Farm Boi Life Ch. 06

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This chapter is not very sexual, however it will set up the next two chapters. Thank you for hanging out on the Farm with the house and pony bois!

(Much of this chapter is related to “Judge Ordered Slavery Ch 4.”)


“Welcome home Ryan, you have a slave to train. He’s no longer a virgin, and I want you to fuck him…daily. The more cock he gets, the better he will be as a show slave.”

My lower jaw had to hit the floor. I didn’t know if I knew how to use my clit to fuck someone anymore.

“Uh Master?” I stammered.

“What is it?”

“I uh…can’t.” I was basically telling the man that owned me…”No.”

He sighed.

“Thought you said that he ‘had a cunt so nice’ even you’d fuck him.” He parroted my own words back to me.

“Yes Master uh…um.. figure of speech.” I stared at the floor. I may have been trembling. I know I was sweating. I had defied my Master, after just having been forgiven for well, defying him.

“I want you to supervise then. Let my barn at him. Only two at a time. No DP. Understood? You are his teacher and guardian. I need him “show ready” in a few weeks. Understood Ryan?” He turned and began to walk away from me.

“Yes Master.”

I had seen the show only once, and knew what the judges would be looking for. For this cunt to get “Best in Show” would require more then 18 days of training. What was I at three weeks? I couldn’t have been a willing slave yet…was I??

It occurred to me that I had turned to obey after being broken. I was willing a couple weeks after that. Wait…I had wanted to compete for my Master at three weeks. This may work.

I was sitting at my desk in the study. I began to write out an outline of everything I would have to do to get David in shape for the twink show. I worried about the masochistic category the worst.

David was barely broken, and I would be asking him to learn how to take long enduring sessions of pain without crying out, groaning or even flinching.

“Best Bitch” would be easy except he had a mid sized clit. I was already thinking of icing him before he was on stage to make his clit shrink as far as it could.

Master seemed to be worried about the “Cock Slut” category the worst. I agreed with him. The new slaves virginity had just been taken, but Master had given me no details whether or not David had enjoyed it.

I woke at the desk. A small puddle of drool stained the piece of paper I had been writing on. I didn’t remember writing it, but at the top of the paper I had written in caps: “YOU ARE HIS ALPHA!”. Below that was an outline that I remembered writing. According to the computer it was 6am.

I went to the bathroom and did my routine. I smiled after I had finished and put my glass plug back in.

I looked into Masters bedroom and saw him snuggled against Mouth. “He finally made it to the bed” I thought. Gambler was on the floor at the foot of the bed. The sun shone through the windows on the first floor. It was going to be a nice day.

I looked out of the front window and saw Gary and his crew already working. It was another clearing day I guessed. Trees were being cleared to make more farmland for crops. Eight ponies pulled a section of trunk on a wagon driven by Gary.

I got to the kitchen and made a bowl of oatmeal in the microwave. I then poured a glass of milk. I opened the door to the basement stairs and walked down them carefully. I had to take a sip of milk so none would spill. I set the bowl and milk in his cage. He was still asleep, wrapped in the wool blanket provided.

His water dish was empty. That was a good sign. Master had pissed in it the night before.

I just looked at him. He had the looks, he was much cuter then I was. I had thought I could’ve won a couple years back. This boi was going to win. I may not be able to use my clit to fuck him, but damn I wanted to kiss him. I grabbed my clit and gave it a tug. I tried to masturbate like I had before I wore a collar.

I frowned. It had no effect. The penis between my legs was as Master had said it was when I had been captured and enslaved. Useless.

“At least I tried.” I said out loud. “Boi! Wake up! Breakfast!” araban escort I yelled in my best Alpha voice. The slave covered his head with the blanket in protest.

I kicked the cage hard with the heel of my foot.

“Goddamn it what?!” David grumbled.

“Breakfast for you slave. Don’t get used to room service boi. You have a long stretch of training in front of you.” I unlocked his cage and waved David out. I supervised as he ate his breakfast sitting on the cold concrete floor.

I found myself pacing as he ate, trying to be the Alpha I needed to be, with the words I had to say.

“How high would you say your pain threshold is?” I asked him.

“Uh, I don’t know. Toothaches hurt.”

“You were able to sleep in the shackles.” I commented.

“That wasn’t sleeping.” He said as he shoveled the last of the bland oatmeal into his gob.

I took the bowl from him and after he finished the milk took the cup as well. I whistled for Gambler. He appeared from the main floor, padding down the wooden stairs. I handed him the empty dishes. He ran back up.

I attached a leash to David’s collar, and led him out the back door into the yard. Once we were behind the house, out of sight of the street, I ordered him to relieve himself. He looked at me confused. I bent him over and pulled out his plug.

