Achilles and Hercules in Love

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My name is Heracles. Better known as Hercules, the greatest superhero of the Ancient World. A Symbol of Masculinity and Military Power. A lot has been written about me. Some call me the Son of Zeus, King of the Gods. Stepson of Amphitryon, Commander in Chief of the Army of Thebes, the most powerful country in the land of Greece. Cousin of Eurystheus, King of Thebes and also Lord of Cadmus. I am also the Grandson of Kronos, Leader of the Titans, those deities who ruled the Primordial World and Father of Zeus, who vanquished him and sent him to Hell. Yeah, I have many titles. I can’t think of a single one that I like, to tell you the truth. Just call me Heracles.

Many people refer to me as Sanctus Heracles, but it’s not my name. I prefer to simply be called Heracles. An ordinary man blessed with extraordinary powers. The world knows the great things I have done. I’ve fought against the legendary monsters of Ancient Greece. I also battled the Demons of the Underworld and the petty gods who love making life hell for humans. I’ve faced off against the most powerful men and women of the world. From petty kings to Amazon princesses and warlords. What people don’t know is what I do in my down time.

First of all, a lot of the myths about me are untrue. I am not a god. Never have been. Never will be. And even though I am half human and half divine, I don’t call myself a demigod. I don’t look like a god either. I stand six feet tall and I weigh two hundred and sixty pounds. I am not ridiculously good-looking. I have long black hair, dark bronze skin and pale brown eyes. I am not a sex symbol. I don’t ooze sexual appeal. I look like an average man. However, I do possess certain abilities. I have superhuman strength and endurance, along with the ability to heal myself at an accelerated rate. I am not immortal. I am not invincible. I am not indestructible. What I am is gifted, and quite lucky. So far, no one has managed to take me down. I have faced rich and powerful men along with vindictive and manipulative women. So far, I am still standing. And I’d like to keep it that way.

Some of the things they say about me are complete bull. I don’t know any woman named Megara. I’ve never been married to such a woman or had offspring with her. I’ve never killed a human being either. I don’t usually need to in order to take someone out. My strength is usually enough to take out whatever fool is stupid enough to get in my way. I battled a beautiful yet treacherous and lethal Amazon warrior named Thalia recently. She came trying to defeat me because a certain wealthy king put a price on my head. I defeated the Amazon and sent her packing, both legs broken. Hey, she asked for it. She fought treacherously and would have killed me if she had the chance. If you ask me, the whole chivalry business ends the moment a woman tries to kill you. That’s when you need to man up and take her out. End of story. Word.

Oh, and I don’t know anyone named Deineira. I’m not married, nor do I have any offspring. People make up so much about me it’s not even funny. The stories always have me running to this part of the world and that one. Fighting against evil men and occasionally evil women. Defying and foiling the wicked plans of Hera, the Queen of the Gods. Oh, and they’ve also got me battling Ares, God of War and Apollo, God of Light. The truth is that I don’t find the Olympians that interesting. The gods and goddesses and what they do all day doesn’t bother me. I mean, sure, I like helping people. But my life doesn’t revolve around them. Oh, and my whole existence doesn’t revolve around pleasing my father Zeus, the King of the Gods either. I respect him, as I respect my mother Alcmene, Princess of the Theban House of Alcis. No one should let their parents run their lives. It’s just not practical. Also, having a mind of one’s own is a beautiful thing.

Currently, I’m on the Island of Lemnos with my friend Achilles. He’s a young man I met a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been traveling together ever since. We’re taking a break from the world. The world is always büyükesat escort calling upon us heroes. And women are always chasing us to all the four corners of the world. If you ask me, there’s nothing more dangerous than a woman. The legends always have me chasing women all over the place. Supposedly, I seduced Hypolita, the Queen of the Amazons. Oh, and I was supposed to have an affair with Omphale, Queen of a large country in Asia Minor. I am not a sex-craving maniac like the stories make me out to be. In fact, though I consider myself bisexual, I mostly prefer men. Chasing women isn’t always worth it. I am not the marrying type either. I wish people would stop seeking me out and leave me alone.

Achilles shares the same sentiment toward humanity. I’m glad I met him. He’s a charming lad with a good head on his shoulders. Like me, he’s not quite human. His father is Peleus, King of the Myrmidons. His mother is Thetis, one of the Great Sea Nymphs. Nymphs are immortal female entities who roam the woods, seas and rivers of the world. They’re known to be luscious, beautiful and sexually adventurous. Nymphs are the whores of the world. They will sleep with anything that moves. They sleep with gods, goddesses and even ordinary men and women.

