Faith and Hope

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My high school girlfriend was an absolute doll – about 5’4″ tall, pleasingly round, with short blonde hair, big brown eyes, a gorgeous butt and a firm pair of tits that I’d say were probably a size C. Faith was, like me, raised in a very religious home in our small Texas town and had vowed to “save herself for marriage”. Still, it was wonderful to kiss and hold her, and we enjoyed each other’s company. I was a year ahead of her in school, and I went out of state to college. We’d write each other every day, and get in a phone call now and then in those days before long distance was an everyday thing.

During my freshman year I didn’t get involved with any of the girls I met, though I did make some close friends, including a sophomore girl named Hope. She was a drama major and since I always enjoyed working backstage on the High School plays, I met her during rehearsals for the college production of “Fiddler On The Roof” and really enjoyed her wit and humor. Hope was very pretty, too, in a way that was very opposite from Faith. Hope was 5’9″, very slender, with small boobs and long dark brown hair that hung clear to her ass. She had the palest complexion of anyone I’d ever met. Many times while talking to her, the twinkle in her blue eyes was enough to make me think to myself, “If I didn’t have a girlfriend back home, I’d ask her out” but I never reconsidered my relationship with Faith. I loved her and couldn’t wait for her to come to school here so we could be together.

In the spring, Hope was initiated into the national drama society, and part of that initiation was to be dressed up in costume and recite, to anyone who asked them to, a selection of Shakespeare that the local chapter members had picked out for her. Several others were going through the initiation at the same time, so the snack bar in the student union was full of people in costumes, spouting verse. One guy had to stand on a chair to give his speech from “Much Ado About Nothing”, another had to pace around doing a Hamlet soliloquy. Late in the afternoon I saw Hope in the union and innocently asked her to recite her piece. She blushed bright red, then wrapped her arms around my neck and began.

“Fondling,’ she saith, ‘since I have hemm’d thee here
Within the circuit of this ivory pale,
I’ll be a park, and thou shalt be my deer;
Feed where thou wilt, on mountain or in dale:
Graze on my lips; and if those hills be dry,
Stray lower, where the pleasant fountains lie.
Within this limit is relief enough,
Sweet bottom-grass and high delightful plain,
Round rising hillocks, brakes obscure and rough,
To shelter thee from tempest and from rain
Then be my deer, since I am such a park;
No dog shall rouse thee, though a thousand bark.’

This bawdy selection from “Venus and Adonis” took me completely by surprise, because Hope was normally pretty reserved. Her red face told me that she was completely embarrassed by the whole thing, but she was a good sport about it. After that, for some silly reason, I would yell “Passion! Lust!” at her when I spotted her on campus. Hope, having gotten over the embarrassment of the initiation, began to yell “Lust! Passion” back at me. People would stare at us and we’d laugh and go our separate ways. I don’t think either of us meant anything by it. At least I didn’t. I still intended to be true to Faith.

Faith came to visit the campus for a weekend as a prospective student shortly after spring break. My roommate, thinking it a good time to leave town, decided to go see his parents. John also decided to give me a pack of condoms before he left. I laughed, but I thought the chance of using them was less than the chance of me graduating Summa cum Laude. Faith didn’t get a very good tour of the campus. We spent most of the time together. I really had missed her and I couldn’t get enough of her kisses. Apparently Faith felt the same way, because she allowed my hands to roam more than they ever had before. Normally whenever I’d reach to caress her breasts or even touch her ass, Faith would gently redirect my hand to a “safe” part of her body. That Saturday night, however, Faith didn’t stop me at all as I squeezed her plump ass-cheeks, so I thought I’d try my luck on the other forbidden zones. I could barely contain my excitement as my hand reached her chest. Even feeling those luscious mounds through a blouse and bra was uncharted territory for me, and Faith was the only girl I’d even gone this far with, so it’s a wonder I didn’t cream my pants right there.

I could sense that Faith was open to letting me do more, so I began to try and take things further. Fumbling every step of the way, I began to undo the buttons of her blouse. She didn’t object at all! She just kept kissing me. Once I had the buttons undone all the way down to her waistband, she stopped kissing me just long enough to pull the shirttails out and shrug the blouse off her shoulders, then she lay back on my dorm bed and pulled me on top of her in the missionary position. We kissed continuously as Etlik Escort we lay there, crotch to crotch, and soon Faith wrapped her thighs around me. I reached under her and cupped her ass with both hands.