“Evacuate and piss…Now.” I said sternly. He squatted and began. I was looking at the tiny plug. It seemed cute compared to the large glass one I wore now. I walked into the house as David attempted to evacuate. I summoned Gambler and told him he was to stay with me for the day.

We walked back out to the yard. David was finishing. I handed David’s plug to Gambler.

“Hold this.” Gambler frowned. He looked it over and without being told walked over to the water pump and began washing it as I talked to the boi.

“Before we can start your cock slut training, we need to make sure your pain threshold is high. Gambler bring me a set of tit clamps and a light set of pony ball weights.” I ordered. David’s eyes went wide.

“Calm down. This isn’t severe pain until you are made to move with the devises attached. You have to pass this test in order to get “Best in Show”.” I explained.

“Alpha? What is going on?” David asked.

“I am preparing you for the greatest thing any slave can be a part of. A competition. Our Master has selected you to not only enter, but to win.” I told him. I didn’t have the heart to tell him, he’d likely be auctioned off afterward. Master just wanted the win. It would bring great prestige to his House.

Gambler returned with the implements I had asked for and then helped me to attach them.

I secured the nipple clamps to his tiny pink buds and locked them down. David whimpered a bit but soon that pain faded. When the four ounce weights were attached he winced. Next was the scrotal collar connected to the top end of the slaves sack. This didn’t bother David at all. Then we added the ½ pound weight. He seemed to react with discomfort but nothing more.

“20 jumping jacks. BEGIN!” I ordered.

David did the first one and curled into a ball immediately. The jerking of the weights had hurt.

“Slave, unless you can do all 20 you will not win.” I stated.

“Why do I care?” David spat.

“Because this is what Master wants. We must obey him, we are his property.” I said gently, even through I was ready to strike the slave.

“You are property, I just wanted to have sex.” He hissed. I nodded. I calmly walked up to David and yanked the nipple clamps off.

The howl he let out, filled the yard.

“Sit on him till I get back!” I ordered.

I went to Masters barn and retrieved gary and four of his ponies. When we got back to Masters back yard Gambler was sitting on David’s back. David was spitting grass out of his mouth as he was picked up and dragged to the barn.

“David, I don’t think you understand how good it is to be a houseboi. So today you will live as a low pony. I will see you after sunset.” I said. I nodded to Gary. Gary grabbed David and hooked him into a yoke.

It was only May, but it was still quite hot outside. From Master’s top floor porch I could see David with another pony pulling a plow over freshly cleared grounds. They were moving incredibly slow compared to the other crews. Then again most crews were eight ponies per plow. I checked the time. It was 10:38am.

David was in for a long day.

I went to my office and checked the BDSM site to find more candidates. Not for the competition, but for me. I had been given a lot of responsibility, and I wanted help. Help that Master wouldn’t be so eager to fuck. I wanted a slave of my very own. I found three bois and wrote them. Then I did what I should have done before.

I asked for permission.

I found him eating lunch at the dining room table. The wood had been freshly polished I could tell. The oak was perfectly stained, and was now reflective.

“Master.” I announced.


“I would like permission to recruit an assistant to help with my responsibilities.” I said from my knees. From this vantage I could see Mouth was drinking quickly from our Master. It must have been a bitter bladder as his face clearly showed the piss was not enjoyable.

“YOU want a slave of your own?” Master said with a mouthful. The question must have caught him off-guard. Master always had perfect manners. “Where is my show candidate?” He asked.

“Pulling a plow in field 14.” I answered. I cringed. He may not like this.

“Why is he in field 14 pulling a plow when I do not want him to be a pony?”

“He does not appreciate his place Master. With respect, it is part of my training. I assure you my Master, we will be ready.” I said with a bit of pride.

“Very well Ryan. Answer me this boi, is he truly broken?” Master asked. Mouth belched quietly in my direction. His breath was quite potent with Masters dehydrated piss. It concerned me.

“I don’t believe he has been truly broken. Hence I put him on Gary’s crew for the day. It will make him appreciate his rank as houseboi.” I looked over at Mouth. He was making faces indicating a bad bladder.

“Very well. I will trust you. It might work.” Master said.

“Permission to act on your behalf?” I asked.

“What?” He had never heard this question from me before. I didn’t wait for an answer.

“Mouth you are dismissed to drink a quart of water over the next two hours. Master you need water badly. You are passing almost pure uric acid to your slaves. When was the last time you drank anything?”

“Slave? What the fuck?”

“Master please answer the question.” I got to my feet and held his shoulders.

“YOU ARE OUT OF LINE!” He pushed me back. I tripped over my own feet and fell onto my ass facing him.

“Master, you were feeding Mouth thick urine. It is my job to take care of you and your property.” I pleaded.

“Ryan…Uh Ryan…I don’t feel well. I can’t hide it from you any more. Something is wrong.” he said in a whisper. “I think I’m very sick.”