Athena, Goddess of War and Wisdom has declared herself chaste and said she doesn’t want any sexual relations with men. What the world doesn’t know is that she has lesbian trysts with some of the local nymphs. Yeah, the goddess Athena is a lesbian. The goddess Artemis, Mistress of the Hunt is also a dyke. Apollo, God of Light and Master of the Sun is bisexual. He’s been known to hook up with both men and women as well as nymphs. Even my father Zeus, an habitual seducer of nymphs had an affair with a handsome young man named Ganymede. Yeah, it’s like that. The gods and goddesses are wicked and vengeful. The stories make me out to be their hero, their henchman, he who tries to always please them through heroic deeds. I’m nobody’s bitch. So I turned my back on the Olympians and their drama.

These days, the Giants walk the earth. I don’t much care for their kind. I’ve killed many Giants in my day. Right now, they’re not at war with humanity. They want to get rid of the Gods. I’m not feeling like helping the Gods right now. They can all go to Hell if you ask me. Let them fight it out. As long as they live humanity alone, I don’t care. And neither does Achilles. The Gods tried to recruit him for their war too. Achilles is a demigod, like I’ve often been called. Half human and half immortal. All demigods have some kind of supernatural power. Me, I’ve got super strength, speed and the ability to regenerate. The only thing which can hurt me is the Blood of a Centaur. I don’t know why. I fought a centaur named Nessus a while ago. It wasn’t over a woman like the stories say but because he tried to kill me. All kinds of half human and half otherworldly creatures are always trying to take me out. Nessus was just another monster who wanted to get famous by killing me. I killed him and made a tent out of his hide. Yeah, that’s all that happened.

So, yeah, back to the story. I was spending some time on the Island of Lemnos with Achilles. He had come to the island with his friends, seeking some kind of treasure. There are many stories about Achilles. Many say that he lived disguised as a woman among the daughters of a famous king because his immortal mother didn’t want him going to war. What the stories don’t tell you is that Achilles was thirty five years old when the Trojan War began. He lived a full and exciting life before the war and had his adventures, loves and struggles like any man. Achilles is twenty one years old and I am thirty six. The Trojan War won’t be for another fourteen years. Achilles and I are simply two young men having some fun in the sun.

The stories link Achilles to several women, and quite a few men. Namely his best friend Patrocles. The liars who tell the stories can’t make up their minds as to whether Patrocles cebeci escort was Achilles boyfriend, fellow soldier, or even cousin. The truth is that Achilles and Patrocles were best friends, nothing more and nothing less. Achilles had his lovers, both male and female. But Patrocles wasn’t one of them. If you knew Patrocles, you’d know why. He’s a tall, lean and lanky fellow. Not very pretty in the face or particularly bright but definitely loyal and a good soldier. A man you can count on when the going gets tough. He’s not anyone’s idea of a boy toy. Got it? Cool.

As for Achilles, well, he’s something else. He stands six feet tall, lean, with long blond hair and pale blue eyes. He’s clean-shaven and very handsome. A gorgeous man. Prettier and sexier than Apollo, the forthrightly bisexual Lord of Light. If you ask me, with his natural beauty and simple nature, Achilles was more beautiful than Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and the greatest slut in the history of the universe. Aphrodite makes the most sexually adventurous nymph seem like a chaste monk by comparison. She sleeps with Ares, God of War. She also sleeps with Hermes, God of Speed. Hell, I’m pretty sure she’s had some lesbian tryst with Hera, the Wife of Zeus, and Matriarch of Mount Olympus herself. Word!

See what I mean about the gods and goddesses being a sick, twisted bunch? Yeah. The stories told about me have me trying to achieve immortality and divinity through heroism on the planet earth. I would never wish to be immortal or divine. I hate the Olympians. They’re a bunch of losers and punks. Freaks of the worst caliber. Amoral, narcissistic and psychopathic. Not to mention incestuous in the extreme. Yuck! Do they sound like a bunch of people you’d like to meet, let alone spend time with? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

So, anyway, back to Achilles. He was running from his father’s kingdom because they wanted to force him to marry some ugly woman. Peleus, King of Thessaly and Lord of the Myrmidons wanted his first and only son Achilles to marry Deidamia, the plump and ugly-faced First Daughter of one of the neighboring kings. On top of being ugly, the princess was supposed to be an insufferable heifer. No wonder Achilles would rather face dangerous elements than to marry her. A horde of armed men or a pack of monsters are a lot easier to deal with than a mean-spirited ugly woman. Word. The poor lad was quite distraught by his marriage prospects. So he came to me for advice. I told him that a man ought to live life the way he chose. Marrying a woman he didn’t love was a surefire way to destroy his existence. The last thing he needed was a domestic tyrant in his household making life impossible for him. I’ve met my share of evil women. Makes me glad I’m into men. Thank heavens for small favors!