Faith’s hands weren’t idle. She gently stroked my back as we kissed and dry-humped on the bed. After a while I was concerned that I might be crushing her so I rolled us over. Faith straddled me and I began trying to undo her bra. My inexperience showed. I was totally baffled by the hooks on the back, but she took pity on me after a while and reached behind herself to undo them for me. I couldn’t believe it! Faith was actually letting me see her naked breasts. I was very tentative as I reached to touch them, but her sighs of pleasure soon reassured me.

I couldn’t believe what happened next (actually I had trouble believing any of this was happening at the time). Faith grasped the back of my head with both hands and guided my face to her tits. I really didn’t know what to do, but I guess my instincts took over at that point and I began to suck on them like a baby would. Faith really enjoyed this and started grinding her pussy against my throbbing hard-on.

Next, and I’m sure this was all instinct because I had already passed the limit of my experience with women nearly 20 minutes earlier, I rolled her onto her back again. Rather than mounting her as I had before, I lay beside her. Propping myself on an elbow, I continued to suck on her puffy nipples. My free hand continued to explore her naked flesh, sometimes playing with the tit I wasn’t suckling, other times roaming down her torso. Thinking I’d just see how far Faith was willing to go this time, I ran my hand over her pussy through her jeans. Her back arched and she pressed herself into me, barely stifling a moan in the process.

Encouraged by that, I started fumbling with the snap of her jeans. There was no resistance at all. The snap popped open, then I slid the zipper down – slowly, as if I was afraid that the noise would startle her back to her senses. I needn’t have worried. Once I got the zipper down, Faith lifted her hips and started sliding her jeans down for me. I took over once she got them over her hips, pulling them off her and tossing them over to the side where her blouse and bra had landed earlier. I remember clearly to this day the exact pale shade of lavender bikini panties she was wearing and the few stray honey-blonde and wiry curls that stuck out from the leg openings. I also remember wondering why her panties were so wet at the crotch – remember, I had absolutely no experience to guide me in this.

I would’ve been content at that point to just stare at this new site in front of me – Faith, with only a pair of panties on, lounging on my bed. It’s a sight that I still masturbate to 30 years later. Faith, however, had other plans. She pulled me down to kiss her again. My hands roamed her body, and every time I brushed over her pubic mound she gave a little moan and pressed herself up toward my hand. I may have been inexperienced, but I could take a hint – I let my hand linger on her panty-clad pussy. I didn’t know where to touch her, but she guided me by opening her legs and rolling her hips so that my hand naturally fell between her thighs. I rubbed gently and Faith went wild.

Encouraged, I decided to see if the last barrier would stand firm. I tugged at the waistband of her panties and she lifted her hips to allow me to pull them off her. My hands were trembling as I finally held my first completely naked woman. I realized that I was fully clothed at that point, so I quickly stripped off my shirt and jeans as Faith watched wide-eyed, but when I started to drop my briefs, she stopped me and insisted that I leave them on. Still, I couldn’t complain. This was way beyond my wildest expectations for her visit.

More kissing followed as I held her warm soft body in my arms and let my hand trail to her pussy. Soon I was sliding my middle finger through the wetness between her nether lips, marveling at the contrast between the rough wiry hairs on her mound and the warm slippery wetness just inches away. “I’m all wet for you”, she whispered. “Wet, so you could slide in and we could have sex.” That cleared up the great mystery for me. Men get hard, women get wet. I could live with that.

Encouraged by the mere mention of actually having sex, I thought of the condoms John had left for me. “I think John may have some condoms….” I said, letting the comment hang in the air.

Faith shook her head vigorously. “No! I can’t let you. Please don’t.”

“OK” I said, not even bothering to hide my disappointment. I was truly disappointed, but I knew how firmly Faith held to her religious upbringing, and I truly did not want to hurt her, so I acceded to her wishes. We kept kissing, though and my fingers continued to explore the hot, wet folds of her sex. Sometimes I’d dip into the very center of her wetness, dreaming that my cock was there instead of my Keçiören Escort finger, but soon Faith started guiding me with her words.

