Game Changer

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Big Tits

Thank you for reading. I hope you find my stories entertaining. My goal is to work on my writing skills and develop into a better story teller. This story is a work of fiction, but comes from a friend who let a night go farther than she planned. While that instance only tempted my friend, it made me wonder what if? If you don’t like cheating wife stories, or ones where the husband is kept in the dark please skip reading, or recognize you aren’t the person I am writing this for. Save your comments and votes for stories you actually like. Anyways enjoy!

Oh Fuck. What did I just do?

I was only supposed to be going out with a few girls from the office for a couple of hours after work. Now it was past 3 in the morning and he just fucked my brains out again in his bed. I still felt his cum inside me. Oh God, so much cum. Fuck it felt so good. Stretched, full and aching from the abuse.

He was looking at me again. He had a smile that told me he was trouble. I didn’t seem to care. I smiled back. Who is this slut I wondered about myself.

“You should suck me and get me hard. I want to fuck that pretty little ass next” he said and chuckled.

My virgin ass was going to get destroyed, I realized as I began to suck his cock in my mouth. He hadn’t asked. He told me, and I wanted him to do it.

Where did he get his stamina from? I idly wondered as his cock swelled and filled my throat again. He had cum 3 times in my pussy and once in my mouth at the club and once more when he painted my face and tits on his living room floor.

Charlie, my husband can sometimes manage twice, and I think once he did manage three, but that was with my girlfriend, before we got married during a drunken party that we let get out-of-hand. Mario was going for a sixth time, in my ass no less.

He pulled my hair into a bun and bounced my mouth on him. He made me take it deep.

” Gulk, gulk, gulk, gulk, gulk” was the sounds coming from me without any control as he pulled me on his thick cock.

” You are such a sexy whore for me” he chuckled as he had me drooling over his hard member. Then, quite abruptly he spun me around and had me facing away from him. He spread my knees wide and held both my arms behind my back. He pushed me forward.

“Face down, ass up,” he chuckled. ” Look at the mess I made of your sweet cunt, is my little whore ready to get her ass railed next?”

I just nodded. I couldn’t speak the words. I was afraid if I said yes I would seem too eager to be his anal slut.

I felt him rub his cock over my wet cunt, lubing it up with our combined juices. Then I felt him press up into my ass. He just kept a slow steady pressure and gradually I felt him stretch me and his thick head entered me. I gasped at the feeling. It hurt a bit. Ok a lot. I felt fuller than I’d ever felt before. And I felt like such a sexy slut. I was doing anal. Oh fuck!

Mario encouraged me, ” Nice and slow honey, I will fill that sexy ass nice and slow. Just relax until I get all the way in.”

He pushed in farther, then pulled back coating his cock with more of our juices. Then he was pushing deeper in my tight little back door.

It felt Demetevler Rus Escort so good being stretched by his cock. I mean it hurt a bunch too, but the feeling of getting filled overruled the pain. And when I felt a pressure on my g spot I knew I was going to cum again. Maybe a lot again. Fuck I must have cum 15 or 20 times already tonight. I had squirted. A few times. I had never done that before. Maybe I would again.

Then I felt it. His cock was all up inside me. I felt his heavy balls brushing my abused cunt lips. I felt his body pressing against me as his cock filled me completely.

“Ready to get driven hard my little backdoor beauty?” he asked.

I just nodded. Then it was like I was a rag doll. He pulled back and slammed up into me forcefully. My tits bounced obscenely. He built up to a frantic pace. His cock making me feel so full, so complete. Fuck I was going to cum hard.

I began to moan, and curse and swear. “Fuck my ass!” I encouraged him at one point.

He did exactly that. He was pounding me so hard I could feel my ass shake with the impact of his thrusts. My tits were bouncing and swinging wildly. And when I looked ahead into the mirror I couldn’t believe how erotic the slut looked who was getting nailed in her ass.

I came hard. I felt myself shake and quiver. I felt wet juices running down the insides of my thighs. I heard Mario calling me a cock hungry whore.

I heard it first, then felt the sharp sting as he spanked my ass. I had never been spanked since I was a little girl. Fuck it made me horny. I was bouncing hard to get his cock in me. He kept spanking my ass, sharp gunshot sounding slaps that reverberated deep inside. God the feeling made my insides mush and made me want to cum hard.

Again I felt my insides tighten up. The vibrations inside and the sheer naughtiness of it all overwhelmed me. and then I came. This time I gushed a stream of cum. I almost felt like I had peed, but it felt so much better than that. I think my eyes rolled up into my head I came so hard. I felt my stomach muscles clench tight. So tight, I felt Marios’ cock get trapped. He couldn’t push in or pull back. Then I felt him cum inside me.

I squirted again it felt so good.

I felt him soften inside me. I had collapsed face down on the bed with my ass up, still penetrated by his. wondrous beautiful thick cock.. Then the slow empty feeling as he pulled out of me.. I was still gasping for breath when he stood in front of me. His thick soft glistening cock still covered in ribbons of cum. He slapped my face with it and told me to clean him.

It wasn’t until after I realized I sucked this cock that had been in my ass. It didn’t matter. He gave me a task. I did it. I don’t know how he got that power over me, but it was tangible. He could make me cum harder, better, more intense than I would have dreamed. It was like sex before was like a nibble of a store bought cookie. It tasted good, made me feel ok and I would smile and be happy. But now? Holy fuck! Now I had been given a box of the finest melt in your mouth sweets and confections, and Otele Gelen Rus Escort they kept coming. More than I could imagine. Each new confection was different and sweet. The cookie I had before was dry and tasteless by comparison. Every time I felt sated and content, I got a taste of a new even more exotic confection. I was addicted to all he was offering.

