A Wife Learns Her Place

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Author’s Note: This is a story about a wife watching her husband have sex with a younger woman. It includes lots of taunting and humiliation (until it doesn’t). If that sounds alright to you, I think you’ll enjoy it — I’m a little proud of this one. I’m still new to writing, so feedback is greatly appreciated; I especially want to know what people think of the ending.

I sat in the chair beside my bed, naked and anxious — waiting. I’d spent a painful amount of money at the salon that afternoon to get ready for tonight’s big date, and it showed. Waxed to within an inch of my life. A fresh manicure and pedicure. My straight auburn hair, normally pulled back into a tidy, efficient bun, instead flowed to just past my shoulders to frame a pretty face done up with a striking professional makeup job. Other than earrings and my wedding band, the only thing I had on was a simple velvet choker. All the effort served to accentuate a figure I try to take pride in. I can be insecure about my body, about getting older, but at 37 I’m still the tall, slender looker I’ve always been. Or so everyone assures me. In short, I knew I was at my best that night. It just irked me that no one was likely to notice or care.

Thinking big picture, I tried to calm myself by taking solace in the evident success my life had become. After finishing a master’s degree in chemistry, I landed in education and was now Dean of Faculty at one of the most prestigious high schools in the state. At work, with my students and colleagues alike, I’m a well-respected figure; some would say imposing. Everyone likes Mrs. Russo, but it’s a rare day that someone is willing to butt heads with me. It’s widely expected that I’ll be named Headmaster when the position became vacant next year. I love my job.

And I married well, as anyone can see. A few months shy of his fortieth birthday, David only seems to get better looking every year; it’s not fair. 6’1″ and broad-shouldered, with a full head of hair and a square jaw, he stays fit at the gym — very fit. He has a reputation for being assertive in person and shrewd in business, yet he always acts the gentleman, and people take note. We’re still renting in the city for the moment, but with my salary, and the money coming in from David’s thriving young business, we’re seriously looking at a house in Glencoe that would confirm our entry into the upper class.

On any other day, all of this would be a comfort to me. But, again, I knew that none of it would matter tonight.

Through the closed door of our bedroom I could hear the latter stages of the date happening in the living room: soft music, glasses clinking, muffled conversation, occasional peals of laughter. Also some long silences that compelled me to imagine the scene. They’re having a good time, I thought. Was that better or worse than the alternative? Even now I wasn’t sure. All I could do was brood over that and a dozen other questions, and wait.

Finally, the bedroom door opened and my husband took one step inside. I stood up. He stopped and looked right at me, holding my stare, but I couldn’t read his face.

“I’m ready,” I told him.

“That’s nice,” he answered.

Mia bounded in after him then, giggling and slightly drunk. She pressed up against David’s back and draped her arms over his shoulders, nuzzling his neck. Eventually she looked up and spied me standing at the far side of the room.

“Mmmmm … so that’s her?” she asked. David nodded. “Well, I see what you mean. Come on.”

She took Çankaya Escort David by the hand and pulled him toward the bed, and I got my first good look at Mia in the flesh — her online profile, it seemed, had not been misleading. In fact, she looked exactly like what she was: a sharp young thing, slumming it for a little while and marking time, waiting for her professional life to begin. She was taller than I am, maybe 5’9″, and toned in the way that comes so much easier to youth than a woman of my age. Above her dark eyebrows was a mop of light blonde hair in an asymmetrical pixie cut, swooping from one side down to the other, with a single streak of pink towards the front. Through some hipster alchemy I’ll never understand, though she was clad in sneakers, distressed jeans, and a form-fitting plain white tee, she somehow made her ensemble look stylish, almost formal.

Peeking out from beneath the sleeve of that t-shirt, I could see the tattoo on her left forearm: a simple molecule, the structural formula for serotonin. It reminded me of why I’d chosen Mia in the first place. The first reason I chose her, of course, was that I knew my husband would find her mouthwatering. But there had been others who fit that bill. What really drew me to Mia was less tangible. 22 years old, in a couple months she’d have a degree from UChicago, studying evolutionary biology. And besides our shared background in the hard sciences, I felt I had a good read on her. She seemed so much like any number of my recent students: the affable, laid-back smartasses who think they’re smarter than their teachers, and are usually right. I know how to handle that type — I even like them, to be honest — and I thought that might give me some measure of control over the evening.