“Slide your finger up from there just a little,” she whispered. “There. Feel that part that’s sticking out some? That’s where it feels really good. Rub in little circles.”

I did as she instructed, and she responded in a big way. Soon she threw her head back, grabbed my shoulders so tightly that her long nails cut into my skin, and let out a long, low moan that I could tell was pure pleasure. I could feel her pussy throbbing around my fingers and even more moisture seemed to flow from her.

Faith soon became very limp. “That was way better than when I do it myself,” she cooed. I was a bit shocked that my upright Southern Baptist girlfriend played with herself, but I wasn’t going to say anything. I masturbated practically every day myself and I shouldn’t have been surprised that a girl could do it too.

Faith slid from the bed and retrieved her lavender panties from the pile of clothes on the floor. Sliding them on, she sat next to me on the bed. Grasping the waistband of my briefs, she began to tug them off me. I was very surprised and more than a little nervous, but not scared enough to stop her or lose the erection that had been throbbing for the uncounted time since we started making out. I lay back and lifted my hips as Faith finished stripping me naked. She straddled my legs just above the knees and, looking me in the eye with a sexy smile, began to slowly jack me off.

It was indescribable to watch and experience as Faith slowly stroked my dick. I still remember watching her – her eyes glassy with lust and love, her tits squeezed slightly together between her upper arms, her pale lavender panties with the wet crotch. Her whole body seemed to move with her hands as she stroked me slowly, her hands barely gripping my shaft. She wasn’t kidding about it being better than when you do it yourself! It seemed like an eternity at the time, since my whole memory of the event is in slow motion, but I soon exploded in my own climax.

I’d usually just dribble out about a teaspoon of cum when I jacked myself off, but this was an ejaculation worthy of a porn star. I shot cum clear over my head, wad after wad flying out the end of my dick and coating me everywhere from my hair to my navel. There looked to be about a cup of the creamy white stuff.

“Oh, my…” Faith whispered. Her eyes were wide. “I knew there’d be semen, but I never guessed it would shoot so far, or that there’d be so much… Now, go take a shower. You’re a mess.” Then she rolled off me and started mopping her hands with a tissue like she’d gotten toxic waste on herself.

When I came back from the dorm showers with my towel wrapped around me, Faith was curled up in my bed and barely awake. “Put your underwear on and snuggle with me,” she purred. After I’d pulled on a clean pair of briefs, Faith flipped the edge of the covers back to invite me to bed. I could see that she was only wearing those pale lavender panties. I slipped into the twin bed beside her. By now it was about three in the morning, and, much as my hormones may have wanted to pull an all-nighter, the rest of me was worn out. We curled up spoon-fashion with my arms around her. It felt so wonderful to be holding her, nearly naked under the covers, smelling the sweet fragrance of her, feeling her warmth.

“I love you, Billy,” she whispered, then we both slept.

We barely woke up in time for her to get to the airport the next morning so there wasn’t any time for more play. We kissed deeply at the airline gate, and said such long goodbyes that Faith was practically the last person on the plane. We knew it would be a long time before we saw each other, since I was staying at school for an internship I’d been accepted for that summer, and Faith had her own commitment as a counselor for a church bible camp for most of the summer. We continued to write each other every day, and call whenever we could. This being apart was very hard on us both.

Finally the day came when Faith was to arrive for Freshmen orientation. The school always had the frosh come a full week before the rest of the students arrived so they could get to know the campus. She practically jumped into my arms when I picked her up at the airport. It was incredible to be with her again – almost as if my life was in black and white until she walked off the ramp from the airplane.

She had a lot of required meetings that week, and I was finishing up my internship, so that left us only evenings to be together. We spent every moment we could spare with each other, eating dinner, taking walks, sitting side by side and, of course, making out. We never went as far as we had during her visit in the spring, but I usually got to suck on her nipples while we dry-humped, both of us without our shirts. Only once did I manage to get her jeans unzipped, and even though I didn’t get them off Kızılay Escort her, I did slip my hand in and bring her to climax. She never did more than rub at my cock through my jeans. Still, we were in love, and we had said we would wait.