Mario. This stud had fucked me like I didn’t know was possible. My mouth, my full pussy, and now my ass. And now he tossed me what was left of my dress.

“I need to get you home. If you’re here in the morning my three mates will be having a go with you, and I have to get us to our game or we forfeit.” He said with a wink and a hint of promise.

My bra had been torn off me at the bar. My lacy panties had been torn off me so he could fuck me over the hood of his car. My summer dress barely covered my tits. And my ass was pretty exposed as well. So now, here I was in a short summer dress that you could almost see through, with nothing underneath. And all five foot two of me was oozing cum out of both of my lower orifices. Add to that I had cum drying on my cheeks. I was a picture. And not the Sunday school princess everybody was used to seeing me be.

I felt his cum pudding in the car seat when I sat down. I wished I had stopped to go to the bathroom before we left, but right lafter having me clean his cock we hit the door and we were off seconds later.

As soon as he got my address he turned the music up and focused on driving.

I had the chance to think. We were about 40 minutes away from my place. My brain felt sex addled if that makes sense.

I wondered at how simply it had started. He asked me to dance. He was handsome and looked like someone I wanted to know more about. His touch was electric. His body made mine move on the dance floor. I was dripping wet after the first song.. Two songs later and we were out back of the club. He kissed me. Then he fed me his cock to suck. It was big. It was beautiful. I did everything I could to make him cum down my throat.

I was rewarded by being lifted onto the hood of a car and he pulled my panties to the side and made me cum multiple times with his tongue and fingers. By my third orgasm I knew I would do whatever he asked me to do.

Then my panties disappeared and he bent me over the hood of his car and fucked me like a God. I felt like I came for 10 or 15 minutes straight. One long orgasm or several, rolling one on top of the other. I couldn’t tell you honestly which it was. What I could tell you is it was way better than anything I had ever experienced before. It wasn’t even close.

We went back in the club. I knew I looked a slut. I had cum running down my legs. I had no panties on and a dress so short as to show my ass when I bent over even a bit. Sitting meant being very careful or I would flash everyone my wet cunt.

He made me cum on his fingers on the dance floor before we left the club. He wanted every guy to know this slut was going to have a fucking good night.

I gave him a slow blow job on the drive to his place. Balgat Rus Escort My husband would be pissed. He hadn’t had his cock sucked in over five years and here I was sucking and trying to deep throat like a porn star for the second time tonight.

As soon as we entered his house. He had me on my knees and his hands wrapped in my hair as he pushed his cock deeper in my mouth. When he came he painted my tits and face with his cum.

After washing me off he took me to his bed. I had thought he made me cum in the club. Holy shit he fucked me so intensely I felt like my insides were jello. The first time I squirted I was worried what he would think or do. Then he wanted to make me squirt again. To cum, shaking and twisting and with such intensity my whole body felt drained.

Even now in the car my insides were still trembing. I could still feel his cum in my pussy and ass. I could taste him in my mouth. I could smell the sex. It was intoxicating.

Suddenly I got really nervous. I was going home. To my husband. Filled with cum. No panties, no bra. Obviously fucked. I began to hyperventilate.

“Slow down sexy. It will be fine. He knows you’ve been a slut. The next decision is yours. Make him your cuckold, or be his hotwife, or pretend it never happened, until next time I take you. Maybe he will talk about leaving. Whatever. Why stay with a guy who doesn’t make you cum?” Mario continued, ” He will try to reclaim you. When he does think of me so you can cum. Think of our next time. I’ll invite the boys to join us. Now give me a quick fucking tease with that mouth while we wait for him to spy out the window”

He pulled his cock out of his sweats and pulled me down. We slowed and stopped in front of our house. He pulled me up on my knees on the seat so I could take him better.

“gawk, gawk, gawk, gawk” were the sounds as he pushed himself past my gagging point. Then he pulled me up.

“He was watching from the upstairs window. I bet he was pulling his pud” Mario ridiculed ” Let’s go show him what a good slut you are”

He opened his car door and came around to my side. I looked up and could see the shadow in the window. He had been watching. Fuck, I realized my bare ass was up against the window.

Mario led me up to the front steps, where he gently tapped on the door.

“This has been fun Princess! I am looking forward to our next little round of games already.”. He stood there in the doorway, my doorway, to my house with one hand cupping my bare ass, and the other brushing against my hard nipple.

The door clicked with the lock and opened. Charles stood there looking broken.

Mario spoke first, ” I wanted to make sure she got inside safely. Thanks Bud! Your wife is a real hot one.”. Then he turned to me and whispered in my ear ” He has a chubby! Fuck him and you will be fine. Think of me so you cum. Don’t let him take your ass though, that’s mine.”. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and sauntered off to his car.

I walked in the house. Charlie did indeed have his usual 6 inch chubby poking out in his shorts. I dropped my dress and turned to him and got down on my knees and pulled it out.

This was going to be easier than I thought.

“Are you going to reclaim my mouth as yours? Are you going to fuck my mouth and make me swallow your cum?” I whispered hoarsely. I felt him tremble. He was going to cum quick. This time, and hopefully slower when he reclaimed my pussy. Maybe he would reclaim me a few times. He was a good husband after all.

I just hoped he could still make me cum.

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