The would-be lovers approached the bed and shared a gentle but earnest kiss that sent a chill through my veins. Mia backed off and reached down to pull off her shirt. David stopped her.

“Kim,” he called out to me. “Help our guest with her clothes.”

“Yes, sir.” This would be one of my jobs, unwrapping my husband’s date for him. I walked up to Mia and knelt before her; she looked back at David and I could see them share a conspiratorial smile. I took off her shoes even when I was her age I couldn’t compete with that. Mia gave me a glare and wordlessly tapped the waistband of her panties with her finger; I knelt once more and worked them off Mia’s long legs for her. This time I kept my head down.

Once I’d completely stripped Mia, she turned her back to me and did the same for David — my husband, but her man. At least for tonight. They shared titters and flirty looks as she worked his clothes off, paying no mind to me, the devoted wife on the floor.

Once nude, David looked at me and pointed to the chair. “Sit,” he said. I sat. Now fully naked, the new couple kissed for a moment before David playfully pushed Mia back onto the bed; she gave a happy shriek and he tumbled down after her where they continued their embrace — kissing, nuzzling, hands going everywhere. Mia spotted me again when she happened to turn her head.

“So, is she gonna be cool?” she asked David.

“Yeah, I think she knows her place,” he said. Then, sarcastically, “Ohhh, so sorry, darling: her role. That’s what we’re supposed to call it. She knows her role.”

Mia was staring right at me now. “Well, if she forgets we’ll just have to remind her.” So far I’d been holding it together, but now Keçiören Escort a cold hard shock jolted my pride and my pussy in equal measure and I heard a soft whimper escape my lips. Jesus, what’s wrong with me? No longer able to resist, my hand slid down and started stroking my slit.

Mia returned her attention to my husband and kissed him with fervor, grinding her pussy against his hardening manhood. She began to slide down his body, planting kisses as she went, sucking hard in a few spots to leave love bites I’d have to look at for days. She reached her destination and took hold of David’s shaft, then dragged her tongue from his balls to his tip in one long lick, enveloping the head and sucking wildly for a few seconds. She looked over then and saw where my hand was. Her mouth popped off his cock and she replaced it with the steady stroking of her hand; he was powerfully erect now.

“Oh, man. Look at the little tart, she can’t help herself. I guess you were right,” she said to David. At this my eyes shut and my head fell, though my fingers sped up. “Aw, I think we embarrassed her. Are you embarrassed, Kimmy?” No answer. “Are you? ” she repeated.

“Yes,” I managed, but with more than a hint of annoyance.

“Embarrassed you need to find someone to fuck your husband for you? Someone better?”

“Yes, Mia.”

“Oh, I think that’s ‘Miss Mia’ to you, isn’t it?”

“… Yes, Miss Mia.” David just lay there with his hands behind his head, content to watch my humiliation. Mia snorted and went back to servicing my husband’s cock. Seeing it in her mouth set off a trickle of arousal, along with a wave of jealousy. It’s a magnificent tool — pretty long, uncommonly thick, and always ready. He’s a great lay, and I’d always felt gratitude. But now I had to watch as it was given to someone else, and it was carving up a small part of me. She attacked it with relish, twirling her tongue, stroking the shaft, working the balls, varying her technique. It was an inspired performance, which made it sting all the more.

But David got to appreciate it fully. His pleasure was obvious — too obvious, for my comfort. He was more responsive than I’ve seen him in a long time, his body overcome with intermittent little spasms, and drawing out of him an “ah!” or a muttered “oh, fuck” again and again.

Mia stopped after just a couple of minutes. Her hand slowly stroked up and down and she looked up at my husband.

“Tell me: who sucks your cock better, me or her?” She didn’t even look in my direction, and neither did he.

“Do you have to ask? You do, baby. She’s fine, but you’re just … on a whole other level.”

