching and the flush just wouldn’t go away. We both had permagrin.

So we kissed for a little bit and he caressed my body and we talked about meaningless shit and then he zonked out. I thought I could just fall asleep but I’m all wired now. He’s so smart and considerate and cute mature and great in bed. What more could a girl ask for? I think he’s captured my heart like he captured my clit in his teeth.

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