I touched his forehead. It was very warm. I had never seen Dan sick before. In two years he’d never had so much as a cold. It was clear he was dehydrated and running a fever. His mannerisms were also off. Master Dan never talked with a mouthful.

I had no idea that when I began yelling for Mouth and Gambler, that my voice could carry that far outside of the house. Trotter, Tantrum and Master Tex also arrived.


An hour had gone by. We all were speculating as to what was wrong with my Master.

“We don’t have an on-site doctor Chef. We are going to have to take him into town.’ Master Tex said.

“No a doctor has to come here. I need to stay with him.” I argued.

“You know damned well we can’t have an outsider here.” Master Tex said soft, yet firm.

“You can go with him Chef. You just have to put clothing on.” I grimaced, then nodded. “Will you drive us Master Tex?”

“Yes, everything will be fine Chef. Go put on pants, and a shirt. You may want shoes too.” He said.

I came down the stairs wearing all of the uncomfortable things on my body. As we helped my Master into the truck that Master Tex owned, I was struck as curious.

“Master Tex? Why don’t we have any doctors in the Company?”

“You haven’t recruited one yet” He said as he started the engine and began to tear down the dirt driveway.

David could feel the skin beginning to blister on his shoulders. His toes could not grip in the thin soil . His legs hurt so badly he had tears welling up. The Alpha kept whipping him to keep going. His legs tried and tried but he couldn’t pull anymore. David looked over and saw his plow mate on his knees.

“Get up fucker! Get up!”

Houseboi was a good job. David realized he needed to do what the Alpha told him to do…even if it hurt. This was far worse then what Alpha would have given him.

“Get the fuck up!” David yelled. The lash hit right between his shoulder blades. David couldn’t pull this plow by himself. He kicked his plow mate in the face.

“You are a piece of shit! I’m getting whipped! GET UP!”

“That’s it…you are done David.” Gary said. David turned and saw Gary get off the bench and walking toward him. He unhooked David from the yoke.

“You passed this test. You can go home.” Gary said.

David walked onto the porch. The front door was wide open and as he walked through the house, he only found Gambler in Masters bedroom crying.

“What’s going on?”

“Master is very ill. We don’t know what is wrong.” Gambler sobbed.

“Now is your chance to leave this. Why aren’t you miles from here?” David asked.

Gambler looked at him as if he were an alien.

“Why would I ever leave? I have never been so loved an appreciated as here. Master and Chef love us. I was an ugly loner till I came here. Now I am cherished and taken care of…Dammit David, you need to get your mind right!” A new onslaught of heavy sobs racked the houseboi. David felt empathy for the young man. He found himself sitting next to him on the floor at the side of the bed.

“Is it really that good?” David asked as he wrapped an arm around the boi. Gambler looked up at him with swollen eyes that leaked.

“Better then where I came from.” Gambler wrapped his arms around David as well.

Gambler told him the story about how he had never had much to eat as a child. His parents worked but could either pay rent or buy food. David had always had everything handed to him, but was always alone with a nanny, or his tutor.

They talked into the night.

I was pacing. The doctor had told us it was nothing serious, but still wouldn’t let me or Master Tex into his room. We were not “Family”. The pale floor of the waiting room was bathed in florescent light. I followed the tile patterns on the floor as I walked. I was constantly scratching as the clothing on my body was driving me insane.

Wait a minute. I am family. He has power of attorney over me!

“Master Tex?” I sat down next to him as he rifled through a two year old magazine.

“Yeah.” He said numbly.

“I’m next of kin. I need Masters paperwork so I can go into his room. Can you please call Gambler and have him get the paperwork?” I asked. Master Tex looked at me.

“Which one of you is Ryan?” A nurse asked. I looked up and saw a large woman dressed in light blue scrubs.

“I am” I raised my hand.

“Dan gave me a message that you are to go home and finish your task.”She said and turned. She walked back into the hallway she came from.

“You heard the woman…lets go.” Master Tex grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the waiting room.

I was growling in protest the whole way to the truck. The drive home was silent.

Gambler and Mouth greeted me at the door with a ton of questions.

“Yes, he is stable”. “No he’s not coming home today”. “Yes I am in charge of the house till he gets back”.

“I have a gift for you Alpha Chef” Gambler said.

“I want to go to bed, it’s way past 11pm.” I grumbled. I was making a sandwich in the kitchen. The only illumination was from the clocks on the stove and the refrigerator.

“Alpha, please.” Gambie was using his big brown eyes.

“What is it Gambie?” I asked. I took a bite of the sandwich.

Gambler waved to something behind him. David appeared wearing clamps and ball weights twice as heavy as I had given him the day before.

Gambler clapped his hands twice. David did 30 jumping jacks.

He never winced or made a sound of pain.

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