“Well that’s just sad,” Mia told him. “She’s had so long to learn — so, so long. Is she slow or something?”

“She tries her best,” he said. He reached down and stroked her cheek with the back of his fingers. “She’s just not you. That was special.”

Mia beamed, triumphant — she turned her head to let me see before looking back to David.

“Well, she’s gonna learn something tonight, at least,” she told him. Then, to me: “Get over here. Foot of the bed.” She pointed to a spot behind her. Mia slithered up David’s body to straddle him as I went over and crawled onto the foot of the bed, as ordered. She rose up so she was hovering over his crotch.

“I’m gonna fuck your husband now, Kimmy. It’s your job to help, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Then help, cuck. Put him in me.”

Oh, god. She Etimesgut Escort was serious. I muttered “fuck” under my breath and heard Mia chuckle in response. I hesitated. Without saying anything more or turning to look at me, Mia shot her hand out and pointed, decisively, below her.

I willed myself to continue — to reach my hand out, to take hold of the shaft, to resist the temptation to stroke it, to hold him upright. To aim.

Mia descended, and I could only watch as she found the mark. David’s shaft parted the lips of her shaved pussy and she rocked back to force the first couple inches inside. She gave a surprised “Ah!” — merely seeing it wouldn’t have prepared her for his girth. Mia let out an amused groan as she rotated her hips and slowly began to swallow his shaft. I removed my hand, but kept my position behind them.

“Yeah, just stay there a second, Kimmy. Stay there and watch,” she said. It seemed like she took more pleasure in taunting me than anything else that was going on. Her hips gave a happy little wiggle as she bottomed out, taking the last of my husband’s cock. “Mmmmm, yes, right where it belongs. Get a good look, Kimmy. See what it’s like when he’s inside a pussy that’s worth his time…”

I did see. A mix of emotions played across my face, but no one else would notice — David it was too intense. As they started to fuck in earnest, I slid off the bed and moved back to my chair.

Mia rode David; I watched, slack-jawed, and rode my right hand. If her youth and beauty were dispiriting before, they were positively intimidating now. She was lithe yet powerful, moving with a grace and confidence I could only envy. Mia started with a slow rocking back he was so excited. On the wall, some vacation pictures: scuba diving in the Cayman Islands, all smiles. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I returned to the room with two bottles of water to find them on their sides, facing each other. They were lost in conversation, her hand casually stroking his arm. With David’s back to me, Mia was the first to notice my arrival and she nodded towards the door to alert him. David turned and smiled.

“There’s my good girl,” he said brightly. “You’re still my good girl; right, Kim?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good, very good. Why don’t you take your seat.”

I handed them their waters and sat down, as instructed. David & Mia hydrated before lying back down to nuzzle and grope each, carrying on a brief whispered discussion. David gave her a playful smack on the rear, pointed in my general direction, and told her, “Up.”

“Mm-hmm. Yes, Mr. Russo,” she replied, all sweetness and light, as she propped herself up on all fours facing me. David knelt behind her and massaged her ass, admiringly.

“Wow, Kim. It’s quite a view from back here. Heh, but I guess you already knew that,” he said, eyes on his goal. I could see him get into position, lining himself up, probably placing the head of his cock at her entrance. “Ask me to fuck her, dear. Just so there’s no misunderstanding. Ask me to fuck Mia some more. Ask nicely.”

I faltered the first time I tried to say it, horny but still rattled. Mia snickered.

“Yeah, Kimmy. Ask him to fuck me some more,” she jeered. “Ask him and you can touch your little cunny again.” My arousal overrode every other instinct in my brain, and I opened my mouth to comply.

“Sir, please fuck Mia some m–“

“AH!” Mia shouted without warning. David had interrupted me by thrusting into her. I instantly moaned and found my fingers already circling my clit. Jesus Christ. I’d built up so much erotic tension since the moment Mia ordered me not to touch. Within four seconds, a flood of carnal energy washed over me and warped my whole outlook. I wasn’t worried anymore — or, I was, but that just made it hotter. My world got very simple all of a sudden: I wanted to get off.

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