All the rest of the students arrived the next week, and it was a big boost to my ego to introduce Faith to all my friends and watch the guys look slightly jealous of me because of the beauty on my arm. We had lunch together between our classes that first day, then spent some time together studying before dinner. After dinner we were walking back to her dorm, hand in hand, when I heard a familiar voice shouting from an upstairs window.


It was Hope. I hadn’t seen her since she left campus for the summer. She was beaming at me from her room on the second floor. Without thinking – and, yes, I realize now that I should have thought before I did it – I yelled, “Hope!!!! Lust!!! Passion!!!”

Hope laughed and yelled back, “Passion!!! Lust!!!” Then she waved and said “Talk to you soon?” and disappeared from view.

“That Hope,” I chuckled. “What a nut.” Then I turned to Faith. She was furious.

“Is this how you wait for me?” she huffed. “How much time have you spent in her bed, writing letters to me and stringing me along the whole time?”

I hadn’t ever been in Hope’s bed. I’d never even been in her room, and I told Faith that, but she had the idea in her head now that I was two-timing her and it was going to take a lot of reassurance to kill that idea. I think I tried my best, but Faith’s jealousy and suspicion grew every day. Even though I spent every waking moment outside of classes with her, somehow she imagined that I was slipping off to be with Hope.

The truth is, since we had different majors and were in different graduating classes, I never ran into Hope during the day unless it was in the Union after classes, and I always was with Faith at that point. No matter how much I told Faith this, she just didn’t hear it. I was hurt and frantic. I just couldn’t convince Faith that there was nothing between Hope and myself. She kept trying to catch me in unguarded moments and make me “confess” that I had been with Hope, or was thinking about her.

Faith’s jealousy drove her to invent rules for me – rules that, by the way, only applied to me and not to her – rules such as, “no talking to any girl unless I’m with you.” There were tests, too. She went so far as to go through my dirty clothes one day. She told me she was looking for long brown hair. She would take my hand and sniff my fingers as if she was expecting to smell Hope’s pussy on them. I found myself constantly reassuring her that not only did I never touch Hope, I never even saw her at anytime during any day. It only escalated from there. After a couple of weeks of this, I was fed up.

Then one night, after a very hot, very long kiss, Faith whispered in my ear, “Better than Hope?”

That was the last straw for me. “If there’s no way you’re going to believe the truth, then I may as well go back to my room,” I said, and started toward the door.

“Fine!,” Faith shouted after me. “Go! Have a nice screw with Hope”

I walked away feeling empty. I got back to my dorm room and my roommate, John, was surprised to see me. I never came in before midnight now that Faith was on campus. He could also see I was upset.

“What’s wrong?” John asked, looking concerned. You and Faith have a fight?”

“Yeah,” I muttered. Faith’s got this jealous streak in her and just won’t let up about it.

“Not much you can do about it,” John said sympathetically. “I was just finishing up this assignment. You want to go over to the Union and hear that band?”

I didn’t really want to go, but John insisted that getting out would be good for me, so I tagged along, determined to be miserable. I was miserable, for about a half hour, after which I really started to enjoy the band. I’ve never been much of a dancer (blame my Baptist roots) so I was standing in the back of the hall enjoying the music when I Hope appeared at my side.

“Where’s your shadow?” she asked.

“We had a fight,” I said glumly.

“Oh?” Hope said sympathetically. “What about?”

I looked her in the eye and said, “You.”


“Yeah. She has the idea that you and I are an item and won’t believe otherwise.”

Hope was sympathetic. “I’m really sorry, Billy,” she said. “I could tell just by watching you two together that you really care about each other.”

“Thanks,” I muttered, not knowing what else to say.

Suddenly, Hope was dragging me by the elbow and we were headed toward the door. “You need to get out of here,” she said. “Let’s go walk and you can talk it out of your system”

I followed numbly. Hope led me out of the Union toward the Library. There was a big park behind there with lots of sidewalks crisscrossing it, and we walked every one of them at least twice while I whined to her about how much Faith’s jealousy and rage had hurt me. Hope never said a bad thing about Faith. She just let me ramble.

Finally I started to cool down and come back to reality. I felt pretty foolish then. Here I was, walking beside one of the prettiest girls on campus and all I could talk about was how pissed I was at my girlfriend. I started to apologize to Hope for that, but she cut me off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32