Margaret’s Little Experiment

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Margaret was a busy woman, and over the past few years had had little time for relationships. Even casual sex had become an only occasional indulgence, and her frustration was growing. She was forty years old now, and as the owner of her own chain of swish clothes shops, she found herself in a position to take a step back and enjoy some of life’s finer vibrations. With no husband, no children and a mortgage she could easily manage, she had decided to employ someone to take over a good deal of the day to day running of the business and take a back seat. There was more to life than money and there were things she wanted to do before it was too late.

At least one of the things she wanted to do while her body was still up to it was to have a relationship with someone with whom she could explore her sexuality to the full. She hadn’t had anything like a serious relationship since she was at university, and that was over twenty years ago. Of course in this Internet age, it was easy enough to arrange casual sex, but it never satisfied her. It wasn’t possible to push the boundaries with new lovers, and of those she’d had, quite a number had been disappointing. Like most successful people, Margaret was demanding. Her men had to be physically fit and have an expert knowledge of a woman’s body and how to please it. All too many of them were either incompetent or concerned only with their own pleasure, and not a few encounters had ended without her having a single orgasm.

She was therefore quite excited when a new store manager she’d just set on told her of an acquaintance of hers that might be of interest. They had gone out to a wine bar after work, and were talking freely and easily after a couple of glasses of chilled Pinot Grigio. Lucy was a little older than Margaret at about 45, and like her, was quite career minded. The difference was that Lucy was happily married with two children and therefore had a rather different set of priorities. Nonetheless, the two women hit it off, and Margaret was very glad of the friendship as well as the service. Lucy was a safe pair of hands, very dependable, and also very easy going and approachable – the sort of person you could talk to about anything.

“So are you after a man because you want to get married and start a family?” asked Lucy, when the conversation inevitably turned to men and relationships.

Margaret shook her head firmly. “No, definitely not,” she said. “I don’t want to give up my freedom just as I’ve managed to get it! I want to keep busy and do things, but I do want to be with someone for…”

“Sex?” Lucy finished the sentence for her since her interlocutor seemed to be fumbling for the right word.

“Well, yes! Sex!” said Margaret, wondering why she hadn’t just said so in the first place. Lucy was clearly no prude. “I’ve been so busy that there hasn’t been time for it really.”

“It doesn’t take long you know!” Lucy chuckled.

“Yes, but I don’t mean just a quick fuck, I want someone I can try things with, someone I can go beyond a simple hump with,” Margaret went on rather animatedly. “Someone I can build trust with, and experiment with!”

“Blimey,” said Lucy. “What exactly do you want to do?”

“I’m not sure,” said Margaret. “Just things that are a bit naughty.”

“Up the bum you mean?”

Margaret flushed deep red, but seemed to assent. “Maybe,” she replied.

“That’s OK,” said Lucy. “You can tell me. There isn’t much I haven’t tried over the years.”

“Well that’s just it,” said Margaret. “I’ve hardly tried anything and I’m not getting any younger!”

Lucy felt a little sorry for her. “That’s a shame,” she said. “Although I suppose you’ve got all the other things you wanted. You’re successful, you’ve got a nice house, plenty of money, and now you’re in a position to relax and enjoy yourself.”

“I may be in a position to, but I’m not sure how to make it happen,” said Margaret. “Where will I find someone?”

Lucy seemed to think. “You know, I might just be able to help you out,” she said.


Her companion nodded. “There’s a guy I used to work with a few years ago. He’s in a similar position to you, actually. He’s in his mid forties, has his own construction company, never married, no kids, and doesn’t get much sex. Or at least he didn’t anyway!”

“So what’s wrong with him? If he’s so great why is he still on the shelf?”

“Same reason as you I suppose. He’s had other priorities. He’s sometimes a bit… er… complex, if you know what I mean. One minute a dominant alpha male type, the next really sweet and sensitive.”

“Good looking?”

“Yeah, in his way. I don’t suppose he’s going to be the next James Bond but he’s well above average. I would if I wasn’t married, put it that way!”

Margaret was intrigued. “Sounds interesting,” she said. “I think some men find me quite intimidating though.”

“Oh, you won’t intimidate Brian!” said Lucy. “He’s sometimes surprisingly nervous, but I’m sure he can handle you.”

