Michael and Jamie Ch. 02

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Hopefully, you have read chapter 1. This chapter will show how our relationship progressed as well as our sex life.


Spending the night at each others place has become a normal thing. We are really compatible and the fuck buddy thing just fits! I don’t know how I got so lucky. Oh, the story picks up one afternoon about a month after our first encounter.

The look of her ass bouncing as I fucked her doggy style; forcing my cock balls deep into her cunt. I love spanking her ass; it’s so cute when it’s red. I slammed my body against her pushing her down into the bed. Her moans were muffled as her head was forced into her pillow. My balls tightened up and I pulled out of her soaking wet, extremely hot pussy and came all over her ass. Jamie turned around to grab some paper towel to clean up. We had been fucking regularly by this point but had never discussed advancing the relationship. Little did I know she had fallen hard for me and didn’t know whether I reciprocated the feelings and that this would be the night she’d let me know it.

We decided to hop in the shower before going out for dinner. As we jumped in, gaziantep escort I let her wash her hair in order to get it out of the way. My cock was at attention the entire time; her perfect ass gets me every time but that’s not all; her erect nipples are always begging for a suck, her face has that naughty innocence and a smile that I die for and her legs, so long and smooth.

As she faced away from me and rinsed her hair, I moved in, right behind her. My cock resting in between her ass cheeks, as I kiss and nibble her neck softly. I reached around to grab her breasts and pull on her nipples. In a flash her hands reached behind me and grabbed my ass, squeezing her body against mine. Her moans grew loader as one hand spread her pussy lips and played with her clit and the other tugged on her nipple. As I quickly rubbed over her clit and toyed with her tits, I inadvertently started thrusting back and forth with my hips.

As she had her third orgasm of the hour my animal lust took over and I pushed her head towards the floor of the tub. Her pussy came into view and I slipped my cock in. My cock disappeared with ease and I started to pound into her tight pussy like never before. I didn’t realize it but I was holding her hair in one hand and spanking her ass with the other. The water dripping in between our bodies added to the affect as every smack of her ass splashed off of her. My cock continued to terrorize her pussy, as I forcibly fucked her like my little slut. Pulling my cock out till the crown of the head was visible then thrusting deep into her. My orgasm was approaching so I turned her around to swallow my cock. To my surprise her gorgeous smile was bigger then ever. She tried to deep throat my cock but I came to quickly and she couldn’t get the spurting cock down. Most of my cum finally landed on her lips which she licked greedily. We dried off and got ready for dinner,

At Dinner:

“I take it, you enjoyed the rough way I controlled you in the shower?” I commented, almost cheekily.

“I have always wanted a guy to do that!” She shyly replied.

“We will have to see were this goes,”

“Speaking of seeing were things go, Michael, I really like you and would like to be exclusive! I know you …” She babbled on while I interrupted ” Of course, I really like you and would love to see were this goes!”

“I’m so happy!”

I leaned forward and kissed her, then whispered into her ear to go to the washroom and remove her panties. She looked nervous but giddy about it at the same time. As she left the table I watched her walk away in that skirt I had asked her to wear.

She arrived back just as our meals did so we sat down to eat without a word. I finished first as usual and my hands started to wander. Underneath the table my hand slid up her creamy white thigh. It became harder for her to eat as my fingers began to toy with her pussy lips. Her eyes started to flutter as I pushed her pussy apart and slid a finger into that damp hole. I then removed my hand and licked my finger. Just when she thought she could get back to eating my hand return, almost directly to her clit. She let a moan slip out in the restaurant and everyone looked. “The food is just that good,” I quickly commented without losing a note in my teasing. Her orgasm approached quickly and she grabbed the table and bit her lip to try and avoid attention. After she finished dinner we got up to leave.

“This is going to be an interesting relationship!” she commented.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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