Achilles and I had some interesting adventures together. As he escaped Thessaly, I was returning to nearby Thebes, where I had been leading a military campaign against a large, well-trained and organized horde of disciplined and talented professional thieves. I killed the King of Thieves himself and disbanded his followers. The people of Thebes were grateful.

Early last year, the Amazons of the Black Sea had blazed a path of destruction across Greece and Greek men feared for their lives. Many Greek women abandoned their husbands and sons and took their daughters to join the ranks of the Amazon Nation. Call it the Revolt of the Women. I couldn’t let anyone threaten Greece, male or female. So I organized an army of men against the Amazons. Also helping us was the famous female warrior Atlanta, the Great Runner. She was no fan of the man-hating Amazons, who killed her husband. The Men’s Army had never faced a force like the Amazons. Fierce warrior women armed to the teeth. Women are far more cruel than men. They were a powerful enemy. But I fought against them with superhuman strength and rage. It took me a year but I destroyed the Amazon Nation and killed their Queen. It had to be done. My father Zeus, King of the kolej escort Gods ordered it so. The Amazons were favored by Hera, Queen of the Gods and Athena, Goddess of War and Wisdom. Also favoring them was Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt. The Amazons were supported indirectly by the goddesses. If they won, the goddesses might threaten the power of Zeus, King of the Gods. In order for the power of men to be preserved, the Amazons had to be destroyed. And I was the perfect man for the job. When I have to, I can get rid of my conscience and become a remorseless engine of destruction. I don’t like it. Someday, I might not come back from it. But it’s always been a part of me. I call it the Dark Side.

Achilles came into Theban territory as the war against the Amazons raged. The Prince of the Myrmidons and his friends were attacked without provocation by a troop of Amazons led by Penthesilea. During that altercation, Achilles killed the Amazon leader. He had to. It was him or her. And he chose to live. Mythology claims that Achilles only encountered Penthesilea during the Trojan War. What a joke! The woman was dead almost two decades before the war began. Yeah, this was the Battle of the Sexes in the Ancient World. Thanks to me, the men won. I took Achilles to the deserted, beautiful isle of Lemnos for a much-needed vacation. The rest, as they say, is history.

There we were, two young men whose names were household names in the world. The son of a god and a mortal woman. The son of an immortal female and a man. Demigods in the world of men. In the eyes of the world, we were supermen. But to each other…we were something else. Kindred. Two of a kind. I never really saw it coming, but I fell in love with Achilles. And he fell in love with me. Ah, it was the most passionate time of my life. Never before had I known such passion. We swam in the ocean, and made love on the beach. We playfully wrestled. A superstrong man versus an invulnerable youth. Who wins? I loved making love to Achilles and waking up in his arms. He was as passionate as I was, if not more.

I recall a particularly passionate night we spent together. I was walking along the beach gathering firewood. The days were hot and steamy on Lemnos but the nights got cold. When I returned to our hut, I found Achilles waiting for me. The most handsome young man in all the world stood gloriously naked in the dark. He smiled at me. I smiled back and went to him. We kissed. Gently, we fell on our bed. I caressed his body, taking my sweet time to feel him. Making love to Achilles was always an experience worthy of memory. I caressed his face, his neck and chest. I sucked on his pecks, and he moaned and caressed my head. I went down, and breathed in the smell of his manhood. Like me he was large down there, erect and uncut. Ancient Greeks knew better than to modify males for religious reasons. Why alter the work of Mother Nature? Man should know better. We Greeks did. We were a wise people. I took Achilles erect cock in my hand and stroked it. The handsome lad smiled, and urged me to continue. I took him into my mouth. He groaned and caressed my long black hair, begging me to continue. I took my sweet time pleasuring him. While I brought pleasure to my lover, I felt myself hardening. Excitement coursed through me like never before. I sucked on Achilles cock and licked his balls. I gently tongued his sac. He moaned in pleasure. Gently, sweetly, I brought him to the elysian fields of pleasure. When he came, I tasted his passion, and every fiber of his being was in it.

Afterwards, we held each other. Unlike what the stories say, I wasn’t aggressive with my lovers. Achilles was new to male love, and he wasn’t yet ready to surrender to me. Since I loved him, I knew better than to pressure him. No matter how tempting his wonderfully round bottom was. No, we had time. All the time in the world. I cherished what we had. And I didn’t want it to end. I wanted the men and women of the world to leave us alone so that we could be ourselves. Two men who were in love with each other. Not two royal princes and demigods with super powers. Not legends or icons, but men. Those nights I spent with Achilles on Lemnos aren’t mentioned in any history book. Indeed, no one knows we even knew each other. However, we did, and we were passionately in love, once. The memories we created on Lemnos are memories that I will carry with me forever.

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