“You think he’d şişli escort be interested? I am after all a middle aged woman…”

“With a figure like yours I should think so,” said Lucy, looking at her boss’s body with considerable envy. “Look at you, you’re six feet tall, you’ve got legs up to your armpits, firm boobs, a peachy bottom…”

“Oh shut up,” Margaret laughed. “You sound like you fancy me yourself!”

“If I wasn’t married…” Lucy said again, and laughed, although Margaret wasn’t entirely sure she was joking.

She watched her friend as she went over to the bar to get more wine. It had been a long time since she’d been able to talk so freely and easily with anyone, and it felt good. Lucy was such a nice, honest person, she felt she could trust her with her life. She was one of those women who had probably been softened by motherhood, for it wasn’t too hard to imagine she’d been something of a livewire in her younger days. Although well presented and basically good looking, she didn’t have Margaret’s beauty; however, at this time in her life at least, she was a more rounded and laid back sort of person, to the extent that a lot of men of comparable age might have found themselves more drawn to Lucy. She was so much more at ease with herself than Margaret; in short, more fulfilled.

“Gosh, this wine’s hitting the spot,” said Lucy when she rejoined her friend. “It’s a good job it’s Sunday tomorrow!”

“It certainly is,” said Margaret. “Anyway, I’m intrigued. Tell me more about your friend. Brian did you say his name was?”

“Blimey, you don’t want to hang about do you!” said Lucy, wondering if she had done the right thing mentioning him. “You must meet him and see for yourself.”

“Well can you set something up? It’s springtime, I’m always randy in the mating season!”

Lucy laughed. “Fair enough,” she said. “I’ll see what I can do.”

“Please do,” said Margaret pleadingly. “I’ve had enough of masturbating.”

“Nothing wrong with masturbation,” said Lucy, with her usual candour and equanimity. “I masturbate and I’ve been married for twenty-five years!”

“Yes but you masturbate to supplement your sex life. I masturbate because that’s the only way I can get any orgasms.”

Lucy gave her an understanding look. “I’ll see if I can fix you up,” she said. “In the meantime, get your ducks in a row. When Brian asks what you want to do sex-wise, make sure you’ve got an answer. What do you want to do, if you don’t mind my asking? Apart from the obvious!”

“Everything!” Margaret exclaimed, suddenly deciding there was no need to hide her growing desperation. “Stuff that’s even perhaps a little dangerous if that’s what it takes to get me off! Just having a cock jiggled about in my pussy ’til the man comes is nowhere near enough for me. I want to be tied up, I want to be spanked, I want it rough, I want it in my mouth, in my pussy, up my arse! I want to use toys, clothes, food, whatever! Things I’ve never even thought of until I’m a quivering mass of sweat and come!”

“Crikey,” said Lucy, seeing her friend a new light, although she never doubted that her new boss had an unfulfilled appetite for sex: she had that look about her. “You obviously need it pretty bad.”

“I do!” said Margaret. Her mood changed very rapidly and just as suddenly as she’d given vent to her sexual frustration and dark desires, she became subdued and quiet, and Lucy reached over and put her hand on her arm.

“It’ll be OK,” she said. “Look, you’re still relatively young, you’re beautiful… you’ll get all the cock you can handle, I promise!”


“I guarantee it. Come on, let’s finish our drinks and I’ll walk home with you.”

They were more than a little tipsy when they left the bar, and it was just going dark. They carried on chatting with much joking and laughter, and as expected, the conversation came back to sex.

“Tell me your naughty fantasy,” said Margaret. “I’ve told you what a dirty cow I am, now it’s your turn.”

Lucy smiled and became a bit mumsy: “Oh just the usual,” she said.

“Come on, you can’t get away with that. You must have some kinks!”

“I don’t know that they’d count as kinks these days,” said Lucy. “I like giving blow jobs and I sometimes masturbate in places there’s a chance someone might catch me.”

“And have you ever been caught?”

“My husband’s caught me at it a few times, but that was a bit accidentally-on-purpose if you know what I mean. It turns him on as well.”

“OK, that’s not really a kinky fantasy though is it,” said Margaret, a little frustrated. “Have you ever thought about sex with another woman or being buggered or peed on?”

Lucy chuckled. Her boss was talking like a naughty teenager. “I suppose I like the idea of having sex with a woman,” she confided. “I like the thought of a woman kissing me and touching my boobs…”

“That’s better. And going down on you?”

Lucy nodded. “Yes. I don’t think I’m into mecidiyeköy escort pain or anything dangerous or humiliating.”

“You don’t take it up the arse?”

