Dinner and a Movie

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She was, for the first time in her life, infatuated with sex. Sure, she always enjoyed it, was happy to have it, and did her part to make it interesting, but after last weekend, she couldn’t stop thinking about it. Well, him, really. Him; his tongue licking her pussy and her ass, his hand, smacking her cheeks, pinking them nicely to match her pussy, his cock, high and hard, ramming into her tight holes.

Given the choice now, she’d let him fuck her asshole anytime. The fact that she didn’t need to make the choice made it even better. He’d do whatever she wanted to make her feel good. Even better was the fact that he enjoyed it, too, and the more she did, the more he did, which was just incentive. She’d even bought a vibrator last time because he’d mentioned one in passing. They never got to use it because he was too busy making her beg for a spanking, but she had every intention of getting both of her holes filled by him tonight.

She’d made a nice dinner, something she knew he liked, but not too heavy. While dinner was in the oven, she showered. It was all she could do to keep from stroking herself to a warm, bubbly orgasm, but she wanted to save it for later. She did make sure to have every nook and cranny lickably clean because she knew how much he enjoyed eating her bare pussy and ass. She dressed, putting on a pair of boy-cut lace panties she thought he’d like, although she’d never noticed before how the seam tickled her swollen clit. That was just what she needed; something else to make her constantly aware of how much she wanted him to fuck her. Just walking around the house, that seam gently rubbing her hard bud, her panties were soaked through. By the time he got there, she was in a silent frenzy.

When he came in the door, he gave her a one-armed hug, the other hand reaching down to stroke her. She sagged against him, the pressure of his fingers pressing the seam harder into her clit and his tongue swirling around her mouth almost too much for her. He rubbed her until she started to gasp, then gently pushed her away, but not before he reached up and pinched her nipples

Dinner was agony. Of course, he ate with gusto, complimenting her cooking, even having seconds. He flirted around the subject of later, making small talk and veiled innuendos. He helped her clear the dishes, loading them into the dishwasher, washing those items in the sink that didn’t go in the dishwasher, and putting the centerpiece back on the table. Why had she ever split with him?

She turned to walk out of the kitchen when Büyükesat Escort he grabbed her. He bent her over the island, pulled her pants and panties down, and thrust two fingers into her soaked pussy. With the other hand, he reached up for her shirt, helping her pull it over her head. Her bra was next, and suddenly, the shock of cold granite against her warm body made her squeal. Her nipples were so hard as to be almost painful, but his fingers buried in her made her almost forget that. She began to moan and shake, hands grasping for purchase on the smooth granite. She came. She came hard and fast, her pussy tightening and then relaxing around his fingers. Before she could get her pants completely off, he had lifted her onto the edge of the island which was, thankfully, still warm from her body, pulled them off himself, and kneeled down to bury his face in her warmth.

He sucked her still-hard clit, pushing her legs as wide as they would go. She laid back on the island, and he pushed her legs up over her head, giving him full access, front to back. He licked her juices from her, thrusting his tongue in and out of her tightening pussy, then moved lower to tongue her rosebud. He alternated between her clit, her pussy, and her asshole. He sucked her clit, putting two fingers in her pussy at the same time. He stroked them in and out, listening to her little noises. He moved down to lick her asshole, thinking that he enjoyed eating her ass as much as, if not more than, her pussy. He worked his tongue into her tight hole, still working his fingers in her pussy. He was going to fuck her ass tonight, but he wanted to tongue it. He made his tongue flat, licking her, imagining her to be the tastiest treat he’d ever had until she told him she wanted him to fuck her.

He followed her into the bedroom, undressing himself on the way. She crawled on the bed, reaching across to the nightstand for the remote, the lube, and the vibrator. She made sure her rounded ass was high in the air so there was no question about where she wanted his interest, and other things, to focus. He took the hint, caressing her cheeks while she put the porno she had also bought last week on. The best thing about DVDs was that you could stop on the good scenes with no problem. She already had it set on a scene where the blonde in the movie was up on all fours, wriggling her ass at the guy in the movie who had a vibe in his hand, just like she was wriggling her ass at him.