“No,” said Lucy candidly, “although I suppose I see the attraction. I know other women who enjoy it and it turns me on if I read about it in a steamy novel or see it in a movie or something.”

“Never even tried it?”

“When I was at high school my boyfriend at the time took me up the bum, but it’s not an experience I’d want to repeat. We didn’t know what we were doing and it was a total disaster. He just rubbed some spit on his willy, flipped me over, and shoved it up my back passage really really hard. It hurt like hell and it got a bit messy. It was embarrassing and I cried for the rest of the night!”

“Oh no! Poor you!”

“Yes, it was awful. So after that I never wanted to do it again. Don’t let me put you off though, I have it on good authority that if you take it slowly and use lots of lube and make sure you don’t need the toilet, it’s amazing.”

Margaret nodded her head. She’d never had it up her bum before either, but it was one of the things she wanted to try. Another ambition though that she feared might not be so easily fulfilled was sex with another woman, and although she had kept the thought to herself thus far, she now found herself desperately wanting to fuck Lucy. Despite her slightly domestic demeanour and somewhat conservative ways, Margaret detected a bit of flare in her new friend and wanted to see if it could be explored further. OK she was married, but sex with another woman was different and Lucy had admitted that it was something she fantasised about. So she decided to take advantage of their slight drunkenness and invite her to come in and talk some more. Even if it didn’t lead to any sex she was enjoying chatting about these things with Lucy far more than she’d enjoyed a lot of the actual fucks she’d had in recent years.

* * *

For reasons she would never understand, Lucy didn’t detect the ulterior motive behind the invitation to come in for a nightcap. She didn’t go out much and was enjoying herself, and she was quite happy to spend more time with her new boss and carry on the conversation. In fact, at first she saw it as more of an opportunity to pave the way for Brian, who she thought was just what the doctor ordered for Margaret. And by the time she realised that her boss wanted to have sex with her, she was very turned on herself and thoroughly caught up in the moment.

Margaret wouldn’t let the subject of masturbation drop. She asked her friend whether she used a dildo or her fingers, what she thought about while she frigged herself, and did she shave her pussy. Margaret reciprocated by telling her she preferred to use a vibrator since she liked to stimulate her G-spot and couldn’t reach it with her fingers. She didn’t shave her pussy either, but had been wondering whether she should start; men preferred them hairless didn’t they?

“Some do some don’t,” said Lucy. “Jamie – my husband – prefers me smooth, but I can’t be bothered with all that anymore. Besides, I like my bush!”

“I’m sure it’s lovely,” said Margaret. Lucy looked up slightly startled, but presumed it was a slip of the tongue. Margaret, sitting in an armchair over by the window, smiled back at her, but was stickily aroused and needed an orgasm badly. It crossed her mind to nip to the loo and sort herself out, but she was determined to make every effort to get off with Lucy.

“I think it’s just a modern trend, this weird hairlessness,” said Lucy. “I think it looks daft but that’s just me.”

“And when you fantasise about licking a woman out, she has a hairy pussy?”

Lucy nodded.

“And when she comes, her bush is all wet and messy?”

“Exactly!” said Lucy, feeling her own starting to moisten. She fell silent.

“I think I’d like to go down on a woman,” said Margaret, uncrossing her legs.

The penny dropped, and Lucy realised she was on the spot. She had to decide very quickly what she was going to do.

“I thought you wanted a man,” she murmured.

“I do,” said Margaret, opening her legs further still. Lucy held her gaze a moment longer, then purposefully ogled her friend’s long limbs and then stared into her crotch. Their eyes met again.

“This is naughty,” said Lucy.

“I know,” said Margaret. “But it might be nice.”

“Yes it might…” Lucy put her wine down and crawled across the floor on her hands and knees over to where her companion sat, and ran her hands up her legs.

Margaret shut her eyes and sighed. She arched her back and put her hands on her breasts, massaging them hard through the material of her dress. Lucy watched her stimulating her boobs, mesmerised. It seemed so strange, even frankly disturbing, that this powerfully sexual woman had apparently been getting so little sex! If she really had been getting as little as she said, then Lucy knew straight away that nişantaşı escort the outpouring of lust that was surely to follow would be awesome to behold.

“I want to kiss you,” said Lucy.

Margaret slid down off the chair to join her on the floor, and for the first time in her life she kissed another woman on the lips. The taste was sweet and winey, and the texture so different from a man’s. Lucy’s lips were full and soft, and Margaret wanted to lick them. Lucy put her tongue in her friend’s mouth, but Margaret drew back a little so that she could draw Lucy’s bottom lip into her mouth and suck it.

Lucy found this intensely sexual treatment of her lips highly erotic, and reached up Margaret’s dress to pull her panties down. Despite the lust, Margaret was nonetheless startled by the speed with which her new lover sought her cunt. She drew a sharp intake of breath and shut her eyes, feeling her nipples becoming sensitised and hardening as Lucy began to mastubate her.

“Tell me what you’re doing,” she gasped.


“I want you to tell me what you’re doing to me.”

“I’m masturbating you,” said Lucy, surprised that she’d been asked for a running commentary. “I’m rubbing your clitoris and in a moment I’m going to put my finger inside you.”

“Tell me why!”

“You told me you use a toy to frig your G-spot when you masturbate.”

Margaret shuddered as she felt Lucy’s finger slip inside her. “Jesus, that feels heavenly.”

“I’m married,” Lucy remarked, but without gimness.

“I’ll try not to get a taste for you!”

Lucy smiled. “Would you like me to touch your bottom?”

Margaret shut her eyes and nodded. Lucy leaned into her, kissing her deeply, curling and twisting her tongue in her mouth. She felt no apprehension, no guilt, no nervousness, just a mixture of lust and curiosity. She also felt her breasts being groped and squeezed with a fervour that bordered on desperation, but the slight pain only added to the moment’s intensity.

Margaret’s anus was wetted with the lubricating juices flowing from her cunt, and her body shook as she felt Lucy’s finger circling it in a slow masturbatory motion that would have worked just as well on her clitoris.

“What are you doing now?”

“I’m masturbating your bottom,” said Lucy, feeling close to orgasm herself, although neither she nor Margaret had touched her genitals yet. There was not much room for her finger between Margaret’s pudgy bumcheeks, and so she settled into a slow but firm rhythm using the soft pulp of her middle finger to wank her lover’s anus.

Margaret felt her orgasm come from the pit of her stomach. The muscles in her abdomen went into a violent spasm that buckled her body, and Lucy put her left arm around her to hold her while she came. Her buttocks contracted hard on her hand leaving even less room for movement, so at last Lucy allowed her fingertip to sink just inside Margaret’s arsehole.

“Oh Lucy!” Margaret somehow managed to cry through the crushing force of her orgasm.

“Keep coming, sweetie.” Lucy held her tightly, her finger massaging the inner surface of her lover’s rectum. It was strange but beneath lubricious veneer of lust, Lucy recognised that she was experiencing a more tender emotion that she’d never quite felt before, some peculiar but exquisite combination of tenderness, sympathy and fascination.

“That was incredible,” Margaret gasped in post-orgasmic delirium.

“It was lovely,” said Lucy.

Margaret recovered her senses quickly enough to realise that thus far she had been the winner in this encounter, and it was important to her to give Lucy an orgasm too. She decided she wanted to go down on her, but access to her cunt was blocked by her trousers, which she’d fastened with an expensive belt that had a complicated fastener. Lucy groaned and winced as her lover rather hastily and clumsily wrestled her out of her clothes and yanked her panties down so hard that they tore.

“Take it easy!” she said, trying to stroke Margaret’s face, but her boss’s focus was entirely on her wet and bedraggled cunt, which by now was swollen and tingling, and felt very very hot.

With little in the way of ceremony or finesse, Margaret shoved her face between Lucy’s legs and sucked her surprisingly petite labia, then put her tongue into her vagina. She had very little experience of cunnilingus as a receiver and none whatsoever as a giver, and she was surprised to find herself unsure what to do. She could glimpse Lucy’s anus nestled between her buttocks and she could smell it as well; the very closeness of it made her cunt tingle; but despite the pleasure she’d just had from the attention lavished on her own bottom, she left it well alone like it frightened her. Perhaps it was more for her own fulfilment than Lucy’s that she wanted to taste the woman’s cunt and arsehole; but as an ardent masturbator, she knew that she must concentrate on her clitoris to make her come.

Lucy could tell her lover didn’t know quite what to do, so she tried to manoeuvre her hips so that her clitoris would end up in Margaret’s mouth. It worked to an extent, but she seemed very inexperienced, almost like a young man exploring a woman’s cunt for the first time.


The boss knew she wasn’t doing so well, and stopped and looked up. “I’m rubbish aren’t I?”

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