He pulled her to him, deciding Elvankent Escort to give her a good, hard fucking first. He eased his hard cock into her, reveling in the velvet softness of her. He started out slowly but firmly stroking, in and out, while gently massaging her puckered hole with the pad of his thumb. He fucked her until she groaned in pleasure and frustration, pushing back against him. He continued until she was ready to come again, then stopped. She moaned in frustration, continued to push back against him, but he would do no more. He brought her attention to the woman on the television, getting her asshole filled by a huge, pink vibrator, asking if that’s what she wanted. When she whimpered and undulated her ass at him, tossing him the lube at the same time, he took that as an affirmative.

He dripped the lube onto her waiting asshole, rubbing some onto her hardened clit, and coated the vibrator. He stroked the vibe against her, then touched it to her waiting hole. He slowly turned it, pushing into her at the same time. When her ass opened to accept the vibe, he pushed harder. He felt it go past the ring of muscle and began easing it into her more firmly. When he had it fully inserted, she sighed and wiggled at him. He slowly pulled it out, twisting at the same time. He reached underneath and began lightly stroking her clit, catching it between his thumb and forefinger when he felt her twitch. He pinched it, making her gasp. He positioned himself behind her, using his body to hold the vibrator in her ass so that he could use that hand to pinch her nipples.

She was in sensory overload. The stimulation of her nipples, her clit, and her asshole being filled were almost too much. It was so hard for her to concentrate on everything at once that she couldn’t come. The woman on the screen was currently having her asshole mercilessly reamed by a huge veined cock; it matched the one stuffed into her pussy. She was sucking on the pink vibe. She realized that her pussy was being left out in the cold and pointed this out to him. He moved up a bit, burying his cock in her pussy in one stroke. His movement turned the vibe on, and she came. Immediately and hard. She cried out and bucked back against him, shoving the vibe further into her ass and his cock harder into her cunt. He grabbed her hips, pushing and pulling her. His balls slapped her clit, keeping it stimulated.

Looking down at the vibe in her ass and his cock in her cunt drove him crazy. She Beşevler Escort was loosening around his dick, allowing him easier access to fuck her. He let go of her hips and reached down for the vibe. He stroked it in and out, matching his own strokes, watching the pinker ring of flesh appear on the outstroke. She continued to come, gasping and grunting, pushing back against him. He wanted to bury his dick in her asshole, shooting his hot load deep into her like he did last time. He adored her tight pussy, its elasticity working to let her orgasm and then loosen up so he could give her a good, relaxing fuck, but her asshole was another story. While it got loose enough to take him in, it only got as loose as he was big. The vibe was smaller than his dick, but had opened her sufficiently to allow him to thrust in and ream her out without doing damage.

While he was caught up in his thoughts, she began another orgasm. He pulled the vibe out of her ass, and while it was still open and pulsing, he rammed himself in. She shrieked and he felt the ring of muscle grab him tight enough to keep him from pulling out. He pulled her up and pinched her nipples harder than he intended, but when her asshole tightened even more and she became still for a fraction of a second, he knew what would be good for her. He pinched and pulled her nipples, then let one go, reached down and pinched her clit just as hard. He felt the wetness run down his balls and gripped her tighter to him, still pinching her nipples alternately, and relentlessly assaulting her clit. He shoved her face down on the bed, and began pounding his dick in her asshole, which was still tighter than anything he’d ever felt. He fucked her ass, listening to her whine and beg him not to stop. She was still coming, and he could feel her juices all over his front and down his legs.

He suddenly pulled out, flipped her over, thrust her legs up over her head, and crammed his cock back into her now gaping ass. He wanted to watch her face, eyes rolled back in her head, mouth gasping for more air than she could breathe. He wanted to watch her tits jiggle while he pummeled her anus into submission. He wanted access to her clit, which looked like a small, overripe strawberry. He fucked her ass, reaching down to pinch her clit again, until he felt his own heat rising. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer, now that he could watch her. When he couldn’t hold back anymore, he buried himself up to his balls in her crinkle and felt his own hot juice fill her bowels. He came until his balls were empty, feeling like they would never fill again.

He fell across the bed and lay next to her while she tried to catch her breath. When he heard her breathing become rhythmic and her legs fell to the side, he let himself sleep. His last thought before he drifted off was to wonder what he could do to make her come like that again next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32